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Advice On Different Ways To Dump Someone

Updated on April 19, 2014

The Different Ways To Dump Someone

There are a lot of ways to end a relationship. This Hub is going to cover some of those ways, as well as give you some simple advice on dumping your partner in these ways. Some of the ways that will be discussed are as followed:

  • Just stop talking to your partner
  • Doing it over the phone
  • Via text messaging
  • Having a friend do it
  • Doing it over Facebook

Continue reading this Hub, as it will go into more details about the above ways to go about dumping someone.

Just Stop Talking To The Person

One of the easiest ways to dump someone is to just stop talking to them. However, this way of dumping someone should really only be used on someone you have only been dating for a very short time, maybe for about a week or two, but it is still probably morally better to dump them in person or at least via the phone. However, if you have no problem using this method, then by all means go right ahead and simply stop talking to the person you want to dump.

Do It Over The Phone

Being dumped over the phone is acceptable in most cases, unless of course you actually live with your partner. You could still call your partner up on the phone if you live with them, and then inform them that you no longer want to be with them, but this is kind of on the mean side and may even be considered disrespectful. However, if you do not love with your partner, then you should call them up on the phone and keep the conversation short and blunt. In other words, the conversation should pretty much go in this order:

  1. Call your partner
  2. Inform your partner you do not want to be together
  3. Give your reason
  4. End the conversation

As you can see you do not give them the opportunity to say anything to you, and this is what you want because the chances are they will be very upset and try to convince you to stay with them. Tell your partner they can say what they want to you sometime in the near future when things/tensions have cooled down a bit.

Text Message

Dumping someone via text messaging is a tad immature, but nonetheless it is a way to dump a partner. You probably should not dump a partner via text if you have been in a serious relationship with them. If it is someone you have only dated for a few weeks, then dumping via text message may be acceptable. As a rule of thumb you should keep "dumping" text messages short and to the point, and you will want to avoid any arguing over texting. Also, it may very well be a wise idea to avoid any phone calls you might get right after you have dumped the person via text messaging. A good outline for dumping someone via text is as follows:

  • Send a text informing partner why you are texting
  • Let them know it is officially over (the relationship)
  • Tell them not to call you until a few days have gone by

As mentioned before, you should not use this method if you have been involved in a serious relationship with your partner, but the choice is ultimately yours.

Question About Dumping Someone

Is There really a wrong way and a right way to dump someone

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Have A Friend Do It For You

Having a friend dump your partner for you may be the ultimate way to dump someone in an immature fashion, but there are some cases in which this is perfectly acceptable. If you are involved with a partner who is cruel towards you, such as controlling or abusive, then having a friend dump them on your behalf is just fine.

Even if you are in what seems to be a great relationship, you can still have a friend dump your partner, but this is not a very respectful way to do it. If you do decide to have a friend dump your partner on your behalf, then instruct your friend to do it in a polite and respectful manner, as you do not want to add insult to injury.

Dumping via Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social networking site out there, and it seems that every single time most people get into a relationship, they just have to change their status from single to in a relationship on Facebook. This also brings about an easy way to dump someone. If you are prepared to dump your partner, and you are sure that you do not want to be with them anymore, then you can simply change your relationship status from in a relationship to single, and your partner will surely notice this.

Is this the most mature way to end a relationship? No, it actually isn't, and it is one of the most immature ways to end a relationship with a partner.

Breakup Method Guideline Based On Duration Of The Relationship

1-12 Weeks
Not really a serious relationship
Breaking up via most methods is acceptable
3-9 Months
Somewhat a serious relationship
Breaking up via phone is considered acceptable
9+ months
Most likely committed
Break up in person is probably the best breakup method
This is just a simple guideline that you can use at your own sole discretion and risk.

Advice On Breaking Up With Someone You Have No Feelings For But Respect

If you get along with your partner and everything seems to be going just fine, but you are certain you do not love them, but you respect them, then the best way to dump your partner is to do it in person. You may not be able to do it in person due to your personal circumstances, and if that is the case, then you should at least do it over the phone, but in a very respectful manner. You should let your partner know that you wanted to break things off in person, but could not, and let them know why you are doing what you are doing.

Advice On Breaking Up With Someone You Still Love

You may love the person you are with, but your situation or future situation may cause you to want to end things with them. For example, you may have to move without your partner due to work or schooling. If you love the person you are with, but you are certain that you cannot be in a relationship with them, then you must let them know. If you truly care about your partner, then you should dump them face-to-face, as doing it any other way may be taken as a sign of disrespect, or your partner will think that you never even cared about the relationship, nor them.

Short Video On How To Dump Someone

Advice On Breaking Up With Someone You Simply Cannot Stand

Are you with a person you really cannot stand, because if you are, then there really is no wrong way to go about breaking up with them. Do it via text, email, Facebook or just simply stop talking to them. All of these ways may very well be immature ways to breakup with someone, but they are all acceptable ways to do it when you just cannot stand the person you are with.


Breaking up is usually never easy to do, and regardless of the method you choose to go with, the chances are it will be tough for you and even tougher for the person you are breaking things off with. The best thing to do is to think about why you want to breakup with your partner, and let your partner know how you are feeling, but the way you go about it is completely up to you.


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