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12 Reasons Why Men Opt for Marriage

Updated on October 21, 2012


Marriage is a union or spousal relationship. It is the voluntary yoking up of a man and a woman, in order to live in holy matrimony throughout their lives. Marriage between two people is a rewarding experience. Wedlock can on the other hand be a prison, especially for those with divergent or opposing interests.

Modern day matrimonial relationships are tinged with strange tastes and often end up on the rocks. In spite of this, men and women still look forward to marriage at some stage in their lives. Does this imply marriage beats all odds against its continued existence? Why do men marry despite all odds?

A sample of acquaintances revealed various reasons among the ones listed below. The institution seems to be here to stay for good.

Married Couple  by photostock
Married Couple by photostock | Source

Men need a helper or companion

A working man often wishes to have a helping hand with regard to household chores. Some people will categorically state “Two are better than one”, and take this as a sound reason for marriage. They cite reasons of being able to confront life’s difficulties with a helpmate.

The lack of training in household chores among men makes the bachelor unkempt in many aspects of life, and hence the need for a wife or helper. A cheerful companion warms up the house.

Some men are forced into marriage by parents

Every parent tends to have an innate compulsion that leads them to urge their off springs on towards matrimony. Marriage seems to be a more natural inclination to a parent than to a child. Due to this, a few parents have coerced their children to wed sometimes prematurely or even against their wishes.

We often hear of pre-arranged marriages in various parts of the world. Such unions are imposed upon couples to enforce a family’s lineage to protect a caste system. Some men have been compelled by parents to marry as an indication of maturity.

Just to have a wife like peers

A few men will marry just to get a spouse and be like their peers. Peer pressure has played a major role in a man’s life when it comes to making a commitment to marry.

Friends in your social circle may exert pressure upon you to don their uniform in order to fit in. Failure on your part to tow this line might encounter rejection from your closest friends accompanied with your branding of being irresponsible.

Cultural reasons compel men to marry

Culture often has a role in wedlock especially where initiation is coupled with marriage. There are those who have to marry on attaining a certain age, failure to which you are classified as immature. Cultural and traditional dictates have forged a marriage in several parts of the world.

Chronological reasons for marriage

There are times when age catches up and one has no alternative but to shun bachelorhood. A simple calculation based on one’s age will reveal a man’s itinerary on issues relating to marriage.

Many men strongly feel there is an age when they should or shouldn’t’ be cuddling babies in their arms and changing diapers. There is a time when they feel too old to hold a young one.

Matrimonial convenience

The worst reason for marrying is one done for convenience. Reasons for a convenient marriage include gaining citizenship. I have heard of couples uniting to officially gain recognition as a citizen in a country of choice.

Some men will marry into chosen families for the purpose of acquiring wealth. These are the gold-digger types who take flight on attaining their heart’s desires, leaving broken hearts in their wake. We have witnessed wasteful 2 billion dollar weddings that have lasted 72 hours. How does one mismatch and spend such amounts of money?

Marriage for procreation

Human beings and other creatures need to procreate or replicate thereby extending their existence on earth. We always want to live longer beyond our limited lifespan. Some men will marry in order to sire a child. Such men find it difficult to accept the eventual result of being unable to procreate due to physical or biological reasons.

Marriage for stability, security and wellbeing

Marriage is often considered to be a stable or secure territory to which men will retreat for love and affection from family and loved ones. The absence of this setup affirms one’s sense of insecurity.

One will spew their love everywhere in the absence of family stability, security and that sense of well being. Love is present in the house all year round. You never have to spend a lonely Christmas. Men will marry for this.

Biological needs as a reason for marriage

Biological functions dictate the necessity and presence of a spouse in the house. A man’s heart leans towards a woman, while a woman’s leans towards a man. Each will satisfy the other like no other can. Men will marry to experience the satisfaction that accompanies the union to have their biological needs met.

A healthy gift for a healthy life style

Matrimony wards off promiscuity among men with the inherent risk of contracting ailments. A married man rarely wanders. He tends to be more focused, objective and contented. He gets to zero-graze while avoiding the sowing of wild oats that single men are more prone to do.

