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Common Aphrodisiacs

Updated on April 5, 2012

Chocolate and Oysters

The term aphrodisiac was named for the Greed goddess of sensuality and love, Aphrodite. Greeks used to refer to sexual pleasure as aphrodisia, leading to the term aphrodisiac for sensual foods and herbs. Aphrodisiacs are known for increasing sexual desire, yet how do they actually work?

Some cultures also recognize some Animal products, such as tiger penis and rhinoceros horn, are recognized as aphrodisiacs in some cultures. Herbs and unusual foods such as mustard, garlic, and asparagus are included on the long list of aphrodisiacs. Some plant and fruit combinations are considered to be good for sexual energy.

Tribes of northern India claim that using rhinoceros horn makes a man unstoppable. It's use has come under scrutiny due to its risk to endangered animals. During the Shakespearean era, potatoes were known as Apples of Love, today they still hold a reputation for having strong aphrodisiac properties.

Chocolate and oysters are probably the two most commonly heard of aphrodisiacs. Oysters contain certain rare amino acids that are said to play a role in the release of sex hormones. Chocolate is said to have phenethylamine, a sexual stimulant. The only problem is that it possibly breaks down before it has time to reach the brain and trigger arousal, but it tastes great trying out the theory!

It is a proven theory that higher testosterone levels lead to an increase in libido and studies have found that men given testosterone are more easily aroused. The majority of people found to have low testosterone levels are men over sixty and women after menopause. Yohimbe contains yohimbine, an alkaloid with alpha-adrenergic antagonist properties, which increases blood flow to the genital area of those who consume it. Yohimbe bark can be purchased at local pharmacies.

When testing out the various aphrodisiacs, stick to the foods. Many sexual stimulants are dangerous when used in combination with certain medical conditions. Always consult with a doctor before beginning any medication regimen.


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      Ronald Victor 

      6 years ago

      Really good post mate.It was very informative as well as interesting.Great video as well.I found this hub very useful..Nice hub I enjoyed a lot. Keep writing.Thanks !



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