Gerry Adams, Peadophile, RUC Informer

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    Gerry Adams Snr was a prolific child rapist and RUC informer. The father of Gerry Adams TD used his position in Sinn Fein/IRA to kidnap, mutilate and rape Catholic children; however, Gerry Adams Snr had two fold protections. Gerry Adams Snr was protected by the Provisional Sinn Fein/IRA leadership in Belfast and by his handlers in the RUC. A senior member of Sinn Fein/IRA in Belfast has told the Irish Observer that the Sinn Fein/IRA leadership in Belfast knew that Gerry Adams Snr was a child rapist and shortly before he died Gerry Adams Snr admitted that he had been working for the British security forces for almost 30 years.

    However, while the Sinn Fein/IRA leadership knew that Gerry Adams Snr was both a prolific child rapist and RUC agent, the Sinn Fein/IRA leadership afforded Gerry Adams Snr a full IRA funeral. Gerry Adams TD has been forced to admit publicly that he knew his father and brother Liam were child rapists, however, Gerry Adams TD has failed to admit that he knew that his father Gerry Adams Snr was an RUC agent and responsible for the deaths and imprisonment of dozens of Irish Catholics.

    Liam Adams has now been extradited back to the north to face child rape charges.
    Sinn Fein/IRA member, Liam Adams, contends that he will not get a fair trial if returned to Northern Ireland, he further claims that there has been undue delay in the PSNI bringing the proceedings and that there have been changes to jury selection in the north.

    Liam Adams who was a senior member of the Provisional IRA/Sinn Fein in Belfast and who faced serious terrorist charges in 1984 can hardly blame his daughter for fearing to give evidence against a man in such a position. We should also remember that the Adams Family and their mouth-piece tabloid rag An Phoblacht denied many good men a fair trial in order to conceal their own child rape darkness, for it was not only Liam Adams who abused little children, his father Gerry Snr was a prolific child rapist.

    As for Liam Adams complaining that he may not be able to select a jury of his peers, Liam may want to reflect on the many innocent men, women and children put to death by IRA criminals including innocent Catholic Mother of 10 children Jean Mc Conville whose only jury was child rapists and murderers.

    The brother of Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams has begun a legal challenge against his extradition to Northern Ireland where he is wanted over the alleged sexual abuse of his daughter.

    Liam Dominic Adams is wanted for questioning by the Police Service of Northern Ireland in relation to 18 offences against his daughter, Áine Tyrell, who has waived her right to anonymity.

    His extradition case is listed for two days - today and Thursday - before Mr Justice John Edwards at the High Court in Dublin.

    The sex abuse claims became public in December 2009 when Ms Tyrell - who has travelled to Dublin for the extradition hearing - was featured in a television documentary.

    It is claimed the offences of rape, indecent assault and gross indecency occurred at various addresses in Belfast between March 1977 and March 1983, when the victim was aged between four and 10.

    Mr Adams (55) handed himself in to gardaí in Dublin last year after a European Arrest Warrant was issued by the PSNI.

    He denied he fled the North to escape prosecution but claims he feared he and his children were in danger after media reports of the allegations. He previously said he fears he will not get a fair trial in the North.

    The High Court heard Mr Adams denies five charges of rape, seven of indecent assault and six of gross indecency.
    Aileen Donnelly, senior counsel for the State, said a complaint was first lodged by Ms Tyrell, now 38, and her mother, Sarah Adams, to police at Grosvenor Road in Belfast on January 21st, 1987.
    In a written statement, it was alleged that the accused had lived at various address with Ms Tyrell, her mother and siblings and that he “would get into her bed and always do the same things to her”, said Ms Donnelly.
    After a graphic description of how Ms Tyrell was allegedly forced to engage in sexual acts, the judge adjourned the hearing to read the papers in private.
    The court heard that Mrs Adams later told police her daughter could not proceed with the case as she would not be willing to attend court. However Mrs Adams wanted the case against her former husband to continue.
    Michael O’Higgins, senior counsel for Mr Adams, said there was a 12-year gap before the complainant went back to police to proceed with the case, during which time the Public Prosecution Service directed that no charges be brought.
    Mr Adams was arrested in February 2007 and denied the allegations, but it was almost two years before a European Arrest Warrant was issued.
    Mr O’Higgins said he was contesting the extradition on the grounds that there was a delay in bringing the prosecution, the extensive pre-trial publicity and changes in the law regarding jury selection in Northern Ireland.