Obama in Las Vegas

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  1. haveittodayray profile image38
    haveittodayrayposted 10 years ago

    Decided to attend a speech that Obama gave tonight at 5:30 at Cashman Stadium(a baseball stadium, holds about 12,000) in Las Vegas, where we live. My main reason for going was to see the type of crowds he is attracting and the diversity among the crowds. Since the days of JFK, when I was a freshman in college, I have voted democratic, went to a JFK ralley and wanted to try and contrast the two. Arrived there about 2pm and the main gates opened at 2:30, it was already a "circus atmosphere"a line almost around the corner, waiting for the gates to open. People that came later would have to park at least several blocks away because the parking lot was almost full already. Waiting in line with the crowds, there were at least 50 volunteers, selling t-shirts, decks of cards, towels, hats and pins, naturally everything with Obama on them. I must say they were selling well to that captive audience. And their were lots of voter registration volunteers, there also. ( and for all of you Obama fans, I bought you buttons!!) They had advertised the event, as not needing any tickets, just register on line (probably so they can solicit donations). While in line they had you fill out a yellow admittance ticket, again using part of stub, to collect your name and address and email, for solicitation later. Since I had been to Cashman Field, many times to see the Dodger Farm team there, I knew pretty much where I wanted to sit, provided the seats were not filled by the time I got there. Security went quickly for the crowds in line, no problems, they had about a dozen check points, with people going through them, fairly fast. When I finally got to the top and proceeded to the section I wanted to go too, a black lady volunteer, said that this was for VIP only and I needed to have a "Grey Ticket" to sit in those seats. (Mind you at this point, half the stadium was not filled, they were directing everyone to go to the right and find a seat or go to the field area). About that time I noticed there were about6 vacant seats in the top row, which were not taken. I again asked, what they were for, anothervolunteer, said they were for people that had reserved tickets, you must have a Grey ticket.That somewhat disturbed me, since on the Internet, they did not mention any "special seating", that it was on first come first serve basis. So I decided to stand behind the vacant row, since there was a direct view to the stage where Obama would be speaking.  After several minutesof turning away lots of people like me, that had a "yellow ticket", one of the volunteers let a "black family" in who I noticed had "yellow tickets". That left a vacant seat in that row, so I said I’m taking that seat, since you let them in with a yellow ticket. He did not object, I think he knew better then to create a scene. Now it was about 3pm, so for the next hour I listened as they turned, more people away if they did not have a "Grey Ticket", but did notice lots got through with a yellow ticket, and I’m sorry to say they happened to be black. Finally, Clint Holmes came on stage ( a local major singer in Las Vegas) who headlined at Harrah’s for years. Followed by a mariachi band music to entertain the crowds.In between there were loud chants and sign waving of "yes I can" Obama’s theme, and some sprinkling of "change and hope signs" in the crowds. The stadium was filling up and the infield probably had about 4,000 so total crowd about 16,000 would be my estimate.Obama was due to speak at 5:30, and right on time, actually a few minutes early, he arrived to the cheering crowd. He spoke a lot on McCain, and made quite a few, character attacks, rather then a substantive speech on the issues. He is definitely not a JFK, he does energize a lot of young people and blacks, did not notice too many people white people or older people over 40 there or senior citizens. Left the stadium a little early and there were people, still coming through the gates to try and get to hear him. Came back to reality when I got on the freeway, bumper to bumper traffic, and realized everyone in Las Vegas is not for Obama. Whatever your preference his folks, just get out and vote, this election will go down to the wire, and sorry to say, it will be racial, in the final analysis.  McCain, has my vote, and I’m naturally biased, but not for the reasons you might think. Enjoy the pictures (sorry about the distance) And just for the record Obama, spoke toward the infield, rather then the stadium, thought that was strange, must have been for photo effects. It comes down to military experience, and neither Obama or Biden, has any and neither one has fought for their country. As for me, my father fought, my brother was a career soldier in the Army with 3 tours of Vietnam, and I spent two years in the service during the Vietnam era., therefore that is an important issue for me.. It still worries me also that Obama has not disassociated himself from Ayers. Someone, who advocating violence and wanted to overthrow this country. And we have not heard the last word yet on his associatons, far to the right.  All that will come out in the final weeks of the campaign, expect it to be "rough", character attacks on both sides, and not much discussion on any real issues. Again, vote for your choice, but do vote, it will be an interesting 48 days till the election.May your choice win, who ever that is!!

