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Help Me Find Good Wedding Favors

Updated on March 20, 2014

Beach Wedding Favors

Help Me Find Good Wedding Favors

Good Wedding Favors For Your Wedding

Giving out wedding favors at your wedding reception has long been an American wedding tradition. Wedding favors are used to thank family and friends for coming to your wedding and spending time with you on your special day and to thank them for being special people in your lives. A wedding favor is a little keepsake or a special treat that a wedding guest takes home as a thank-you.

When you begin your wedding favor search, your goal is to find a little keepsake with some thought put into it, a little token of appreciation, that represents your personal style, finding something your guests will keep and use and whenever they see the wedding favor, they will think back to you on your wedding day. Many couples will wrap the wedding favor and match the wrapping paper to the color scheme of the wedding, often matching to the décor of bridesmaid dresses, reception linens, and reception décor including flowers. The wedding favor chosen often depends on what a wedding couple can afford in their budget.

Wedding favors you give out at the wedding don't have to expensive. Some inexpensive popular wedding favor ideas include bottle openers, bookmarks, decorates candles, coasters, decorative favor dishes, wine corkscrew, lip balm, luggage tags, key chains, sunglasses, place card holders, tablespoons, place card holders, shot glasses, and decorated soaps.

Another popular favor to give are candy favors. You can put some put some decorative candy inside a decorative bag, tulle circle, wine glass, shot glass, or coffee mug. Examples of good candies to give include M&M's, Hershey kisses, jelly beans, or skittles. One candy that often shows up at weddings at Jordan Almonds. The Jordan Almond has a long tradition at weddings, five Jordan Almonds are served at each place setting, the five almonds represents good luck for a marriage, and each almond represents a virtue including fertility, longevity, health, wealth, and happiness.

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Where to Find Wedding Favors for Your Wedding

Wedding favors are not easy to find for a wedding if you are looking locally. If you look for favors locally, some places you might try are party type stores like Party City, you might try some of the bigger rental services stores, arts & craft stores, and gift shops. Often if you do find favors, stores just don't have enough favors in stock, but many of these stores can special order favors for you, if you find a favor you like, talk to the store manager and special order wedding favors.

Probably, your best bet for ordering wedding favors is from wedding favor companies over the internet. Many wedding favors have popped up on the internet, there are hundreds of wedding favor companies available to order over the internet. There is a tool you can use to help you check an internet company out, the tool is called . Enter the website input the web address into the search bar, click the green button to the right of the search bar. Scroll below and up pops a websites ranking. If the ranking is below 1 million, the wedding favor company is pretty reputable.

Many online national wedding favor companies can sometimes personalize many of their products, sometimes you can add picture of the wedding couple, show the name of the wedding couple, and show the date of the wedding on some of the products. Many of these companies have promotions going on, sometimes special deals are offered on some of their products. They often will provide a bulk discount on a product they offer. For many products you can negotiate even a better deal. Sometimes, a wedding favor company would rather negotiate a deal at even a lower discount than getting no deal from you. Many people don't realize you can negotiate on wedding favors even further. Get instructions on how you input the special deal, the online system sometimes won't allow the deal directly online, a special letter may be needed.

It's a good idea to deal with companies that have a customer service company number showing on their website should an issue arise, it's hard to reach a wedding favor company if you have to deal with them solely using email. If a problem happens or more products need to be ordered, you may run out of time to handle an issue.

Don't forget to order supplies to wrap and decorate your wedding favors. You can pick up decorate wrappings which could be tulle circles, fancy bags, decorative box, or decorative wrapping paper and it's a good idea to wrap your wedding favor to the color scheme of the wedding. You might add colored ribbon or string. You can find gift wrappings at party stores, bigger rental stores, arts & supply stores, and from online paper or wrapping stores.

Couple's at weddings often pretty up a table place setting, sometimes leaving a decorative favor on top of the main plate and sometimes behind to the left a little of a place setting. A big favor might be left right on the wedding guest's seat. Wedding couples might leave wedding favors near the entrance of the wedding reception facility. If the favors are near the entrance, a good idea is to leave a photo of the wedding couple with a note to thank wedding guests for coming to enjoy their special day and to take home a favor as our gift to you for coming.

Usually at wedding receptions, there is commotion and excitement with wedding guests bumping into old friends and catching up with others telling their life story. Distributing wedding favors personally to wedding guests is ill advised.

Another great place to pick up wedding favors is from online promotional companies. These companies all sorts of products such as stemware, glassware, sports bags, ceramic mugs, stationery, sport bottles, t-shirts, travel mugs, coolers, pens, baseball caps, and many other products. These companies will often work with you to put the couple's name, date of wedding, or photo of the wedding couple on the product or work with you on a design.