A lone ranger will sleep anywhere. Men will marry to avoid promiscuity.

The status symbol that marriage affords

People often feel more privileged and much more respected when they get married. Societies have with time, imposed standards upon men and women to uplift marriage as a status symbol. This alone, has driven many a single man to shun bachelorhood.

Married men are considered to be better custodians and hence good managers of resources. This is in view of the fact that, if you can care for your family, then you can command any situation where responsibility counts. Under these circumstances, marriage may grant a man a higher status in society than they are used to.

Marrying to fulfill biblical dictates

On his own accord, a man leaves his father’s house. He walks away in search of his helper. He is merely responding to the verse “He who finds a wife has found a good thing”. Many a man wants to find that good thing for keeps throughout their lifetime. Why? Because the word of God says so.

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Question 1. Suppose you were a single man or woman, would you get married?

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Question 2. Between men and women, who tend to be more promiscuous by nature?

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  • Anjili profile imageAUTHOR


    6 years ago from planet earth, a humanoid

    Hi carol7777,

    It is indeed true concerning nature's endowment to both men and women. The human race must be propagated for continuity. It is rather unfortunate that a few fall out of marriage after the vows. A majority will however stay put till death concludes their vows. Thanks for your positive remarks and vote. Take care.

    Hi Larry Walls,

    Thanks for sharing your fine moments in your married life. It reminds us of the tight bonds that married couples experience while making us review our relations with our spouses. On the other hand, it might not be in order to compartmentalize marriage. After all, human life is not straight and square in the least sense. But you will at least agree to the fact that most men find the four walls of each room a bit lonely and oppressive, which drives them to seek out a loving spouse who is full of life. I wouldn't say the list of reasons is exhaustive. But I also wouldn't totally swear that none of the stated reasons is not valid to a majority of men. I respect your honest point of view on this matter which I highly value. Thanks for your comments and please do come again.

    Hi shinigirisheyes,

    I totally agree with Groucho Marx on marriage being a wonderful institution. We all abhor instituitons for the restrictions that confine us in them. However, I hope Groucho observed the quality of life between single and married couples and noted the difference. A good union is a desirable thing for men, women, children and the society in general. The union fuels love, peace, joy, harmony and many other virtues. Thanks for passing by. You are most welcome.

  • shiningirisheyes profile image

    Shining Irish Eyes 

    6 years ago from Upstate, New York

    You know what Groucho Marx said...."Marriage is a wonderful institution, but who wants to live in an institution?

  • profile image

    Larry Wall 

    6 years ago

    I was 29 when I met my wife. We were married a year later. That was more than 32 years ago. We both lived as single adults, paying bills, mopping floors, doing laundry. Once engaged we discussed children and agreed that we would like to have them. We could not. We adopted our only son. I will go with you on the health aspect. Married men do live longer. My wife got me into the practice of seeing a doctor regularly. We were not going to live together as a test run. We both wanted to make a commitment. We wanted to be together and marriage was the logical choice. I know I have not regretted that decision and I do not believe my wife has. Marriage is a partnership. She helped to take care of my mother who died of ALS. I help with her mother who has Alzheimer's Disease. We make decisions together. We spend time together.

    I guess I am saying that I do not agree with your compartmentalization of marriage. My wife and I met. We fell in love. We got married--richer or poorer, sickness and in health. We have disagreed and had our moments of silence over the years, but they do not last for long. The cause is usually fatigue. As you get older, life becomes more challenging. Maybe your reasons why men marry may apply to some, but I do not think you can group all men, or even the majority of men into the format you have framed. You presented your points well, professionally and without any gender bias. I just do not agree with your thesis.

  • carol7777 profile image

    carol stanley 

    6 years ago from Arizona

    They say that physical attraction is a trick of nature to propagate the race. It often seems to me people are anxious to get married but not always to stay married. I like being married and having someone to share with. There is no perfect situation..and many people are happy being single. Interesting hub and well written..Voted UP+++


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