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12 Important Questions for Anyone who is Dating, Engaged to or Married to a Partner in the Military

Updated on July 12, 2017

If you are dating, engaged to someone in the military, there are a lot of challenges and issues that should be discussed before to better prepare you for your life ahead. I have known many couples who married a partner in the military and the many things they had to undergo. Here are some key questions to help you.

1. How will you cope when your partner is away for a very long period of time?

2. Will you go out with other people who have loved ones in the military while your spouse is away or stay with family?

3. Is there a time limit as to how long you could stand being apart from one another? If you were apart longer than this time frame, what would you do?

4. How often will you communicate through letters, email or phone calls while he or she is away?

5. How often do you expect your partner to write, email or call while he or she is away?

6. If your partner came back traumatized, how would you deal with this?

7. If your partner was physically wounded, how would you handle this?

8. How do you feel about living on base?

9. What are your thoughts about having to move every few years?

10. If your partner was assigned to a base you didn’t want to move to, would you stay behind? What would you do if you had children?

11. For both partners in the military, Will you or your partner be serving in the military as a career or leaving service after contract ends?

12. Do you have a career plan when you leave the service?


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