What will become of the world if the EEC broke up?

  1. marymootoo profile image74
    marymootooposted 6 years ago

    When considering the western world countries we normaly think of North America, Western Europe and parts of Asia and Australasia. But primarily it is the countries that form the EEC, it is from there that the world has been formed, moulded, built, ruined, and bombed. How important is it that EEC survives for the rest of the planet or has lifed moved on. I believe that the world does not understand what would happen if there was a break up in Europe, civalisation could change for a very long time and WW3 could possible emerge because extreamism would soon boil to the surface. It it the most important orginisation to world peace that we have in place at the present time, our elected leaders must put in place the corner stones to keeping this the goal without politcal bias.