Hello! Where is the media??

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  1. lovemychris profile image73
    lovemychrisposted 6 years ago

    Hello people! Anyone remember

    "G-da* America", "G-Da* America", "G-Da* America??

    "Radical Christian", "not in line with the main-stream"? "How dare he!!"??

    "At a Baton Rouge revival yesterday, the Republican presidential candidate was introduced and blessed by the fire-breathing pastor Dennis Terry. To a cheering crowd, Terry shouted that ours is a “Christian nation,” that “we don't worship Buddha, we don't worship Mohammad, we don't worship Allah,” and that anyone who doesn’t like “the way we do things” should “get out.”

    Santorum said nothing. And when the time came to receive a blessing from Terry—right hand over Santorum’s shoulder, left hand on his back—Santorum accepted it, nodding in reverence."

    http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2 … agree.html


    Can we get a little fairness in media? Can I see this clip repeated day after day after day after day?

    Come ON....Fox: Cnn: Msnbc: Abc: Cbs:.....where ARE you? It's 7:23, and I haven't seen it once.

    And I expect to see it daily, on a rotational level from now until November.
    Or, I will think that maybe the media is not liberal at all. And maybe a little un-fair and biased. Geee-you think? Naaaaaah. We've been told it's a Liberal Media. You're just delusional LMC.

    1. profile image0
      Brenda Durhamposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Ehh...there's no need to "expose" something when it's a tried-and-tested Truth already.  The liberal agenda doesn't want to hear the Truth anyway!
      I wouldn't worry about it, LMC.
      Don't be jealous.
      After all, the liberal President and his followers in the media have all the people like you mimicking for them already.

      If you like rotational repetitious control-freakiness, just wait til Obama buys a whole tv Channel again like he did during his Campaign.  You can happily sit there, bury your head in the sand up to your eyes and watch him alllll dayyyy longggg to your heart's content.

  2. lovemychris profile image73
    lovemychrisposted 6 years ago

    Here's how the clip will go:

    "Get out!" "Get out!" "Get out!"

    with the by-line: Santorum's version of America. ahhhhhh, perfect!

  3. lovemychris profile image73
    lovemychrisposted 6 years ago

    Now, I gotta go to work in the "dreaded private sector", unlike this guy:

    "Paul Ryan talks about dependency when he's received a federal paycheck since his late 20s and used Social Security to pay for college."
    .....must be nice.

    Too funny!:


  4. Reality Bytes profile image82
    Reality Bytesposted 6 years ago

    Santorum is being used to scare the majority in to thinking there might be a chance that he might get elected.  This thought is going to hurl Romney in to the nominee spot.  That is a disgusting quote from the pastor LMC, I agree it should be blared for all to see.

    Google search on the term santorum: http://www.google.com/webhp?rlz=1C1CHKZ … mp;bih=481  lol    Clicking on the more info on the definition is not for the queasy  lol

    1. lovemychris profile image73
      lovemychrisposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Thank you Reality. It's not freedom he's after.

      and just btw: rumors on the net that he has an "other woman"...and a radio clip where he jokes with Don Imus about having a 3-some with Mrs. Imus.

      It's always the suppresed ones who are the most freaky, IMO.

  5. profile image0
    Brenda Durhamposted 6 years ago

    By the way, LMC, thanks for reminding us of what the "Reverend" Wright said.  There are some people (so I've heard anyway) who claim they never heard him spout his terroristic vengeful rantings.

  6. lovemychris profile image73
    lovemychrisposted 6 years ago

    If you're not Christian...GET OUT!!

    Santorum's America.

    Unless he apologizes...meah culpa meah culpa...like Obama had to do. And which I wish he didn't!

    I DO D America for some of the things she does! And those who don't, don't lover her, IMO.

  7. lovemychris profile image73
    lovemychrisposted 6 years ago

    I also heard that Gingrich was staying in there to ensure Romney gets it.

    Some real sharks in that water.


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