Martin McGuinness, Sinn Fein Presidential Candidate

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    theirishobserver.posted 12 years ago

    Martin McGuinness, who was arrested in Smithboro, County Monaghan in 1986 when he had just attended a meeting with East Tyrone IRA commander Kevin McKenna is to be endorsed as Sinn Fein’s candidate for the presidential election today.
    When Martin McGuinness arrived in Smithboro in 1986 it was to visit Kevin ‘The Assassin’ McKenna the Provisional IRA commander of the East Tyrone Brigade of the Provisional IRA, under whose command operated Jim Lynagh, Patrick ‘Paddy’ Kelly, Michael ‘Pete’ Ryan and so forth, who collectively had murdered hundreds of people in the border counties of Fermanagh, Tyrone and Armagh as well as murdering Gabriel Murphy, Columbia McVeigh (school boy) and many other innocent civilians on the southern side of the border.
    Mc Guinness had travelled to Monaghan in 1986 to ratify a new ‘military’ strategy that would allow for the specific and intentional, yet ‘justifiable’ targeting of Protestants. This new strategy which was based on a Maoist philosophy adopted by IRA Commander Jim Lynagh while in Portlaoise Prison would mean that anyone who in any way supported the British presence in the North could be directly and intentionally targeted. So a man delivering bread, or a woman cleaning the toilets in an RUC station would be as legitimate a target as a fully armed SAS solidier.
    When Mc Guinness had concluded his meeting with McKenna (who was living in a mobile home at that time) and other senior IRA members in Smithboro in 1986 Mc Guinness was arrested, however, he was quickly released again when a senior M16 Agent, Michael Oakley contacted Garda Headquarters in the Phoenix Park. A Garda detective who had been involved in the preparations for the interrogation of McGuinness in 1986 said:
    “It was all done over our head; we were told in no uncertain terms that the British authorities wanted McGuinness released without charge”.
    Sinn Féin is expected to formally endorse Martin McGuinness as its Presidential candidate at a top-level meeting in Dublin today.
    Martin McGuinness is then due to take part in a press conference for the first time since his candidature was revealed on Friday.
    In his first comments since returning to Ireland from a US trade mission yesterday, the North's Deputy First Minister signalled he would be willing to host the Queen Elizabeth II if elected to office.
    He also said he was ready to tackle questions about the IRA during the campaign. He said he believed he had played a key role in ending the decades of violence and wanted to look to a new future.
    On the prospect of meeting British royalty if he was to become Ireland’s figurehead, he said: “If the people of Ireland decided that I should be their president, my responsibilities and duties would be to meet heads of state from all over the world and to do that without exception, and that would be my position.”
    Opponents have already said his former IRA role could become a roadblock and could spark campaign debates that risked upsetting victims of republican violence.
    “I hope it does not,” he said. “No doubt there will be people within the media, particularly the hostile media, who will attempt to do just that.”
    Mr McGuinness said the same prospect had faced Gerry Adams when he moved into politics in the South, but it had not prevented him winning a seat in the general election.
    He added: “The past is a terrible place but I think I am seen very much as a part of the future. This is about new beginnings and I have been at the heart of new beginnings.”
    Sinn Féin said last night it had the backing of four Independent TDs to ensure Mr McGuinness could stand in the election.
    With 17 Sinn Féin Oireachtas members, he needed at least three extra signatures on his nomination paper.
    TDs supporting his nomination are Dublin North Central’s Finian McGrath, Roscommon-South Leitrim’s Luke “Ming” Flanagan, and Kerry South’s Tom Fleming and Michael Healy Rae.
    Independents Mary Davis and Sean Gallagher officially became candidates on Monday after each secured the necessary support.
    They are on course to fight it out with front-runner Michael D Higgins, of Labour, and Fine Gael’s Gay Mitchell.
    Independent senator David Norris said in a Late Late Show interview on Friday night that he would like to re-enter the race, having previously dropped out.
    Child Abuse and Sinn Fein
    Liam Adams Extradition
    Sinn Fein and the IRA have a long history in relation to the torture, murder, mutilation and rape of children. The IRA kidnapping, torture, murder and secret burial of school boy Columbia Mc Veigh in Monaghan in the early 1970s showed clearly that Sinn Fein and the IRA have more in common with the Moore’s murderers Myra Hindley and Ian Brady. The body of Columbia Mc Veigh has never been found, although the IRA have admitted that they murdered and secretly buried the child in Monaghan.
    Liam Dominic Adams, brother of Sinn Fein President, Gerry Adams TD appeared before the Dublin High Court on Tuesday 26th July 2011 for an extradition hearing. Liam Dominic Adams is wanted in Northern Ireland for the alleged Rape of his daughter Aine when she was four years old. Gerry Adams TD has already admitted that he knew about the alleged Rape since the 1980s and that he believed his niece Aine when she told him that Liam had Raped her over a number of years, beginning when she was four years old. However, Gerry Adams TD did not report the matter to the authorities and it was only in 2007 when Gerry Adams realised that Aine would no longer remain silent that he made a statement to the PSNI through his solicitor.
    Liam Adams was a senior member of both the IRA and Sinn Fein in Belfast and Dundalk, long after Gerry Adams TD knew about his brother’s alleged Rape of a child, Gerry Adams continued to promote Liam within the republican movement, giving Liam unquestioned access to children both in Belfast and Dundalk. Gerry Adams TD also concealed the fact that his father Gerry Adams Snr was a child rapist and then proceeded to give his father a full IRA funeral to further compound the hurt of those children raped by Gerry Adams Snr.
