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Children Attending Child Support Enforcement Hearings

Updated on July 20, 2012

Children Attending Child Support Enforcement Hearings

Of recently I have written about our adventures seeking child support for the past 12 ½ in which we have been in court for over a 1 ½ and received a judgment but the not a penny as my son’s Father has appealed to the 4th district court of appeals. And although he asked for a stay of the judgment which was denied, he has been in contempt of court for over 6 months.

I have received a summons for which I must attend a court or be arrested. But the problem is my son is medically complicated and has Autism and requires 24 hour a day care and there is no one to provide it but me. While my son’s Father has had 12 ½ years of sitting on his behind doing absolutely nothing for his child and is fighting ever having to do anything for his child.

Most courts do not allow children to sit in the court room when their parents are seeking child support nor are they allowed to be present when their parents are in contempt of court or for any child support enforcement proceeding.

It is my opinion this is a terrible mistake. I think it is more emotionally healthy for a child to see exactly who is acting in their best interest and who is not. Therefore I suggest that anyone who has to attend a child support enforcement meeting make a special request to their judge so their child can be witness to all of the legal proceedings.

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Reasons Your Child Should Attend Their Child Support Enforcement Hearing

1) I think the child will readily recognize exactly who is acting in their best interest.

2) I think both parents are more likely to come to a resolution then subject the child to financial arguments.

3) I think it refocuses what child support enforcement is suppose to be about which is the best interest of the child and not the rights of the deadbeat Dad.

4) I think it is good that the child knows there are consequences for parents who do not care for their children. I think children witnessing Child Support Enforcement might just nip the deadbeat parenting in the bud.

5) The child will see the deadbeat parent in full regale and all delusions of that parent every being a good parent will be shattered and the child will move on with their life. No sense in having the child waiting around for the deadbeat parent to suddenly become a good parent.

In Summary

While subjecting a child to the brutality of dealing with having a deadbeat parent, it is their reality. If the deadbeat parent continues to fight supporting their own child then child will see them for exactly who they are and lose all hope of every having a decent parent. I don’t expect you to agree with this hub. I actually doubt the judge will grant my son permission to witness his deadbeat Father continue to dodge his responsibly to him. I think it will be more healthily for my son to let go of any delusion he has about his Father then to hold onto the hope his Father will ever be a responsible decent person. My son wants to be a good Father so badly and I am certain he will when he is old. But I do not wish for his Father who has done absolutely nothing for his child, not even send him a birthday card, to have any place in my son’s life. My son watching his own Child Support Enforcement hearing will set my son free emotionally

from having a bad Father.


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