Social Welfare Bastardisation

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    theirishobserver.posted 6 years ago

    Social Welfare Bastardisation

    Social Welfare Inspectors are costing the Irish Tax Payer over ten-million Euros in salaries and expenses each year, this cost does not include offices and administrative staff. There are presently 600 Social Welfare Inspectors. While the Department of Social Protection issued a press statement yesterday claiming that the Inspectors had clawed back over 300 Million in social welfare fraud that is not the case. The majority of the money announced yesterday and unquestioned by an acquiescing media was clawed back from poor managerial supervision and administrative mistakes, only a handful of people were prosecuted in 2010/2011 for actual social welfare fraud.

    In 2008/2009/2010 savings of 1 Billion have been made by the Department of Social Protection/Welfare due to the removal of the Christmas bonus that was traditionally paid to those most marginalised in Irish society. This attack on the most vulnerable by Fianna Fail criminals comes at a time when property speculators such as Liam Carroll maintains his personal fortune of 269 Million Euros, while the Irish Tax Payer picks up his toxic debt bill of 1.8 Billion, now with NAMA.

    The majority of money being lost to the Department of Social Protection is due to poor managerial practice, administrative mistakes, an inflated salary and expenses portfolio, 600 Social Welfare Inspectors with little or no investigative power and the fact that Millionaires and Tax Exiles continue to be paid Social Welfare each month (Child Benefit that is paid to everyone, no matter how wealthy you are).

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      SO, jerk the rug out from under them.


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    Doing what we can smile