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What a Bed & Breakfast Can Offer For Your Wedding

Updated on May 3, 2014

Bed & Breakfast and Your Wedding

Many wedding couple's don't think about using area Bed & Breakfasts for their wedding. A B&B can help in planning a wedding in a number of ways. This article reviews the ways a B&B can help.

What a Bed & Breakfast Offers

Bed and Breakfast Possibilities

In the world of weddings, Bed and Breakfasts present you with a number of possibilities. Most bed and breakfasts have anywhere from 3 to 10 rooms and are owner operated and are run by an innkeeper who stays nearby, available around the clock if anything should come up. The words to describe a bed & breakfast often they are called; quaint, charming, romantic, private, and unique. B&Bs are often found in renovated homes, older homes with character, mansions, and small hotels.

Most of the charm in B&B comes from the fact, these homes tend to be filled with family heirlooms, antiques, and often feature fine linens, bedding, and luxurious bath stock including fancy soaps, bath creams and oils, and nice sized bath towels. These little extras is what makes the B&B's often so special and inviting. Often B&B's offer a substantial savings over luxurious hotels and are quite romantic providing a special memory for out of town guests.

Bed & Breakfasts can be found by downloading wedding planning apps from the Apple Store onto your IPhone, IPad and Android mobile devices. They can be found in some wedding directories such as under the Accommodations category. They also can be found from Bed & Breakfast websites including , , and . You can find B&Bs using a search engine inputting the city you want and "bed and breakfast" or from the Yellow Pages.

Food & Wine

Bed & Breakfasts for Your Wedding

They can offer other options to your wedding plans too, they can be used by the out-of-town groom, the nights before the wedding or can be used by the wedding couple a night or two before embarking on their honeymoon. They even serve as honeymoon locations for exotic places.

Very often each room has it's own character. The rooms might be decorated to a particular hobby, to a unique theme, or each room in a b&b might be decorated in a distinct color. Even the bedding might be different, there might be a single, double, queen or kingsized bed. A bathroom might be connected to a room or might be one down the hall or a shared one down the hall.

Each city has a few B&B's geared to weddings. Some even have ceremony sites in their yard and can provide many things for your wedding day. They might offer a reception area in the home or have an area in the yard where a wedding tent can be set up. They might offer many things for your wedding day, from tables and chairs, have connections with caterers, wedding cake bakers, provide dishes, flowers, and decorations and can accommodate some of your wedding guests.

If you are on your honeymoon, be sure to let the B&B know. They might surprise you with their best suite with a steep discount. They also might decorate your bed in flowers, leave you with some chocolates, leave a little gift basket, or leave a bottle of champagne in the room. Often B&B's are equipped with saunas, hot tubs, swimming pools, or offer surrounding beautiful scenery.

Questions to Ask a B&B

If you found a B&B that does weddings ask yourself some questions? Does it have a nice atmosphere for a wedding? Does it have a nice spot for a ceremony? Does it have a large enough dining room for a wedding reception or a nice sized yard to construct a wedding tent? Does the B&B have access to amenities like for dishes, serving dishes, tables, chairs, and linens. Can it handle the amount of wedding guests you are hoping to invite? Is it available the dates surrounding your wedding? Are you comfortable with the innkeeper?

Some B&B's even know how to bake a wedding cake and will decorate the place for you and might have a wedding arch for your wedding.and have connections with other wedding vendors such as florists, photographers, dj's and wedding musicians. Some have connections with wineries, or offer a tea hour or serve hors d'oeuvres in the evening. They can host your wedding and you can party into the night because not only you have a room, there are rooms for your bridal party members too.

When asking about what a B&B has to offer, provide the innkeeper with your name, address, and your email. Sometimes you might get an ecard online or may receive a post card in the mail about any special promotions they might offer. You may be one of the early ones to hear about B&B specials. You could receive an incentive package, be informed of things going on in their neighborhood such as festivals or wine and cheese tastings and might even receive some good recipes.

You might check if the bed & breakfast is on social media on places such as Facebook and Twitter, and sign up as a fan or follow them. You might get an occasional coupon or be notified on of promo codes. You might find opportunities to get into a special drawing held by the B&B and possibly get a significant discount on a B&B room, win a free stay, or win a gift basket full of nibble type goodies or win a basket of body lotions, body creams, shower gels, and massage oils.

Men's Clothes Valet

B&B Innkeepers Make You Feel at Home

Your innkeeper host generally takes pride in running the B&B. They provide you with the rules of the house stated in a brochure. They show off their culinary talents cooking up a delicious breakfast. The host often provides their guests a history of the house and tell you about the area and give advice on what you and your guests can do and see. Often they will make arrangements for dinners, shows, and tours. They can inform you about local art galleries, museums, local wineries, amusement parks, and places for dinner. They can even tell you places to go for a nice quiet afternoon picnic in a park. Many of the more reputable B&B's offer a website that also provide details of what if offers, be sure to get a personal walk-thru of it's space and bedrooms before signing a contract!

The best bed & breakfasts get booked far in advance. If you are interested in using the B&B for a wedding, rent wedding supplies from them, or have guests stay there during the wedding period, find out how far in advance you would need to book or secure supplies. A picture of the place on the internet can be deceiving, online the place looks absolutely beautiful. You stop by the location and find the neighborhood is not so great. The place could could be in a noisy neighborhood, have projects or events going on, or you might not be too impressed with other guests that stay there. Be sure to check any B&B you are interested in to check out the place in person!


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