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Beach Wedding Dress Ideas

Updated on July 3, 2009

I hope you have arrived here looking for beach wedding dress ideas.

Most beach weddings are fairly informal and do not have a formal dress code. Guests are often encouraged to wear smart casual attire and even bare feet are quite usual on a warm sandy beach.

The bride will of course want a special dress but for a beach ceremony this can be informal, short or long to her taste...although a very long dress with a train is probably not practical, dragging in the sand. A traditional veil is also not a good idea as beaches tend to be quite windy. A beautiful tiara, pearl headband or simple floral wreath can replace the veil as the bride's headdress.

Of course there are exceptions to this, and a beach wedding housed in a specially built on-beach construction could still be a formal and quite traditional affair, with the bride dressed in a long white gown and the groom and groomsmen in top hat and tail-coats. The beach wedding dress code is then one of the first decisions that has to be made when planning beach weddings.

Image by edenpictures
Image by edenpictures

If you are planning a beach wedding on a tight budget then you may want to have your bridesmaids buy their own dresses and just suggest a color theme for them to stick to.

A little flower girl with bare feet and flowers in her hair will look very pretty and be sure to attract a lot of the photographers attention.

This site has many beach wedding dress ideas, both casual and formal and lots of photographs

Beach Wedding Dress

Image by tetraconz
Image by tetraconz

The groom will have to dress to fit in with the bride's attire, whether this is formal, informal or casual and the other men in the wedding party should take their lead from him.

For a casually, romantic themed beach wedding, the guests may be more relaxed and not have to adhere to a strict dress code.  Be sure to give full details in the wedding invitations so that the guests are not concerned that their attire will be inappropriate.

However relaxed or traditional your wedding theme the most important thing is that everyone should be happy and that you enjoy your once in a lifetime special day.

Image by Elika & Shannon
Image by Elika & Shannon

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Beach Wedding Dress Ideas - Your Comments

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  • profile image

    Rose 6 years ago

    Those are such perfect wedding ideas! Beautiful.

  • Alex ONeill profile image

    Alex ONeill 8 years ago from Sweden (But I'm from Colorado)

    *deep sigh* beach wedding dresses are so gorgeous

  • Jcasebmw profile image

    Jcasebmw 8 years ago

    I could just imagine heels sinking into the sand. Sandals are the way to go.

  • agrande profile image

    agrande 8 years ago from Oregon, USA

    I went to a beach wedding one time and the bride had on a dress that was way too formal. It did not work very well. Casual is definitely the best way to go.