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Tips for a Successful Marriage

Updated on June 14, 2013

Always and Forever

An age old question, "What are the keys to a successful marriage?", has a variety of answers and means different things to different people. Many different qualities must go into a relationship to achieve happiness, and even then there are no guarantees. This is a complicated question and not just one answer exists, these are just a few personally proven theories.

Communication is the beginning of any relationship. Start by being upfront and honest. Don't start any type of friendship or possible relationship off with lies. Be adults, ask and answer questions truthfully. Any lies told in the beginning may cause problems later on, no matter how trivial the lie. Communication is the first step towards trusting one another, and trust is the foundation that you will need for a long, happy, and successful marriage.

Never go to bed angry. Resolve any issues before calling it a night and refrain from dredging up any past problems. Forgiveness is a natural part of any type of relationship, arguements will arise, being able to forgive one another is crucial.

Selflessness is a quality that must be possessed by both people in any marriage or union. The world would be a much nicer place if more people learned selflessness. Do things together such as fix meals, clean house, or get out and do yard work. The main thing is do things together and for each other.

Spend Quality Time Together
Spend Quality Time Together
Jack & Shana Carlton
Jack & Shana Carlton

Be Best Friends

A spouse should be a lover, companion, and best friend. Laughter is a quality that can bring couples even closer. Couples need to be able to laugh at one another, with one another. It's hard to stay mad at someone who makes you laugh.

Trust is something that is essential to any relationship, without trust people become suspicious of each other which inevitably leads to problems. Couples that keep secrets from one another are more likely to argue over things that are unimportant or trivial.

Spending time alone together is important in a marriage. Sometimes the everyday stress of work, bills, housework, and kids can take its toll on the intimate aspects of a relationship. Children can spend a night with relatives or friends so couples can have a might alone. Spending quality time together can help keep communication lines open and renew the relationship. Cuddling up together in front of a warm fire while watching a movie is a relaxing way to enjoy each others company.

Marriage is a two way street and both people must be willing to give 100% to make it work. If one person seems to be in control, or too overbearing, it can damage the health of the relationship.

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