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Assess Your Love Relationship - The Self Assessment of Your Love Life

Updated on March 31, 2011

How do you assess your love life?

Yes! You can. It entirely depends upon how you take your relationship.

If you're thinking I am going to write down a formula or ask you to fill out a form including the name & date of birth of you and your spouse that comes back with a page with some random stats that says 'Congratulations! Your love compatibility is 95%', the answer is No.

I may be unable to give you a formula to self assess your love relationship but that's not completely true. After reading this hub, you'll be able to realize many things about what you actually need to know.

Once again! This hub has nothing to do with anyone's personal issues. This is just a normal hub like thousands of others describing my thoughts and opinions about a particular topic. I am writing it just to help you wisely invest your 5 minutes from the infinite time that you have already wasted trying to find a solution for your love relationship issues.

The Love Initiative


Your Gender Doesn't Matter - Anyone can take the initiative

In fact, both should. When a relationship fails, it doesn't fail because of a single person except for few rare cases (but most of the times it doesn't) To maintain one, mutual understanding is the key to a successful, long, and healthy relationship.

Yeah! Yeah! I know that. I know you must have heard it more than your mom's call for supper or perhaps read it more than any religious scripture in your lifetime. The point is, the sentence has a deeper meaning that doesn't just require your confirmation of its literal meaning but applying it practically in your life. Mutual understanding is not just a two word phrase but it defines your relationship with your partner. Mutual relationship means everything.

e.g. Most of the times, one of them say the girl starts complaining about let's say 'Less Attention' It could be anything. It could be reduced phone calls, text, letters, anything.

Now, when we try to understand it through her perspective, she could be right as she has been observing lesser attention from her partner lately (Of course! According to her phone calls, text, letters etc are the only ways of attention)

On the other hand, guys let's say a good, caring guy notices the loss and his incapability to cope up as he used to before. Friends; THIS IS ABSOLUTELY NORMAL (Not if he's checking out some other girls but we already said good, caring guy so....)

You cannot expect someone to be the same in every aspect of life. He has been lacking but doesn't mean he doesn't love you or neglecting you by will. On the other hand, guys must also understand that a woman's heart maybe as deep as an ocean and strong as a mountain, but she will always have some sort of uncertainty when you start acting like that.

For women, relationships are molded in a furnace containing the mixture of molten trust and the supply of continuous love from her partner. The amalgamated form of which strengthens & fuels the relationship to go on from her side and if you're lucky enough to find a woman sensible enough, she can bring you on track as well.

Oh! I almost forgot - The assessment

Let's take a glance where we started this topic. Of course you can assess your love relationship.

Girls - Give some space to your partner. Delay in response (other than your anniversaries or birthdays) doesn't really mean that he is taking less interest in you. You maintain efforts from your side. If you sense the need to talk about it, a practical talk like your efforts towards him etc could be useful.

Guys - BE HONEST! Sincerity towards your partner is the only way you'll never lag in a relationship. Take time to think about her likes, dislikes, give her surprises.

At the end, only you can decide whether a person is correct for you or not. Whether you can maintain a long term/distance relationship; whether you have a mutual understanding for each other. Pages & hubs like these to some extent can only make you realize the things surrounding your love life. Don't take decisions merely on random information that you happen to come across from here & there.....

Good Luck!

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    • profile image

      Dhanya  6 years ago

      i kinda like the way u wrote what was already know yet ignored ..


    • ItsThatSimple profile image

      ItsThatSimple 7 years ago from Florida

      This is some of the best advice I've come across for relationships on hubspot. It is ok to take initiative to improve your relationship whether you are a man or a woman. Don't let that hold you back from having the relationship of your dreams.

    • sharenscott profile image

      sharenscott 7 years ago from New Delhi

      Great Hub! Great Humor!