    Warm Regards and God Bless America

  2. Mark Knowles profile image61
    Mark Knowlesposted 10 years ago

    Let me get this straight - the most important thing to you is military experience. Yet McCain's entire combat experience was roughly 3 months of  dropping bombs from a great height on Vietnam, followed by 6 years in a POW camp.

    I would respectfully suggest he has prison experience - not military experience. big_smile

    Personally, I would want a successful soldier to be leading the country if fighting wars was my priority, not a loser who got shot down on his 23rd bombing run  lol

    Wouldn't be too keen on a 72 year old with cancer to stand up under the stress of fighting more wars either.

    But that's just me.

  3. laringo profile image75
    laringoposted 10 years ago

    It's too bad you had the seating problem, but what  goes around comes around in life especially when you look back at the history in this country. I'm just speaking the truth which doesn't make any of it right. Just don't blame it on Obama. And yes to you say he was negative...well McCain started the negative trend along with Fellow Republicans especially at the RNC when speaker after speaker mocked and made fun of Obama like he was a second class citizen because he chose to be a community organizer and help and direct those folks who had lost their jobs and didn't have no way to turn.

  4. profile image0
    pgrundyposted 10 years ago

    Being negative is so often put out there as this big horrible thing, but sometimes the truth is negative. If you just tell the truth, you often come off sounding negative. I feel like Obama comes closest to telling the truth, and no it isn't pretty. Look at the mess our country is in. Who did that? Barack Obama? No, eight years of Bush Jr.

    McCain and Palin lie openly but people don't mind because she's good lookin' and he says he's a war hero (although I think Mark has it down a little closer to the truth). Obama is kind when he says McCain would bring us more of the same. McCain would bring us much worse than more of the same. And if he drops dead, which he could at any second as old and unhealthy as he is, then we have President Barbie. You ain't seen negative until you've seen a moose-shootin' dimwitted Barbie doll running the most powerful nation on earth as its financial system collapses and the world goes to war. I shudder to even think about it. roll

    1. profile image54
      Yellowburgandyposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      You obviously have not seen the things Palin has done for Alaska for the better of that state, with those skills she is absolutely the best VP choice and has the potential to be President one day.  It seems to me that those who talk of her beauty in a negative way must have envy towards her, why not talk facts on issues instead of the way one looks.
      And what is this no eight years of Bush?  That statement is so overplayed that it no longer has any kind of effect aswell as nothing substantial backing that statement because McCain is so liberal like compared to Bush.  And please do not forget that it was not just 8 years of Bush, did we not have a Democrat congress that Bush had to deal with aswell?  Look at the whole picture, it is not just the President but the House aswell.

      1. livelonger profile image92
        livelongerposted 10 years agoin reply to this

        1. I have not heard of a spectularly wonderful record for her in Alaska. What has she done? (Specifics would be helpful)

        2. Congress has been led by Democrats for less than 2 years. It was controlled by the Republicans for a full 6 years prior to that.

        1. profile image54
          Yellowburgandyposted 10 years agoin reply to this

          The answer to question 1 is that she is a reformer, she cleans house whether it is republican or democrat, she believes in giving back to the community which she has done both.  I would like to post the actual specifics at a later date when I have the time and with the permission of the person who started this topic out of respect because it will be lengthy.

          The answer to question 2 is and what has happened to our economy in the last 2 years?  If I remember correctly after 9/11 our economy took a dive but yet recovered.


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