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Gift Ideas for NFL Crazed Boyfriends, Dads, Guys

Updated on October 14, 2012


Christmas and Birthday gift ideas are tough especially when buying for a loved one. Whether it is your boyfriend, dad, mom, girlfriend, best friend, etc. you want to get just the right gift.

Gift ideas for any holiday season can be found anywhere. There are plenty of people out there, including me, who will give you all kinds of recommendations for the best presents ever.

How do you know if they are truly the best presents? I suppose the important thing to keep in mind is that you want to narrow the field a little bit and focus on what that special person in your life enjoys.

If your son, boyfriend, dad or just all around great guy in your life is a football crazed junkie, consider buying a NFL themed gift.

NFL Gifts Bring a Smile

The beauty of an NFL themed gift is that no matter what you buy, you are recognizing that person's Sunday afternoon passion - football. Even if the actual gift isn't what your boyfriend, dad, son, special guy, buddy, always wanted, it will still make that person smile.

Let's just say you bought that person a new toilet for Christmas. Now, I know everyone wants a new toilet for a gift, but let's just pretend for once that your special man didn't like it. Maybe he even had one already. If you had bought him an official NFL toilet, he'd be loving it, whether he needed it or not :-)

(PS....  I've yet to find that coveted pro football toilet)

NFL Football Poll

In 2012 The NFL Brought us Back a Real Gift.... Legitimate Refs... What Did you Think of The Replacement Officials?

See results

National Football League Gift Ideas Offer Variety

There are so many different 'official' NFL objects out there.  I swear if the NFL can stamp its logo on something, they'll do it.  It wouldn't surprise me if a pink bridesmaid gown somewhere out there has an NFL logo embroidered on it.  The amount of variety is endless. There is truly something for everyone.

Is Your Football Lunatic a Reader?

If your crazed football lunatic is a reader, consider the obvious and get that person a book.

Football stories are some of the most fun and engaging reads. Triumph, tragedy,sweat, tears and hilarity are all found in NFL anecdotes.

The history of the NFL is filled with some of the greatest written sports history ever.  Have you ever watched the old "NFL Moments" programs. Stories from fifty and sixty years ago still resonate as well as the stories of today's generation.

Play In The NFL Without Going Outside

Your present could bring the spirit of the National Football League right into the living room. Consider NFL video games.

What a great way to get into the game without breaking any bones (though they might get carpal tunnel from the game controls :-) We all can't just run outside and start passing the pigskin and video games make up for that.

Video games are reasonably priced gifts that are easy to hide until that special day. They are also super-easy to wrap.

I'll warn you though that you might never see the person who receives this gift again. Countless hours will be spent playing the game instead of bothering you ..... which might not always be a bad thing :-)

How About Grilling ?

Does this person like to grill outside? There is nothing like good meat cooking away on the grill.  Why not take it to the next level with official NFL grilling accessories.

Maybe a cooking/grilling apron with their favorite NFL team logo on it?

Barbecue sets are great too. Flip those burgers and turn those steaks with the Eagles, Giants, Patriots, Cowboys, Titans, Buccaneers, etc. logo on it.

Other Various Football Presents

Still not sure what to get? There are many other variations out there. Just keep looking. There are collectible cards as well as playing cards. Team history anthologies.

There are also license plate frames, keychains, wallets, pennants, tickets, gift certificates, you name it.

If you are really, really stuck for an idea, consider a good old gift certificate and let them do the shopping, free of charge.


The best part is that most of these gifts are available online so if you really want to avoid long lines and carrying lots of cash around, you can do all the football shopping right from home.

NFL Gifts Are Great For Women Too

In the old days, buying an NFL jersey for a woman meant she had to wear some bulky jersey designed for a guy wearing big pads underneath. Not any more! Womens National Football League Style can look stylish, sexy and great in all seasons. Check out my post linked below where you can find some great NFL shirts. Even if you don't see what you want, just click on any product and you'll be directed to Amazon's or Ebay's wonderful, reputable site for more great options.

Buy NFL Jerseys, Tanks, Tops and Tees for Ladies Here

Thanks again for stopping by and reading my NFL Gift ideas for Crazed Dads, Boys, etc


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