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    I find myself thinking about World War II and the refusal of the United States to aid the millions of people being killed by the Nazis. The safety of our American sanctuary was shattered by Pearl Harbor and we woke up. Denial was no longer ...an option. Isolationism was no longer the rule of the day. We play politics to death. We talk and the politicians talk and talk. While I know rational thinking may ultimately rule, rational thinking without emotion ignores the passion that lights the fire of definitive action. And definitive action must be taken. I, personally, do not believe in turning the other cheek. Yet, I do not want to become what I so despise – that of a fanatic driven by such virulence and hatred as to do violence. I do not sanction any kind of

    fanaticism because fanaticism feeds on itself and is driven by blind emotion, demands

    unquestioning obedience and intolerance, rather than acceptance of diverse viewpoints. But I do not believe in passivity either. Nothing goes away until you are willing to take a stand that says you may not cross this line because if you do, this will be the consequence. Well, the line has been crossed. You hurt my people, you hurt my country – you hurt me.

    But I do not excuse dishonesty, corruptness and behavior by members of Congress and the White House. Behavior counts! If a child of mine is threatened I become a lion. If my people are threatened I feel a personal sense of violation that I react to. If my country is threatened, my patriotism soars to its highest level. I believe that the line has been crossed and punishment for this transgression of my person and my country’s boundaries is imperative

    That instead of dissolution and chaos, we unite and roar like the lion we are. Enough politicking and talk. Action and retaliation is imperative. We have been so afraid to be the lion, afraid to be seen as the bad guy, that we have NOT drawn the line in the sand and said you may not cross this line or these are the consequences.

    To take a
    stand is not being the bad guy. It is taking a stand with very clearly defined consequences. We need to do more than put ourselves in a position of being a reactor. I want to see this country be proactive, not just as a reaction to the current economic and security threats, but on an on-going basis. It’s the equivalent of being a parent who is afraid of being firm and setting boundaries, let’s their child run out of control and reacts only situation by situation. Instead, that parent needs to step back, size up the situation and say this is what MUST be done.

    The response to this situation has to be retaliation and punishment. But it has to go beyond that. It has to be a change in political philosophy and abide by our well thought out Constitution. It is foolish for other countries to confuse our softness with weakness. We ARE a soft country. Politically, we make many mistakes, in the name of politics and isolationism, and don’t speak out strongly enough about abuses to people in so many other countries. But to confuse our softness with weakness is beyond STUPID, it is dangerous. When this country is threatened, when this country allies in the face of any outside threat, we are very dangerous. And, we, as a country, in order to adjust to the change in our perception of our country’s safety.

    I believe we have to ally nationally as courageous warriors, as outraged fighters who say to those that have crossed the line and caused a pain to us as a people for which there will be punishment. Across diverse cultures, countries and religions, putting aside the petty differences which are keeping our culture fragmented, we need to ally and unify in our approach to today’s world and its realities. I am one of those (sleeping giant) that has been awakened and we must all awaken and see the light of day before it is too late. Please America; help us stir the “Sleeping Giant”.

    Paul E. Vallely is Chairman of Stand Up America

    Paul E. Vallely MG, US Army (Ret)

    Chairman – Stand Up America

    CEO – NEMO LLC ( New Evolution Military Ordnance)

    E-Mail: standupamericausa1@gmail.com; pvallely@nemoarms.com

    www.standupamericaus.com; www.soldiersmemorialfund.org