    Child Rape and Sinn Fein
    As the Cloyne Report was published 16/7/2011 one could not help but feel sick at the comments by some Sinn Fein politicians who seem to think that Sinn Fein have clean hands when it comes to the rape of children and the cover-ups of child rape in Ireland. Caoimhghin O’Caolain TD seemed detached from the reality of his party’s history with child rape.
    In recent times Sinn Fein have tried desperately to cover-up the fact that many of their members have engaged in the rape and sexual abuse of children. This cover-up was heightened when Liam Dominic Adams, brother of Sinn Fein President, Gerry Adams TD, was exposed as a child rapist by his daughter Aine Tyrrell. Liam Adams will face an extradition hearing in the High Court in Dublin on the 26th July 2011, in relation to allegations that he raped his daughter Aine from she was four years old.
    Gerry Adams said he believed his niece when she made the allegations in 1987. However, Liam Adams went onto become a prominent figure in Sinn Féin. As chairman of the Louth comhairle ceantair in 1996, he was the party's most senior official in the county.
    He canvassed with Gerry Adams in the 1997 Dáil elections and went on to hold positions, including treasurer of a cumann, in West Belfast despite previous claims from his brother that he had long been expelled from Sinn Féin. So while Gerry Adams and known, and by his own public admission, believed that his brother Liam was a child rapist, Gerry continued to offer succour and promote Liam within the republican movement.
    However, Liam Dominic Adams is not the only skeleton in the Sinn Fein/IRA wardrobe, Michael Marron a Sinn Fein/IRA activist from Barcroft Park in Newry who ran a smear campaign against former IRA man, turned peace campaigner, Eamon Collins (murdered by the IRA 1999) pleaded guilty and was sentenced to several years in prison for raping a female child in Newry. Marron like many hundreds of others had used his unquestioned position in Sinn Fein/IRA to carry out his evil deeds against little children.
    It is well known that an IRA ‘punishment squad’ that operated out of Drumargh Park in Armagh City was made up of child rapists and paedophiles who were given a free hand as many of them were informers, this group was made up of members from Armagh and Monaghan and its informers never severed one day in jail.
    In Monaghan Town, Brendan Toal, father of Monaghan, Sinn Fein Councillor, Malachy Toal was arrested and questioned on two occasions in relation to separate instances of child molestation at Mullaghmatt housing estate in Monaghan Town. As the children sexually molested were only 4 years old the DPP decided the children would not be able to give evidence in an open court. Indeed in 2000 Donna Toal, Malachy Toal’s daughter set herself up as a campaigner for victims of sexual crime, however, at the very time that she was ‘campaigning’ her own cousin on her mother’s side of the family was before Monaghan Circuit Court for the systematic sexual abuse of his two nieces.
    Sinn Fein and the IRA in Belfast have had a long history with child abuse and rape, Gerry Adams Snr, father of Sinn Fein President, Gerry Adams TD was a known child rapist, but his crimes were concealed by Sinn Fein and the IRA and he was actually given a full IRA military funeral.
    The OC of the provisional IRA in north Belfast used his position on many occasions to rape and molest women and children, when victims did go forward to the authorities these victims and their families were forced out of the area by Sinn Fein/IRA, this pattern was repeated in all areas where Sinn Fein/IRA wielded power.
    In Armagh County it is known that several women and children were raped by an IRA active service unit, this unit included Aidan Starrs who was a prolific sex offender, all three members of this unit were shot dead by the IRA for being informers, the person who carried out their murders, Freddie Scappactini was in fact an M15 agent and this is now public knowledge.
    Martin Forbes (53) from Strabane in County Tyrone was a senior member of Sinn Fein/IRA, he also used the alias Drew, Forbes had been a senior member of the IRA and had served several years in the IRA Blocks at Long Kesh for IRA activity, upon his release Forbes had been selected by the Sinn Fein leadership to run as a candidate in local government elections. Forbes had used his position in Sinn Fein/IRA to sexual molest both women and children.
    In stark contrast to the crimes being committed by Sinn Fein/IRA members and being concealed by those organisations, Sinn Fein/IRA actually used their mouth-piece tabloid An Phoblacht/Republican News to lambast people who were outside of Sinn Fein/IRA but who came before the courts for sex related and lesser crimes. While Sinn/Fein IRA were lambasting petty criminals in their tabloid rag, behind closed doors Sinn Fein/IRA from their leadership down were concealing the Rape and sexual molestation of children. Niall O Dowd, Editor, Irish Voice tabloid in New York who has been a cheer leader for Sinn Fein over many years never mentioned any of this Sinn Fein/IRA paedophile activity.
    In Dublin several child rapists worked hand in hand with Sinn Fein/IRA, Christy Griffin and Stephen ‘Rossi’ Walsh were key players associated with Sinn Fein/IRA in Dublin, both Christy Griffin and Rossi Walsh are now serving long sentences for child rape. The list of child molesters and rapists exposed in Sinn Fein/IRA over the years is endless; however, those who protected these rapists and concealed their crimes remain at large.
    One stands amazed that so-called republicans can justify concealing the rape of children and protecting their rapists, however, one must remember that Sinn Fein/IRA is an organisation that has for four-decades been engaged in the kidnap, rape, murder, mutilation and torture of men, women and children the length and breadth of Ireland.


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