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10 Things To Avoid In Any Relationship!

Updated on January 26, 2013


EGO is a dangerous thing that usually occurs in any relationship and the reason why it is termed as dangerous is that it can even kill the relationship once and for all! Ego is usually a battle that starts with “why should I?” example: if a problem occurs between two individuals such that both are mutually responsible then both the concerned should apologize, instead thinking like “why should I apologize first?” creates a clash leading to the destruction of the relationship.


TALKING BEHIND is another ill quality in any kind of relationship. In any relationship if u don’t like a particular behavior, attitude , or quality of a person just go straight and talk about this with the concerned person rather than talking about it behind their backs!


COMPLAINING THINGS TO A THIRD PERSON is somewhat similar to TALKING BEHIND. Here, if any disagreements, quarrels, or bitter feelings arouse in the relationship then instead of complaining about these things to a third person try sorting out the differences with the concerned person or just have a third person sit along with u and try sorting out things with the particular person. Because an outsider is always believed to judge things than the persons involved!


AVOIDING/IGNORING people in a relationship is a serious “MUST AVOID”. If in a relation a person is said to have done some mistakes or said to have done something immoral, in correct, or against the wishes of others please don’t avoid them just like that. Instead make them understand what they have done is wrong. This naturally helps in raising the standards of you as well as the concerned person. Because ignoring the concerned person will lead bitter feelings to arise and this May also lead to permanent separation!


HIDING THINGS… never ever hide things between people in a relationship no matter whatever it may be. If u get to know something about a person in a relationship whether good or bad just go ahead and share it with the person concerned. Mostly if it is a good thing we naturally tend to open it up. The conflict arises when we get to know something bad, unusual etc. don’t worry just tell what u heard to the concerned person. If the things what u have heard turns out to be true then instead of avoiding them try to accept them as they are or if it turns out to be false then alarm them of these senseless things going around and warn those who spreads such things!


DEMANDING APOLOGY! Never ever demand an apology from the person in a relation with you. Normally all human beings have the tendency to apologize if they know what they did is wrong. Even if they don’t u just forgive them. And always be the first one to apologize if u know u have done something wrong. This is a wonderful quality to possess!


EMOTIONAL BLACKMAILING! Never ever use the love, affection, trust, respect etc, that one has on u to blackmail them or use them as a weapon to get things done by them. This is cultivated right from childhood by most of us. Example: during childhood days we used to say to our friends “if I am your true friend then do this home work for me” is n’t it? Slowly this becomes a habit and many use this a weapon to get things done by others! One who have real affection for us will in turn do things for us! Isn’t it like punishing them for the love they have on us?!?!?!


TEASING IN FRONT OF OTHERS! Don’t ever do this as this is similar to exploitation. even if u find others teasing the person u go and protect the concerned person and try supporting the concerned. Even if they do something terribly crazy leading to others teasing the person u as a related person should not join others in teasing instead support the concerned person and try correcting or criticizing them in person!


PAYING LESS ATTENTION Always pay utmost attention to the people you are in relationship with. This is the most expensive gift you can ever give to them. Pay attention to even small things that they do! If you come to know that your friend has bought a pen no matter how silly it may be just go and ask about the pen details such as its cost, if it is smooth writing blab blab la etc. this will make them feel good and the feeling that someone is there for us and don’t worry you will definitely get noticed in return even if it may be for silly stuffs!


OVER POSSESSIVENESS! Possessiveness can be sweet but over possessiveness always ends in danger. Though we have the feeling in a relationship that a person always belongs to us we shouldn’t allow that feeling to overtake us. Ensure that you give enough freedom to people in relationship and trust me they won’t take that freedom for granted. That freedom will always give the concerned people the feeling that they are been trusted fully! Over possessiveness always gives the concerned person the feeling that they are been doubted and not trusted leading to a sour relationship!


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