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Dealing with Mean Girls

Updated on April 17, 2017

For anyone who has seen the movie Mean Girls you can see clearly just how mean girls can be. That movie goes inside the world of high school cliques. What about when you get out of high school? You think that it ends but sadly no matter where you go you still have to deal with mean girls. Sometimes it is on a job, other times it can come from a close friend in which that case it is called a frenemy. The worst case of a mean girl is a jealous girl who is competing with you because she is trying to steal your boyfriend or the guy that likes you.

Giving them an attitude will only make things worse. You can avoid them but there is only so much you can avoid them until you see them again. Sometimes you can't avoid them. Don't force a friendship but be nice because you are nice. Be the better person. Say "hi" and "bye" when you see them. If you were always nice to them and they are giving you an attitude or deciding they do not like you then that is their problem. Mother Theresa once said "If we judge people we have no time to love them."

For another girl to be hating on you all the time and making unnesecesssary judgements are uncalled for. It is especially pointless you have been nothing but nice to this person and tried to be their friend. If another guy is involved it could be because he is telling her the same thing that he is telling you. Girls do not get jealous with other girls for no reason. If a guy you like and he seems to like you is flirting with you and a girl is giving you dirty looks beware he could be flirting with her behind your back.

In that case I would remove myself from the equation totally. I wouldn't post sexy selfies on social media or try to get his attention. After all what is the point of having a guy's attention who wants every other girl in the world? You deserve a guy who wants you and only you. If a guy is a problem for all your girl drama then I would distance myself from both of them. It is going to be an ongoing problem and you do not need that type of stress. You need people who will bring joy to your life and not pain.

If you start getting upset thinking of them try to change your thought process. Ask yourself things like "What good is it doing getting me upset over this?" "Why do I keep thinking of them?" The truth is all that stress is not healthy. It is a known psychological fact that alot of stress causes, depression anxiety and you do not live as longer as people who are happier. So if you want to live a long and happy life the minutr you find yourself getting down thinking of these mean girls think of something else. Change your thoughts like you would change the channel if you did not like something on TV.

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You have the power to be happy. Do not let anyone bring you down. Everyone has good and bad qualaties. The people worth having in your life are the ones who overlook the bad and see the good in you and love you just the way you are.

Do things that make you happy. Find a hobby and try to always stay in joy. Never let anyone rob you from your self-esteem.

Life is too short to be unhappy. Focus on all the positive things that you have going on in your life and more positive things will happen to you.

Sometimes people leave. Things change. In a year from now you might not even know this mean girl. So put on a brave face and tell yourself that "This too shall pass." Remember the storm does not always last forever and you will always get mean people but eventually they leave and nice people enter. Life is a roller coaster and it is full of ups and downs and it is all about dealing with those downs and how to make it up again.


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    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 9 months ago

      Today "Mean Girls" would be renamed "Bullies".

      One sad thing about being young is we lack the maturity to realize our high school years are just a "blip" on the screen of our lives!

      We're so shortsighted that we believe NOW is all that matters instead of seeing this period as a {temporary phase}.

      Years from then we all look back and can't believe all the "little things" we thought were so important... who was dating who, best friends with whom, a member of this group or that group.

      I suppose it's our first introduction to the social hierarchy of society. Except for in the (real world) "cash is king'.

      If one has the money they can stay in 5 star hotels, dine in 5 star restaurants, travel (first class) around the world, live in an exclusive neighborhood and drive the car of their choice...etc

      A scrawny kid who was picked on or ignored in high school may be the next Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg launching the next Microsoft or Facebook. While the "mean girls" and "bad boys" are clamoring to get a job working for them or want access to (their) world.

      At any rate probably the best thing one can do who is suffering socially through high school is to remember it's all temporary B.S.! Once you go away to college it's an opportunity to start over again with the freedom to evolve as you choose.

      Sometimes it's our parents who kept us from being in the "in crowd" by the way they controlled us, dressed us, along with their expectations of us! There's a difference between knowing what is trendy and being "allowed" to wear what it is trendy.

      "Mean Girls" and "Bad Boys" parents tend to grant them a lot more leeway in how they dress and conduct themselves.

      In many ways they're encouraged not to be conformists.

      The fact that they're not scared to "push the envelope" especially around teachers and adults is what makes them seem "cool" to other kids their age.

      They plan the parties at someone's home whose parents are out of town, they smuggle in the alcohol and the weed, brag about having sex and act as though they're equal to the adults only they're living in a parallel universe.

      In order to be "accepted" kids on the "outside" will not tell their parents if they're being bullied or mistreated. Some believe they can be "hazed" into acceptance. Others would be embarrassed having their parents come to their rescue.

      Sadly some teenagers have committed suicide over this crap!

      They couldn't see a "light at the end of the tunnel" called graduation and adulthood. All they could see was NOW and to them that meant "forever".