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welcome to the New World Order

  1. TMMason profile image71
    TMMasonposted 6 years ago

    Nothing to see here.. just move along people... nothing to see here.

    And you all wonder where this is leading.

    http://www.theblaze.com/stories/russia- … ic-system/

    1. earnestshub profile image88
      earnestshubposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      I listened to the whole video. The headline is simply a lie. He said no such thing!

  2. TMMason profile image71
    TMMasonposted 6 years ago

    The collective...

    Hurm... sound familiar? Sure it does.

  3. mikelong profile image73
    mikelongposted 6 years ago

    Mason, you are proving yourself to be more and more ridiculous and false with every post...

    It takes a truly tiny mind to see communism and such conspiracies wherever the word "collective" appears...

    Then again, you are simply living up to the avatar you have chosen...

    Thank you Mr. McCarthy....please take your bow....

    1. TMMason profile image71
      TMMasonposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Welcome to the New World Order.

  4. mikelong profile image73
    mikelongposted 6 years ago

    A new world order needs to take place...

    International labor laws and an international system of regulation and jurisprudence should be set in place...

    I also believe that a unified monetary system is required...

    The global transnational elite use international borders to pit nations against one another...  The expansion of maquila industry in Mexico at the cost of American workers is just one albeit highly significant example of this process... 

    Nations are used as "flags of convenience" for those described within the pages of "The Confessions of an Economic Hitman" and amid the Wiki Leaks:

    http://james4america.wordpress.com/2011 … to-0-31hr/

    The mega-port that will be built along the western coast of Baja Mexico is an example that is a couple decades away from realization....  It will be very interesting to see the political, social, and economic position and environment of the United States when that operation takes full swing....

    I should still be around to see it come to fruition..

    http://puntacolonetmega-port.blogspot.c … chive.html


    1. dutchman1951 profile image60
      dutchman1951posted 6 years agoin reply to this

      no mincing words, What exactly is;  please define for me, "New World Order"?   Thanks

  5. mikelong profile image73
    mikelongposted 6 years ago

    There are many meanings for the phrase "New World Order"...

    It all depends on who is using it...

    Separate from what conspirists focus on, I am looking for a realigning of international/national legal, political, and economic systems in order to slow down/halt the ability of transnational corporations from taking advantage of economically poor nations... I am seeking a standardization of labor practices in terms of pay and other compensation, including the right to organize...

    There is more, but I will not list everything here right now...

    As for other people, there are those who believe that there are secret conspiracies through the U.N. and other groups to take over the world and dominate everyone...

    So, to restate my response, there are varying meanings for the "NWO" term, some positive and others negative....each depending on the person or group using the phrase...

    1. dutchman1951 profile image60
      dutchman1951posted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Thank you Mike, that, not the conspiracy theories I can and all of us can live with. because It is equality. and Thats the point.

      The Conspiracy Guys are missing it, as is our Goverment in its Overseas dealings I also think.

      they are thinking Democracy Goverment, they do not realise they are loosing their Old fasion influences to a wish and fight for equality.

      Nothing More. Not a systematic destruction of world goverments and freedoms. Some Countries do not want or wish a US Style Goverment, but they do want the freedoms and equality. A chance.

      I think we as a nation are so caught in hype and scare we are missing it.

      your explanation I can accept and agree with. This other mess, no