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Effects of Divorce on Children

Updated on May 23, 2011

The rate of divorce is increasing day-by-day worldwide, and it affects almost all the aspects of a child’s life. If a couple is getting divorced, but have children, then they should think deeply about their decision regarding the same. They need to be aware that, though divorce will affect both the partners, but it will affect their children even more.

Divorce among parents is a very painful experience for all the children regardless of their age. It becomes unbelievable for most of the children that their parents will get separated after few days or months. Some children find it very difficult adjusting to their parents’ divorce. After divorce, the children have to lose one parent and also the entire family breaks. Divorce affects a child’s emotional, physical as well as mental health. It also has a life-altering impact on a child’s well-being, growth and development. Children are not able to perform well in academics and they keep lacking behind. They also stop taking interest in other activities.

Effect of Divorce on Child's Future

As compared to small children, adolescents feel more depressed, frustrated, isolated, and unhappy. They also become fearful about their own future. Some adolescents start looking after household chores and even bringing up their younger siblings. Some children find it very difficult adjusting with either their step mother or father. Sometimes divorce also affects the relationship of children with their own parents. Boys and girls react differently to their parents’ divorce. After divorce, girls become more emotional, unhappy, and frustrated whereas boys become more aggressive and disobedient.

Divorce widely affects a child’s future. For a child, life totally changes after the parents’ divorce. Very few children are able to cope up with their parents’ divorce but many find it the most difficult task throughout their life. So before taking a final step towards seeking divorce, think once again on your decision. Think if there is anything that you can do to save your marriage. Both of you can also take some counseling. If not about yourself, think about your children and their future.


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I want to commend you on your great recrsoue for parents and kids going through divorce. Divorce is a very difficult process to go through for everyone involved. As your website points out, helping children through a divorce is the most important aspect. Your kids will need help to get through this stage and onto the rest of their lives. Thanks for your great recrsoue.

    • anujagarwal profile imageAUTHOR

      Anuj Agarwal 

      8 years ago from Noida

      Absolutely, the family does get broken and everyone suffers due to the adverse effects of divorce.

    • anujagarwal profile imageAUTHOR

      Anuj Agarwal 

      9 years ago from Noida

      In some cases as with your friend's, it can be a better decision to get divorced. But if you look at the common problem, child does suffer after his/her parents gets divorced. It should be taken care by parents not to fight at least in front of their child and think about child's future.

    • volleyball-jumper profile image


      9 years ago

      divorce is not always the right decision. But in some cases it might be the right thing to do. There was a study ( i am sorry i cannot find it ) that says that living in a home where the parents always fight and argue is worse then living in a separated family (meaning divorced parents) i know a very close friend that was living in hell due to her parents always argueing, it is not good for a child to see that it is ok to stay in dysfuntional family setting, rather then a peaceful one. Most of the time women are a victims and they teach there sons and daughter to take the hit and stay down if they stay in an unhappy relationship. SO even though i think divorce is high, i do think it is also do to more women standing up for themselves.

      that friend of mind that was misrebale with her parents always fighting, she used to have an ulcer most through her life. When her mom left, and the tension was gone between the two parents her ulcer left as well, funny huh

      anyways nice hub it got me thinkin :)


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