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A Perfect Meal

Updated on June 2, 2011
Filet Mignon
Filet Mignon
Baked Alaska
Baked Alaska

For my perfect meal, first I would have two glasses of beer to heighten my appetite.

Sitting to the table, I would have a liqueur, to awaken my taste buds. My personal favorite would be a Baileys Irish Cream.

So to the first course. I would have Caviar, perhaps a Beluga or Ossetra, served with wafer thin toast.

To accompany the main course I would have a nice bottle of wine. I like a German Liebfraumilch [Beloved Lady’s Milk]. My preference being “Blue Nun”.

The main course would be: a medium rare Filet Mignon. This is a nice tender thick fillet steak with Pate and a rasher of Bacon pinned around it by a toothpick. A knob of Garlic Butter melting atop it. With this would be served small new potatoes, baby carrots and garden peas, all covered with melted butter and coated with mint sauce.

To go with the dessert I would have a glass of fortified wine. I prefer Madeira to Port.

The desert would be a delicate and freshly made “Baked Alaska”. This is Ice Cream surrounded by Meringue on cake.

After this, to have along with a cup of coffee, I would have wafer biscuits and an assortment of Cheese. French Brie, a mild English Cheddar, Dutch Edam, Austrian Smoked White and a Greek Feta [Goats milk cheese].

I would slowly drink the coffee and sample the cheese, giving myself time to reflect upon the perfect meal.


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    • GracieLake profile image

      GracieLake 6 years ago from Arizona

      Life is too short not to enjoy it with a good meal.

    • marcos47 profile image

      marcos47 6 years ago

      Too bad I'm on a diet!

    • travel_man1971 profile image

      Ireno Alcala 6 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      Wow, what a sweet delight! This Baked Alaska! Can't wait to have it! Thanks for sharing!!!