For your wedding guest kid generation, you might get them a kid's wedding favor. Good favors for kids could be coloring books and crayons, fun activity books, gadgets such as yoyos or Rubik's cube, card games such as Uno, colored pencils and drawing pads, color by number, tubes of play animals, reading books, magic tricks, stickers, paper dolls, play dough, small bag of water beads, mini jigsaw puzzle, kid's music CD's, and toys of the like.

Many couples enjoying creating homemade favors for their wedding guests. There are many ideas of DIY (Do It Yourself) wedding favor projects you can get off of Youtube. Some homemade kits can be used to make soaps, candles, woodworking projects such as bird houses, knitted items, or creating a spice kit, or making a pack of honeys, jellies, and jams. Some couples will create a mold of chocolate, bake cookies, or make macaroons. Bake a specialty dessert you are known for.

If you have a photo booth at your wedding, another wedding favor you might think of having is a photo booth prop. Try to leave a prop for each person that will leave everyone talking. Some photo booth favors include bridal bouquets, tiaras, pearls, all sorts of hats like a wizard's hat, a cowboy hat, a fireman's hat, a king's crown, an Arab's turban, mustaches, over sized glasses, flashy bow tie, big lolly pop, a chalkboard for a statement, an empty antique picture frame, Hawaiian leis, a chef's hat with whisk and rolling pin, anything zany that will get a good laugh.

Wedding Favors

Online Websites to Find Good Wedding Favors

Before contacting a wedding favor company you need to know what cost per person wedding favor you can afford. Start with your wedding guest head count and add 10% more favors to the guest count. Take your total wedding favor budget and subtract 10% from your budget to account for wrapping, ribbon decorating, and packaging. Take your total wedding favor budget and divide that amount by the head count amount to come up with a per person cost for a wedding favor.

A simple example, your wedding guest count is 100 people, you should add 10% to the amount of wedding guests meaning you should order 100 wedding favors. Your wedding favor budget is $500, take 10% from $500 which is $450, the $50 is for wrapping. You then take $450 and divide that amount by your head count number which is 110 and you come up with a wedding favor per person cost of around $4.09. ($4.50 divided by 110). You try to find a wedding favor that is about $4.09, remember you can sometimes get bulk discounts and you can negotiate prices down further.

There are hundreds of wedding favor companies which offer favors you can buy off the internet. First check a number of favor companies out for wedding favor ideas and once you have an idea on what favor to get, contact a few companies that offer the favor you are looking for and decide on ordering from a company that gives you the best deal.

Some good reputable online wedding favor companies are Beau-Coup, Efavormart, ExclusivelyWeddings, FashionCraft, FavorFavor, FavorWarehouse, KateAspen, MyWeddingFavors, PersonalizationMall , TopWeddingFavors, WeddingFavorites, WeddingFavors, and WeddingStar. (Add www. at the beginning and .com at the end to a search engine bar).

Another good place to find good wedding favors are at promotional product companies. Some will work with you to put your wedding couple name, the wedding couple's portrait, or date of wedding on a product. Some reputable promotion companies include 4imprint, Allinoneline, Brandcomet, DiscountMugs, EmpirePromos, Halo, Pensrus, and Pinnaclepromotions. (Add www. at the beginning and .com at the end to a search engine bar).

Many couples will also offer candy favors as candy favors. Some will offer both an item and a candy product as favors. Some reputable companies that offer candy for favors are bulkcandystore, candycrate, candywarehouse, groovycandies, jellybelly, mymms, nuts, ohnuts, oldtimecandy, wilton, and wrappedcandies. (Add www. at the beginning and .com at the end to a search engine bar).

Your wedding favors should be beautifully wrapped, enhancing the décor of a table place setting or the wedding favors could be set upon a table near the entrance of your wedding reception. It's a good idea to wrap your wedding favors to the color scheme of your wedding. If you don't find wrappings at a party stores, bigger rental stores, arts & supply stores, or gift stores such as Hallmark. You can find wrapping products online. Reputable online websites that you can buy wrapping products from are aliexpress, bagsandbowsonline, buyorganzabags, factorydirectcraft, koyalwholesale, lightinthebox, orientaltrading, papermart, simply-bags, and wrapwithus. (Add www. at the beginning and .com at the end to a search engine bar).

