Blind Business

  1. SpanStar profile image61
    SpanStarposted 5 years ago

    Today I just got a bill from a wireless company (let's keep it nameless) that says I owe a little over $1,500.00.  Truly to me that's a lot of money but I'm thinking this a scam, one because I haven't used any wireless service in 2 years, 2 I don't ever recall having an account with this company.

    Wanting to do the right thing I decide I would contact the official company an let them know their could be a scam going on using there good name.  Wouldn't you know it clicking on this link, then that link took me no where.  Like so many other businesses that have created their website and if you're not a member then no way are you going to contact us because we don't want to be bother.

    I'm guessing some of these businesses believe by shutting themselves off from everyone they can be touched, well I'm thinking who ever these scammers are they didn't just send this bill to me and maybe grandma or grandpa might not catch that they are being scammed and bad experiences can lead to preferring one brand over another.