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Beach Wedding Invitations

Updated on August 4, 2009

Many couples prefer a beach wedding because of several reasons. One is that it is less expensive. Another is that it is more romantic, and most importantly everybody will be able to relax while having fun. In addition, the beach provides a beautiful backdrop for the entire celebration. However, how do you plan a beach wedding?

One of the most important parts of planning a wedding is deciding what theme to use. Since you have already decided to go for a wedding by the beach, everything else should be adapting the said theme. This means that you need to have beach wedding invitations as well as a beach wedding reception. To help you plan such wedding, here are some tips:

Image by Iclettuce
Image by Iclettuce

·         Choose a good location. Keep in mind that beaches tend to be very windy. Pick a place where you can be protected from direct wind.

·         Choose the date wisely as well. Beach weddings are done in open areas, make sure that you do not get married during the rainy season therefore give careful consideration on your wedding date. Early morning and late afternoons are great because it is not too hot. You should also be mindful of the tides as well.

·         Look for someone to officiate your wedding in the location you have chosen. Inquire about the wedding packages offered by the venue and other services that will help you save money, time as well as efforts.

Image by Wedding Paraphernalia
Image by Wedding Paraphernalia

·         Plan a simple wedding reception by the beach. Fun activities will definitely make your wedding memorable. Plan how the area will look like. Make sure that all your guests will be comfortable.

·         Make sure that you send out the beach wedding invitations ahead of time. Indicate the theme even if you have a beach design on the invitation. This will help your guests to wear the appropriate beach attire.

Destination Wedding Invitations

If you are having a destination wedding, a classic wedding invitation may not be the best choice. A destination wedding celebrated on the beach may be the opportunity for a more creative wedding invitation.

Not buying a classic one gives you the chance to have cheap destination wedding invitations by creating them at home. Homemade invitations are not so difficult to create as it may seem.

Beach Bottle Invitation

Send your invitation like in the days of old with this incredibly unique beach bottle invitation. Right out of a classic old tale or romance and adventure this glass bottle is filled with real sand and seashells and your message is printed on beautiful paper rolled and place inside optional . The bottle is then corked and ready to be sent on its journey to all of your guests inviting them to your wedding in such a memorable way they won't be able to turn it down.

Message from the Beach Bottle Invitation

Beach Wedding Invitations - Your Comments

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  • Temperance M profile image

    Temperance M 8 years ago from Oregon

    I love beach weddings and that message in a bottle invitation is just simply awesome!

  • chandanakumarct profile image

    chandanakumarct 8 years ago from Bangalore

    Very Nice one. Interesting Invitations.

  • agrande profile image

    agrande 8 years ago from Oregon, USA

    I have attended a few beach weddings, not my own, and find them very nice. A good beach wedding invitation should have some sort of an islands theme it seems to be.