Calling All Hubbers

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    American Viewposted 6 years ago

    CALLING ALL HUBBERS. I would like for everyone to forget politics for the next few minutes. I believe we all know, but for the ones that do not know, Mayor Bloomberg several weeks ago informed everyone that the first responders were not allowed at the WTC 10th anniversary, Today he has announced that he will not allow and clergy on the site that day either. I think we can all agree that the first responders, the families who lost loved ones, the clergy, the clean up workers, the many volunteers, the Red Cross, the local shop owners, and the local residents all deserve to be there. They deserve to mourn, grieve, remember, honor, and pay their respects to all those their and for the ones who gave all. I ask you all to go to the Facebook link I will place at the end, to join, comment and pass on this idea. It is a protest, information to contact the NY Mayors office by email or phone to let them hear our voice to allow everyone to go to WTC to pay their respects on the anniversary of one of the tragic days of our nations history. I want to thank everyone in advance that posts there name and comments in support.