Libertarianism and the left

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    Sooner28posted 5 years ago

    Great essay, from a non "left" source, about the origins of libertarianism, and its consequences for understanding modern day American politics.

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      innersmiffposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Pretty great article, laying it out properly. Libertarianism is nothing at all like 'an extreme version of conservatism' as the internets thinks it is, it is simply an opposition to state coercion and collectivism. I agree Libertarians take far too much time denouncing welfare for the poor and not enough denouncing welfare for the rich. Ultimately both are immoral but we have to find a common cause with the modern lefty 'liberals' somewhere, and it is through denouncing corporatism and imperialism we can do this.

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        Sooner28posted 5 years agoin reply to this

        This article made me question how coherent my political philosophy is.  I don't know if you checked out the article the author cited, but it's pretty good also.  “Left and Right: The Prospects for Liberty." 

        It talks about the original intent of positions and how our political philosophy has evolved.  It even uses a version of right and left socialism, and denounces most of what modern conservatives stand for.

        I actually believed that libertarians were really just far right conservatives.  It's much deeper than that though.  It's, like you said, about opposing the power of the state over the individual.  It does NOT favor the coporate capitalistic monopoly economy we currently have, which I think is a break from the Tea Party, which seems to just want the current system without government intervention (and also a lot of social issues, like gay marriage, abortion, and drugs).  That was really refreshing for me to read.

        I'm also working my way through a book called, "The Underground History of American Education," by John Taylor Gatto, written by a retired New York school teacher.  It's enlightening and terrifying all at once.  If you haven't read it, I definitely recommend it.  He's a little too religious for my taste, but his overall message is on the spot.