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Deciding on a Wedding Favor

If you are having a tough time in deciding on a wedding favor. You might get some inspirational ideas glancing over wedding favor websites. You can also stop at arts, craft, and supply stores and get some ideas from store managers. If you still need help in deciding what favors to get you might take a little quiz to help you in your decision making. The quiz is below.

What Kind of Bride Am I?

1. What Food Do You Envision Serving at Your Wedding?

a) A fabulous buffet with old time family recipes and a decorative Viennese dessert.

b) A delectable meal that fits in to a cultural or wedding theme of the wedding.

c) An elegant sit down dinner featuring 3 entrees, preceded by a cocktail hour with drinks and hors d'oeuvres.

d) A barbecue would be great for my wedding or dinner at my favorite restaurant.

2. What Type of Honeymoon Mostly Interests You?

a) The honeymoon location is not important to me, being with my honey is the important thing.

b) I always envisioned my honeymoon, traveling to romantic cities.

c) I want my honeymoon spot at a beach filled with activities and nightlife.

d) My honeymoon should be at a fabulous resort hotel, abound with many amenities.

3. How Do You Envision Planning Your Wedding?

a) I plan on getting input advise from family and friends.

b) I plan on hiring a wedding planner, to create the wedding of my dreams.

c) I plan on doing research and plan my own wedding.

d) I would like to plan my wedding using the latest gadget, plan my wedding using my iPhone, iPad, Facebook, and Twitter and create a couple's website.

4. The Day After You Got Engaged You

a) Went into hiding.

b) Got very excited, told family and friends, started looking for my wedding dress.

c) I joined a bridal boot camp, joined a health club, or started on a diet.

d) I continued on a regular routine as if nothing happened.

5. What Dishes Would You Choose for Your Bridal Registry?

a) A special set of china that reminds me of my wedding day.

b) I have nice dishes already, I don't need new ones.

c) I would like the same dishes my mother or mother in-law have, I want to keep the tradition going.

d) Three sets of dishes, everyday dishes, a formal set, and a patterned accent set to vary the look.

6. What Should Your Wedding Cake Be Like?

a) A conventional wedding cake, with butter cream icing, decorated with flower petals and a bride and groom topping.

b) A white tiered cake, the kind you would see at a royal wedding.

c) I am not picky, any wedding cake will do, how about an ice cream sundae buffet in addition.

d) I would like a wedding cake with stacked tiers and decorated with beads and fondant icing. The trim should be to our color scheme or wedding theme, the cake could be square or octagonal.

7. How Long Have You Been Thinking About Your Wedding?

a) Since I started attending many of my family and friends weddings.

b) I never really thought about my wedding.

c) I started thinking about my wedding since about the age of 5.

d) Ever since I became engaged to my fiancé.

8. How Do You Envision Your Wedding Party?

a) Having a traditional format with some bridesmaids and groomsmen would be fine.

b) My bridesmaids roles are very important, I would like to make a fashion statement, we need to come up with a neat theme and match to our color scheme.

c) I envision a wedding that is very romantic, I enjoy being the center of attention and would love to arrive in a wedding carriage.

d) All that's important, is to have a maid-of-honor and a best man.

9. I Would Like My Wedding Ceremony and Reception To Be

a) An elaborate affair, you go girl!, a day and evening with grandeur and fun filled with excitement, also having a cocktail hour featuring delectable foods and hors d'oeuvres.

b) An outdoor or beach wedding, a wedding with nature is the right one for me!

c) I would love a Disney style wedding experience, with pomp and a carriage.

d) I envision a religious or traditional wedding experience.

10. How Did You Fantasize Your Wedding When you Were a Little Girl?

a) I envisioned a lovely wedding with my family and close friends, a wedding filled with important people in my life.

b) A wedding where I am barefoot on a beach or mountain top or at a destination wedding location that is exposed to nature.

c) A wedding that is hip and stylish, everything is geared to a wedding theme or color scheme. a wedding that is extravagant with great menu entrees and with a stylish cocktail hour.

d) A wedding fit for royalty, a huge wedding attended by celebrities and dignitaries. Everyone I know is invited.

11) What Type of Wedding Dress Describes Your Style of Dress?

a) A pretty wedding dress that is simple, looks good and is you.

b) A beautiful wedding dress that matches to the mood, theme, color scheme, and location that transforms you into the beautiful bride.

c) Maybe a Victorian style of wedding dress similar to my mother's or sister's.

d) A wedding dress that is stylistic with a lot of adornments which will turn heads.

12) What Type of Music Would You Like Played at Your Wedding Reception?

a) A dance band or jazz music

b) A disc jockey, mariachi band, guitarist, or a friend to play music using a music box.

c) Oldies but goodies music, a music impersonator such as Elvis, Sinatra, or the Beatles.

d) I would like a stringed quartet, or violinist, pianist, flutist, or harpist.

