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Liberal Media my Aunt Fanny!

  1. lovemychris profile image65
    lovemychrisposted 6 years ago

    "Wall Street has long been the home of the biggest threat to American Democracy. Now it has become home to what may be our best hope for rescuing it.

    For everyone who loves this country, for everyone whose heart is breaking for the growing ranks of the poor, for everyone who is seething at the unopposed demolition of America's working and middle class: the time has come to get off the fence.

    A new generation has gone to the scene of the crimes committed against our future. The time has come for all people of good will to give our full-throated backing to the young people of the Occupy Wall Street movement."
    --Van Jones


    Why isn't any major news outlet covering this?, he asked. If that's a tea party protest in front of Wall Street about Ben Bernanke putting stimulus funds into it, it's the lead story on every network news cast. How is that disconnect possible in this country today with so many different outlets and so many different ways of transmitting news?
    --Keith Olbermann


    "The media preference for Tea Party gatherings over progressive activism is well-documented. A September 2009 Tea Party rally in Washington, D.C., garnered far more coverage than a similar gay rights rally the following month (Extra!, 12/09). Thousands of activists at the U.S. Social Forum in Detroit in June 2010 did not merit anywhere near the coverage accorded to 600 attendees at the Tea Party Convention in Nashville (Extra!, 9/10). The One Nation Working Together rally (10/2/10) brought thousands to Washington-- but little media attention (FAIR Media Advisory, 10/6/10).

    And even the size of a given Tea Party gathering does not seem to much matter. When about 200 Tea Partiers gathered in Washington earlier this year (FAIR Blog, 4/1/11), an account in Slate (3/31/11) noted, "There was at least one reporter for every three or four activists."

    The answer to the problem of non-coverage would seem to be simple: If the people occupying Wall Street want more media attention, they should just call themselves Tea Party activists."
    --Fairness and Accuracy in Media


    STOP calling it "the Liberal Media"!

    Even my beloved C-Span has ignored it!!

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    Emile Rposted 6 years ago

    Yep. It's almost a news blackout. But, publicly traded corporations own the media. Of course they aren't going to allow coverage.

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    PrettyPantherposted 6 years ago

    The U.S. media is a joke.

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    lovemychrisposted 6 years ago

    "Rush Limbaugh mocked Michelle Obama's trip to Target on his Friday show, suggesting that the whole thing was a blatant publicity stunt.

    The first lady was caught by an AP photographer while shopping at a Virginia Target. The photographer said that the whole thing was a coincidence. However, Limbaugh smelled a rat.

    "It has gotten so bad they had to send Moochelle out there in a Lady Gaga-type getup," he said, using his preferred nickname for Obama. He noted that one of the things Obama appeared to be purchasing was Lysol, and scoffed at the idea that she actually needed to buy it for the White House.

    "What a phony baloney plastic banana good time rock-and-roller optic photo op this was!" he said, concluding that the AP must have been tipped off in advance.

    "You think the AP has photographers waiting outside stores for Moochelle to show up?" Limbaugh asked. "Who do they think we are?"

    This is why people say the media is "liberal"......Cause Russsshhhhhhhh says so.
    see where the "Moochelle" came from?
    I would have thought it was Michelle Malkin, but whatever,
    This guy has been at it since 1991.....the demonizing and ridiculing of so-called "liberals".

    Meanwhile, true liberals are ignored, or laughed at.

    Tea-Party? Big news!

    9/11 Truthers/Occupy Wall Street......IGNORED!

    and 9/11 truth and occupy wall street are not even "liberal"!!!
    It's American.

    Don't Tread On Me.

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    lovemychrisposted 6 years ago

    More all-Americanism from the right-wing media.....

    "Andrew Breitbart helped kick off the Chicago Tea Party's TeaCon 2011 Convention in suburban Schaumburg Friday night -- and had some harsh words for unions and liberal actress Janeane Garofalo.

    While addressing a crowd of cheering supporters, the conservative blogger began ripping on Garofalo for her vocal opposition to the Tea Party. The actress recently said that GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain "is probably well liked by some of the Republicans because it hides the racist elements of the Republican party."

    Breitbart told the crowd that the word around Los Angeles--where he lives--is that Garofalo is "Hollywood's sympathy f*ck." The crowd erupts in laughter.

    Breitbart went on to call Nancy Pelosi a "b*tch," according to Mediaite, and then slammed the unions for being critical of the Tea Party movement.

    "The unions, the Trumkas, the Hoffas...F*ck you," Breitbart said to roaring applause."

    Ahhh, the dulcet, sweet tones of the Party of Believers......this is not your gramma's Christianity!

    Well, I expect tons of media outrage and righteous indignation, like we saw when Trumka called the Tea Party SOB's.

    I'm watching the clock starting now, and counting down to the outrage.....

    let's see if it happens by the time I get home.

    :::Splashed all over the airwaves, with bloviating outrage by Russsshhhhhhh and O'really.

    The cut of him saying it played over and over and over....
    And, of course the TP candidates weighing in with their own condemnation.

    ready, set........go?

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    earnestshubposted 6 years ago

    The man is a disgrace to the human race. His insults to the first lady are in keeping with his intellect.
    Mud is smarter than this loony tune. smile

    1. JBBlack profile image60
      JBBlackposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Yes, even legal immigration can be annoying, since Rush was born in Canada.

      1. JBBlack profile image60
        JBBlackposted 6 years agoin reply to this

        jk.  missouri

  7. lovemychris profile image65
    lovemychrisposted 6 years ago

    Guess I'll have to wait til Monday. I'm sure SOMEone on mnbc will bring it up.
    Guess all the outrage about Trumpka was phony-bulloney faux outrage.

    Since it seems to be OK when a righty does it, even WORSE!

    "Sympathy F*ck",
    "F*ck You"...

    compared to the wallowing and gnashing of teeth about "Sons O B*tches".

    Can I have my ticket back, this ride is getting absurd....