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Being in love with two different people at the same time... What does it really mean?

Updated on July 13, 2013

Common nature

Sometimes it happens... Sometimes it happens to people you know. One of the most difficult topics to talk about. And what's worse- to find the truth among the common concepts. But maybe the truth is somewhere behind them at all?

Being in love with two people is a very confusing situation, in my opinion. I, personally, have never experienced that, but was very close to people who found themselves completely lost in their feelings. And I couldn't help but wonder about the real cause, motives and circumstances that might start and affect whatever had become a basis at the first place... So let's look into that and try to find the logically right answer!

We, human beings, have always been, still are and will always be searching for love. Who knows where it's coming from- nature, the psychology of our specie or something else. But the fact remains. We need love! And being loved, of course, in return. Only super spiritually advanced ones can give love and be happy without receiving it back or demanding it, or selfishly expecting it. I, to be honest, selfishly want it back. It's my nature and I can't fight it.

And to find THE ONE, the love of your life- is a very long way. Life wants us to gain experience and even checks after every lesson if we have learned anything and are ready to have it by pushing us into the same situation (different circumstances though) over and over again. If we DO learn - we can move forward.

And along the way, we learn about meeting people, dating, friendship, friendship inside the relationships, cheating, intimacy etc...

And what happens when you fall in love with two people at the same time?

In love with two people... How to find the right solution?

In love with two people... Is it really possible?
In love with two people... Is it really possible? | Source

Analyzing the facts

When you realize that you do, a lot of questions arise in your mind: how did it happen? Why did it happen? Why the second person came into my life? Does it mean that I should make my choice now? How can I make the right choice? Etc...

But I would ask you this: are you really IN LOVE with BOTH of them? Or it's just a strong attraction? First try to move super slow to figure that out.

Of course, the term love has a certain meaning to every single person on the planet. But all meanings are based on the higher emotional feelings... And many times love gets confused with strong sexual attraction supported by good understanding with the two you're "in love with". The conclusion here- it's hard to call it 'love'.

The truth is simple!

Another step is to try to figure out what you really want and looking for at the moment. That might definitely help or on the other hand- get you in a real trouble. I'll explain.

If you really are looking for love, for THE ONE- perhaps it's a matter of realizing who you feel more comfortable with, can make a great family and if you two belong together. It's one thing and it won't be hard to figure where you stand now and will be in future.

But if you feel the same towards both people and you want to continue seeing them simultaneously- be aware of the drama you'll be getting yourself into. The 'love' triangles have never been healthy for any of the participants. Just imagine what can happen if one of your partners find out about your other affair... And what it may cause to one of them- who really loves you... Well, I guess, we all know the outcome...

But I'm going back now to the very heart of this issue. In my own opinion, if you really think that you're in love with two people, means that YOU are not monogamous by your nature.

To some it's not a great deal, but for most of us- it is. I've always been monogamous and could never even think of loving or being attracted to more than one man at a time. I don't believe there is a great resulting of so-called 'loving two people at the same time'. I'd always been searching for real love- between ONLY two people-and after being through a lot of life lessons, eventually found it! And we both belong to the type of loving and getting the same love in return, are sure about monogamy of each other and really enjoy our ownership! maybe it seems weird, but believe me- I'm happy all day every day and know that I'm being cherished and loved as much as my beloved.

But over all, everything depends on you. You are the master of your life. Follow your heart and do what it tells you to. Or maybe you should stop and review your whole situation and your personal approach. If you are not monogamous and don't know how to change it if you want it, just wait- life may give you THE ONE that will totally change your life and others won't even exist. If it's only a strong attraction- make sure you won't get yourself in trouble or break hearts.

Other than that- GOOD LUCK!


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