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Matrimony sites, marriage agency-Review

Updated on March 20, 2015

In India and other Asian countries marriage is a hot and interesting topic. Especially in Hindu and Muslim countries, it involves a lot of pomp,show, celebration and also provides a huge business for the market.

But the foremost thing required is deciding of proper bride and groom which is a big issue for the both parties.

Keeping this in mind there is emergence of lot of marriage agencies and matrimonial sites to cash the occasion. Since the occasion is active through out the year, it's an evergreen business for these agencies and matrimonial sites.

These sites & agencies make the search easier as they provide a wide platform for selection of bride or groom based on the choice of religion, caste, profession, education etc.


Courtesy: topnews
Courtesy: topnews

The working of these sites and agencies.

Site: They publicize their site and help in getting people signed up for free. Some of the examples include Bharat matrimony, Muslim matrimony etc.

This brings the matrimonial site a new profile for others to see and also further chances of business by encouraging them to upgrade for more benefits. Beside the site also gets frequent visits by profile people and rise of site traffic leading to revenue by add display.

These sites are very appealing as the process looks so easy to search for preferred bride or groom, but the actual fact is that results are very meager and do not stand up to the expectation. Though there are vast number of sites based on religion, region, language etc. They have their certain advantages and disadvantages.

Pros or advantages:

Since no direct human or mediator is involved during selection, no personal bias or preference or favor to any party is involved as done by marriage agency or brokers.

Even just signing-up puts your profile in front of a large number of searchers. So there are some chances for easy selection without wastage of time and money.

Since these matrimonial sites host a vast number of profiles, the choices are varied for desired selection based on their religion, status, education and other suitabilities.

Cons or disadvantages:

Wastage of valuable time and money. You can see many profile creators online for hours everyday expecting a good news. But they will be mostly dissatisfied.

They also appeal you by display of any couple who got married by this mode. But they don't display the success rate or number of people signed up to the number of people satisfied by their effort with the site. This if done their ratings and earnings drop down drastically.

These matrimonial sites also have profiles who just wanna make fun. These profiles can mislead others and waste the valuable time of serious searchers. This is evident as seen by many girls and boys who sign-up for free only to show off or have chat with someone though they don't even have thought of marriage.

The sites carries profiles which doesn't disclose the actual qualification or status of the person so there are also chances of getting cheated.

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Working of Marriage agency

These are agencies who open up their offices in a locality or certain number of localities. They have a network wherein each office gets profiles from their respective regions.

Then the agency tries to work out match fixing based on requirements by both parties. They charge for the registration of the profiles.Once registered by paying the said amount, they start circulating the profile among the branches or network of offices for suitable matches. These agencies are quiet successful but have their own set of pros and cons.


They help in better communication between the parties by trying to contact the parties directly.

This help the process of selection and so chances of success are high.

The chance of fake in profiles are limited because of face to face communication and the need for payment to register discouraging non-serious profiles.


Bias and disparity. This is one of the biggest set backs. Since human mediators are involved chances for over promotion of certain profiles to benefit any certain party is present. The parties of higher status are given more preference than lower and non-influential ones.

They try to get you register by frequent phone call and other encouragements. Once you pay and get registered there are very good chances of negligence to you. Because they are now involved in making money by further registrations.

If you are not active or running to their offices frequently you don't get good results from their services.

Final suggestions

Remember the phrase "marriages are made in heaven" Though it appears funny or just a word of fantasy, it's really true and holds good for ever. So lets not be in a hurry. The partner is already fixed and there is someone already for you.

So try to give some time and patience till you find the person instead of trying to get frustrated by wasting time and money in the search for partner.

Though you opt for these matrimonial sites and marriage agencies in your search, take the help of your parents, friends and well wishers in your search for the partner. This gives you right guidance and helps in proper selection of your partner.

All the best and thanks :-)


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