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Internet Dating - How Can One find Genuine Love and Real People Online

Updated on August 29, 2012

Internet Dating - Finding your love in the Internet

Is Internet dating good? Many people are finding their love in the Internet these days. It is Valentines once more and all people from all walks of life are talking about the day of the hearts. Some who are not into relationships are dreaming they are going to find somebody before that special day and dreaming that they can find the special someone to warm their hearts and their senses too. The fact is there is nothing compared to the joy of being in love, and to be loved in return, and for a moment in time you forget everything around you, and all that matters is the feeling within you and the object of your affection. When you love, you love yourself in return because you want the feeling of it, it gives you gratification emotionally. Do you remember the feeling of the first love” fantastic isn’t it? You gotta be “in love” not because everybody needs to but because according to studies, being in love has a positive effect on health and mental well being. Then you ask yourself “Am I dead yet”? hehe.

Technology brings forth easier and faster communication and that we are able to communicate with people all over the world, places we deemed never see before are just one click away. We can talk and communicate with all people around the globe in an instant except of course for some countries which communications are not as free and it is monitored too.

Tips About Online Dating

The questions are: can we find true love in the Internet? Is it worth even joining the dating site to find your true love? Can you expect too much from it? How about in other sites like for example HubPages, in which it is defined for authors and not a love site?

First, let us talk about online dating :

Online dating services : can either be online sites which requires members to have an account and give vital information like age, gender, race, nationality/ethnic and employment -- income etc. or telephone matchmaking services. before they can search the service provider's database for other individuals using criteria they set. Most sites allow members to upload photos of themselves and browse the photos of others. Other sites offer additional services, such as web casts, online chat, telephone chat (VOIP) and message boards.

Important things to consider (just my thoughts) if you would like to find true love in the Internet:

Set your expectations:

  • Like in any endeavor in life it is always easier if you set your expectation about it, like what do you really want, are you really expecting something out of it when you start to join? Do you really want to find somebody to have a committed relationship, then hopefully marriage? In short are you expecting something from the relationship if it proceeds?
  • Some would say, we never know, "let us see", which is a valid stance since you never know really what is going to happen.

Trust issues

  • It is always been said that you need the “trust” thing. Do you think you can trust anybody looking at the screen and reading their profile plus communicating with them? Do you have any issues about trusting somebody? It always start from us, trusting ourselves first. Of course we have doubts at first, but I think, that when you join dating sites and you dont trust anybody and you always have doubts, then it may have repercussions, it is best if you set your expectations really at first.


  • Physical distance is also important, there are issues like are you willing to spend money (for phone calls, letters exchange) and travel for example? Can you keep the fire burning even you are in a long distance relationship? Are you willing to wait, for how long? Is it even possible to meet that person?


  • At best meet the person first, be with them, and enjoy the moments, know their relatives and their friends, their hobbies and who they are really in person, spending time with them and just go with the flow. There is nothing compared to the excitement of being with a person you truly enjoy their company with and having moments with them,

There are of course precautions too like:

  • Never give personal information until and unless you are certain the person you are talking to is genuine and you trust them, don’t give your personal information. There are ways to find if they are true or not, ask their address or phone number and send them a letter and then let them write to you too, but this is done after say three months of communication.
  • There are some people who trust their instinct and it is true for some while it is not for others, you know the “gut feeling” thing.


  • The thing is, in our lives, nothing is really certain so you never really know what will happen, it is just best to be cautious and be honest with yourself to know what you like and trust yourself first then learning to trust others. Like in any life, love is also a gamble, you never know if you are going to win or not. Even if you lose at times you learn the lesson and it is always best for your next partner, your ex is a dud hehe. At best you just try your best and don’t expect too much so that you don’t get hurt, protect yourself first.
  • And there is nothing certain in life who knows you might also find your true love in any dating sites or at HubPages

I have two closest Filipina friends who marry their partner after meeting them at online dating sites, and I have known others also who didn’t click and got divorced, like anything in life, love is uncertain, you just savor it at the moment and pray for it to last. And yes, we must still believe in love to last forever too, yet we must not rush just for the sake of having a loved one, As I have always said, true love waits and you gotta keep it when you find it. Are there signs of a true love, well, nobody has the correct answer for that, you just know it and only you can feel it.

Love is the sweetest thing in the world and when you feel loved and be loved in return it is worth all the risk. Love can really move the mountains, and passing through the farthest distance and if it finds it, it stays there. I truly believe it is worth the risk indeed.

Well, anybody can say this to me hehe:

"The hours I spend with you I look upon as sort of a perfumed garden, a dim twilight, and a fountain signing to and you alone make me feel that I am alive...Other men, it is said, have seen angels, but I have seen thee and thou art enough." By George Moore


"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye." By Antoine de Saint Exupery



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