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5 Things She Has A Right To Know

Updated on August 31, 2009

Deal breakers. Everyone has their list, and everyone has their own opinion of what constitutes a personal right to know. Personally, I believe there are five basics bits of information every woman has the right to know from the very first date.

True, they can sometimes be difficult to ask, but I'd rather piss a man off and never see him again, than cruise through several months of a happy relationship, only to discover he forgot to mention information I consider somewhat significant.

This is not to say that there are definite right answers to these questions; but they definitely warrant a right to know.

1. Whether or not you have children.

A woman may or may not be willing to accept a man with children, but if you hide the fact that you have them, she will likely dump you the second she finds out. I dated someone for 3 months before he told me about the 7 year old daughter he spent every other weekend with. I cannot tell you how unacceptable that kind of deceit is. I probably wouldn't have cared, had he been straight about it from the start. What’s wrong with you men who do this, anyway? Are you really that ashamed of fatherhood?

2. Whether or not you have an incurable STD.

We know what these are, right? Herpes, HIV, etc. Nowadays, these are often manageable, and the right woman would probably be willing to work around them for the right man. If you lie about having them, however, you will never be considered the right man.

3. Whether or not you have a life-threatening illness.

By this I mean the kind that isn't sexually transmitted. Most women would not shy away from this, but it's best to let them know about it up front. Otherwise, you could run into problems when you start having to go to hospital and she can't possibly begin to understand why. You could save this for the second date, but it should be out in the open. Besides, if you're dating someone who wouldn't want you because of it, you probably wouldn't want her, anyway.

4. Whether or not you’re married.

Sad that I have to include this one, but there you are. The British are particularly crap at disclosing their marital status. This is largely due to their divorce laws being ludicrously stupid, essentially requiring a 2 year separation before divorce is possible. Nevertheless, I have a right to view you as married, whether you live with your wife, or in a dirty little bachelor pad in the West End. And, I have the right to refrain from dating married men if I so choose. So try to recall whether or not you're married before you ask someone out.

5. Whether or not you’ve ever hit a woman.

Admittedly, this one upsets most men when asked, but if you can’t understand why some women ask such questions, you’ve lived a sheltered life. Some men hit women, and they don’t usually start out busting Jane’s chops on date one. Therefore, I like to ask this on date one, and usually over dessert. Oh, he could lie, but the truth is usually pretty visible in the expression. If you’ve never hit a woman, just say no. If you’re offended by the question, go ahead and say so, but don’t think for one second that she doesn’t have the right to know.


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