After answering the quiz add up your points to come up with your score.

1. a-3, b-2, c-1, d-4 2. a-4, b-3, c-2, d-1 3. a-4, b-1, c-3, d-2 4. a-4, b-1, c-2, d-3

5. a-1, b-4, c-3, d-2 6. a-3, b-1, c-4, d-2 7. a-3, b-4, c-1, d-2 8. a-3, b-2, c-1, d-4

9. a-2, b-4, c-1, d-310. a-3, b-4, c-2, d-111. a-4, b-1, c-3, d-212. a-2, b-4, c-3, a-1

Add up your points, how many points?

What Kind of Bride Am I Score

If you ended up with 12-20 points, this means you are a "Romantic Bride". You want your wedding to be just perfect. You would love to plan your own wedding. You are the type of bride that will gather many wedding ideas and keep them in a bulging binder and cut out or rep pictures from a wedding magazine. You are very focused on your wedding day. You may let other responsibilities slide. You have been thinking of your wedding since the age of 5.

Wedding favors for "Romantic Brides" include picture frames with wedding couples somewhere on them, antique handkerchiefs, old fashioned candles, old fashioned decorated soaps, Spanish or Chinese fans, engraved wedding couple's signatures on products, designer or scented pens, or an old fashioned antique daily diary book.

A Romantic Bride might include an ice sculpture at their wedding.

If your points are from 21-29 points, this means you are a "Sophisticated Bride". You love weddings, you might consider yourself a wedding expert. You are the bride that may make a fashion statement at your wedding. You review a lot of options before making a decision and it's hard for you to make up your mind, you are a picky bride. You worry about your wedding, it has to be perfect. You might be better off, coming up with a wedding idea and then passing the torch off in wedding planning. You have a natural instinct to second guess decisions others have made, but it's best just to let things ride and sit back and enjoy your wedding.

Good wedding favors for the "Sophisticated Bride" include engraved wine or flute glasses, engraved wedding favors, perfume bottles, Mardi Gras masks and beads, sunglasses, custom tin mints, wine stopper, fancy soaps, bath cream lotion oils and gels, personalized jigsaw puzzles, bottle openers, home baked cookies, and make Italian style desserts like cannoli, cream puffs, cookies, and chocolate eclairs.

The "Sophisticated Bride" likes to include a Photo Booth at their wedding reception.

If your point total is from 30-38 points you are likely a "Traditionalist Bride". Family and tradition are very important to you. You tend to get wedding planning advice from close friends and relatives. You are more of a practical bride and will listen to others and get yourself educated. You will be open to other people's opinions. You tend to make decisions quicker than other types of brides. You are the type of bride that will bring something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.

Good wedding favors for "Traditionalist Brides" include ornaments, old time candies, create a home craft favor, offer Jordan Almond favors in tulle or wine glasses, aromatic candles, ceramic dishes, pottery dishes, make a chocolate mold or homemade truffles.

A "Traditionalist Bride" might consider having a chocolate fountain or offering a candy buffet bar or old time soda fountain at their wedding.

If you score 39-48 points you are considered a "Naturalist Bride" You tend to be a very independent thinker when it comes to weddings and tend to be a nonconformist. You might not be offended to the ritual of the wedding but you might embrace a wedding using your own twist. You are the type of person that would rather go bowling or play volleyball than attend a bridal shower. It would not bother you if your wedding is plain and simple. There is no need for an extravagant wedding, a simple backyard or beach wedding will do.

A "Naturalist Bride" wedding favors tend to be simple favors and often are favors of nature. Good wedding favors include a flower bulb, a packet of flower seeds, a potted plant, water beads, home made craft, some practical gifts like a shot glass or deck of cards, tea light candles, or old fashioned candies.

The "Naturalist Bride" might like an outdoor wedding, backyard wedding, beach wedding, and might use a wedding tent at their wedding.

So, if you have not made a decision on which wedding favors to order, you need to get your wedding favor order in 2 to 3 months before your wedding. You should have your wedding favors arrive about 3 weeks before the wedding and wrap them before 2 weeks before your wedding. Recruit family members, bridesmaids, and close friends to help you wrap your wedding favors, make a little wrapping party out of it. Serve your favorite desserts and also offer gourmet coffee, cappuccino, espresso, latte, or exotic teas.

Remember to decorate your wedding favors to help enhance the look of your wedding reception space.

Wedding Favor Packaging


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