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10 Things to follow to strengthen a relationship!

Updated on October 27, 2013

Though it takes minutes or days to enter into a relationship, to make it long lasting here are a few things to take care of


Whatever relationship it may be show them that you are committed towards them. If any plans are made be committed to it. Don’t try to move yourself away from it. Say for example if a plan to go out for a dinner is made then think carefully if you can make it or not. If you can make it then be on time and proceed with the plan else if you feel you can’t make it then explain them clearly why you can’t make it and assure them to make it some other day but never ever commit yourself to a plan and then break it because IT HURTS!

Secure feeling

Give them the feeling that you are always there for them to rely on. This helps them to share their problems with you with the feeling that you will help them to get out of their problem. This secure feeling can only be developed if you share your problems with them and also feel free towards them. On the other hand, if you lay conditions or maintain some kind of attitude or superiority towards them it automatically leads to some kind of insecure feeling getting developed by which they may feel weird to share their personal things with you leading to some kind of distance being developed in the relationship.

Quality time

Always make it a point to dedicate some quality time with them. This doesn’t mean that you should daily take them out somewhere, but it means you dedicate some time for them and only for them, And taking out them daily also doesn’t mean that you spent quality time with them instead it just means you spent time with them and not “quality time”. So what does quality time mean? It doesn’t mean you to be present with them instead it can also be the time spent over a phone call where you talk just about the relationship, enquiring how their day went and anything that is related to the relationship and the person involved in the relationship.

Know their details

Try collecting every single detail about them and the important thing is remember those details. The details may be anything and everything about them. Say for example, their date of birth, their favorite color, cuisine, brand, actors, holiday destination, pet’s name etc because remembering every single detail about them will make them feel special. Even though it may sound silly just take a piece of paper list down all their details and memorise them. At the same time, you never expect the person to remember every single detail about you because if they don’t remember them then you will feel let down by the person. TIP: the first and the foremost thing that you have to memorise is their birthday!

Express your feelings

Always make it a point to express what you feel. Say for example If you feel that the dress color what the concerned person is wearing doesn’t suit them then express it openly and also suggest colors what you feel will suit them. Similarly if you feel anything about their hairstyle, way of dressing, bags, shoes etc, just go-ahead and say it to them. This is not just to express the negative things alone but also express the positive things. Say for example if you feel that the person looked more beautiful on a particular day then express it saying “you are gorgeous”. This whole concept of expressing what you feel no matter whether they are the pluses or the minuses about them will leave them with the feeling that you are concerned about them.

The above said things are some ways to strengthen the relationship, but in order to enter into any relationship you need the basic qualities like faith, trust, loyalty, honesty etc. without these basic qualities please never ever enter into any relationship because you will end up hurting yourself and also the person involved in the relationship.


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    • suk91 profile image

      suk91 5 years ago from Chennai, India

      Thank you ZRMoore! :)

    • ZRMoore profile image

      ZRMoore 5 years ago

      quality advice