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5 Horrible Truths About Men

Updated on August 15, 2015

As much as I love men and would never even imaging doing without them, the truth about men is not always pretty. Some women prefer to ignore it while others prefer to think that while any other man has his dark side, hers doesn’t and that is the reason why she has chosen him. But certain truths are ugly and it is better to know them to be prepared and avoid disappointment. After all, knowledge is power; if you know the truth about men you might even be able to work those ugly traits to your advantage. But I will show you that another day. Today I am just going to open your eyes to the 5 most horrible truths about men that every woman should know about.

1.- Men use women for sex

2.- When a man says "I'm Not Ready For A Relationship", he really means "I am not ready for a relationship with you!"

3.- Men judge you based on your physical attributes

4.- Men Cheat on Women They Love

5.- Men do not have a natural inclination to get married

If you are a man reading this, please bear with me and take the time to answer the questions for each of my truths.  I would like to know if you support my view or if you reject it with your answers to my questions.  If you have the time, leave a comment explaining why these 5 basic truths do apply or do NOT apply to you.  In any event, rest reassured that we women love you and are willing to overlook any flows if you show that you are worth it. 

For men only:

Have you ever used a women ONLY for sex?

See results

1.- Men Use Women For Sex

It is not a secret that men can have sex with women for whom they have no feelings for. Men do not like to go without sex, and if they are in need for it they will take any available women willing to satisfy their sexual desires. Unlike women who most of the time link sex to love, men make love to women for different reasons like merely to satisfy a physical need, or because they feel lonely or even just to satisfy their ego.

Most men know at the start of a relationship what type of relationship they are going to have with that woman. Very rarely a torrid sexual relationship without attachments turns into a love story.

If you ever have the impression that a man is just using you for sex, probably you are right. If a man loves you, even if he doesn’t put it in words, he will find ways to show you that he cares about you and you are important for him. So if you feel merely like a sexual object it is probably time to abandon the relationship; unless of course, you are also looking only for a sexual adventure and nothing else.

Every Man Sees You Naked: An Insider's Guide to How Men Think
Every Man Sees You Naked: An Insider's Guide to How Men Think
Shameless in its honesty and lacking any pretext of political correctness

For men only:

Have you ever said to a woman "I am not ready for a relationship" when you really meant "not ready for a relationship with you"?

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2.- When A Man Says "I'm Not ready For A Relationship", He Really Means "I Am Not Ready For A Relationship WITH YOU !"

Believe me, a man knows almost from the first date if the woman he is going out with is going to be just a girlfriend or if she has the potential to become one day his wife. When a man tells you that he is not ready to engage, he is just gaining time. It is not that he will change his mind later –that is rarely the case- it is just that he realizes that you are becoming serious and he needs an escape plan but he does not want to hurt you saying that.

Men –consciously or not- catalogue their relationships into serious and not serious. This of course doesn’t mean that he won’t have a non serious relationship. A man can have a long term relationship only for the comfort of the company and sex even if he knows that the relationship has no future because SHE is not her ideal girl. But he will keep the relationship going until he finds a “better match”.

3.- Men Judge You Based On Your Physical Attributes

It doesn’t matter how much a man says that the first thing he notices is your personality, it is not. Let’s face it; before he notices your personality traits, he notices your body and face. Even if you don’t want to, it is the first thing one notices about someone else. Men are particularly good at this. If you don’t make a good first impression on him, forget it; there is not much chance that he will notice any other of your attributes.

Don’t despair here, this doesn’t mean that you are not pretty or sexy. It just means that you don’t fit his criteria of beauty. To get the man you want you don’t need to be a supermodel, it is just sufficient to attract his attention towards you.

Come on guys, be honest

The first thing you notice about a woman is:

See results

For men only

Have you ever cheated on a woman you love?

See results

4.- Men Cheat On Women They Love

I am not saying here that ALL men cheat, but most men at least think about it for only one reason: sexual variety. Of course there are many other reasons why men cheat on the women they love, but here I am concentrating only in good and healthy relationships where there are not any other problems and the man is in love with his partner.

Cheating does not mean that he does not love you anymore, it is only a way to satisfy his desire for sexual variety. Even when men are going out with their “perfect partner” and have a satisfying relationship they have a natural tendency to fantasise about other women and unfortunately some men take their fantasies to real acts.

It is difficult to accept that a man who loves you is after other women, but unfortunately that is the way it works for many men. You only need to open the gossip magazines to see how men who go out with gorgeous women are found out cheating with other women less attractive or at least physically different to the one they are currently going out with. The answer is the need for variety.

5.- Men Do Not Have A Natural Inclination To Get Married

A man is always very nervous at the idea of engaging for life with someone else. The idea of losing their freedom to become responsible for a home and family is not very attractive for most men. Most men get married not because they feel the need to engage, but because it is a social norm although biologically they are inclined to the opposite. They know that women need marriage to feel loved and secure. They know that if they do not marry her they might lose her, because women are socially and biologically conditioned towards marriage. He know that she is expecting that from him, so he proposes.


I hope knowing these horrible truths about men do not put you off them.  On the contrary I am warning you so you are not deceived or disappointed.  Men are highly sexual creatures and if you understand them there is no need to say that “men are from Mars and women are from Venus”.  Knowing your men gives you the power to enjoy your relationships with them. 

Enjoy them!


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