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Where Should The Honeymoon Be

Updated on March 23, 2014

Where Should the Honeymoon Be

How To Get Started Planning Your Honeymoon

Your honeymoon, it officially starts your marriage life together, it should be at a honeymoon location in which both partners want to go, it creates a special memory and puts romance into a couple's life that helps create a strong bond in their marriage. It's a time of special excitement, it's the beginning of a new life together and it gets the marriage off to a great start. If you can swing it, it's best to start out a marriage with an all important honeymoon.

As a couple, soon after you are engaged, you should start talking about where your honeymoon be. Often, couples aren't on the same page where there honeymoon should be. One partner envisions their honeymoon relaxing on a tropical beach, another envisions it traveling to romantic cities, another envisions going on a cruise, and another envisions it hiking or skiing. A couple should choose a honeymoon spot in which each partner envisions as their perfect honeymoon.

Before, either of you starts talking honeymoon, without influencing the other, the two of you should write down the honeymoon categories that most interests you, no cheating, write down just three honeymoon categories each.

There are thousands of honeymoon choices but basically most honeymoons fall into six categories for honeymoons. The categories are: 1) A Honeymoon at a Tropical Resort (Hotel), 2) A Honeymoon at a Beach Resort, 3) A Honeymoon at a Retreat, 4) A Honeymoon at a Romantic City Destination, 5) An All American Honeymoon Destination, and 6) A Honeymoon on a Cruise Ship.

Once the two of you have written down the three categories of honeymoon that interests you, you might want to rank order them before you start the honeymoon talk. Is there a category or two or three that the both of you wrote down. That is the category of honeymoon you should shoot for a honeymoon category you both would enjoy. Very few of us human beings can read minds, that's why you should write your honeymoon wishes down so you are choosing a honeymoon place you both would enjoy.

There are basically four routes you can go on planning your honeymoon. First you can plan your honeymoon using a travel agent, you can plan your honeymoon using the internet, or you can plan your honeymoon by downloading an app onto your iPhone, iPad, or Android device, or you can plan it the old fashioned way by calling on the phone.

Once you have an idea of the category of honeymoon that interests the both of you, it's time to do a little investigative work. First you need to come up with a honeymoon budget, how much you have to spend, you will need to pay for the hotel, the transportation, the car rental, taxi or shuttle. The second component is for your daily expenditures, how much you can spend each day of your honeymoon on an activity.

You want to get a little familiar with potential honeymoon locations, keep a note pad and pen handy keeping notes on honeymoon possibilities. You can stop by your local book store or library and look at travel magazines and maps to get ideas. You can also look at online travel websites such as lonelyplanet, frommers, fodors, travelchannel, cntraveler (Conde Nast Traveler), and tripadvisor (put a www. at the beginning and .com at the end).

For planning a honeymoon, your best bet is to use a travel agent to plan your honeymoon. First find a travel agency that specializes in the type of honeymoon you are looking for. You can find travel agencies in wedding planning apps you can download to your phone, you can find them in wedding directories under travel agents or honeymoons, you can find them using a search engine, check with family or friends in they recommend travel agents or locations or look in your local yellow pages for travel agencies.

After you have found a travel agency, you want to find a travel agent that is certified agent in the agency. A certified agent is an individual that has first hand knowledge of the honeymoon destination. They have been at the honeymoon location and can tell you first hand about the place and suggest places to go and things to do and answer most questions you have about the place.

When you talk honeymoon budget, give the travel agent a range, put your budget at the high end of the range and about 10% - 20% less on the low range. Don't use your daily expenditure range with the figure you give the agent. You want the travel agent to find the best honeymoon possible with the budget you gave them. A good travel agent shops around for the best deal they can find for their client. A good agent listens to you for the type of honeymoon you want, then they get your budget range, they tell you on a high level what they can do for you, gets your okay then shops around looking for the best deal they can find for you and effectively communicates with you what they come up with.

You want to avoid a travel agent that is not familiar with a honeymoon spot. Some agents get a honeymoon figure for you, make a reservation at the first place they find and moves onto another client. They don't spend the time looking for the best deal they can find for you. Some of these agents don't follow up with you should itinerary changes or do not follow up should foul weather be forecast for your honeymoon location. A good travel agent remains available for your beck and call and will continue communicating with you even after your honeymoon is booked.

Technology changes have allowed many couples to book their own honeymoon. A great place to start is using . Kayak looks at hundreds of travel websites and displays the best ones using the criteria you enter. You can either go to the kayak website online or you can download kayak to your mobile device and use their travel app. Kayak can book your hotel, book your air flight, and find you a car rental.

One other thing you can do, after first pulling up information using Kayak, you can contact the hotel and search for even a better deal. Some hotels keep the best rooms for themselves. The hotels often keep rooms that are fancier, with better views, or rooms by amenities to themselves, and the lesser desirable rooms online. If you get a better deal, book through the hotel if not book using kayak. Also use the concierges in the hotels for information on what are the best taxis to hail, they can order a limousine or tell you about the hotel shuttle, see if they can send a hotel brochure and area maps and ask for coupons and discounts the hotel offers. Also check the hotel websites to see if it offers promotions.

When you are searching for a hotel at a resort, another thing you can try is find a hotel that doesn't advertise. Look at Google Maps or Mapquest at a honeymoon resort you are interested in. Many hotels in a resort area are online, but sometimes hotels that are not online, who don't advertise you can get better deals at. Look around the hotel area first using Google maps and if you like what you see, contact the hotel to see if they can give you a good deal. The hotels that don't advertise as much often passes the savings onto their clients booking prices.

Once you have identified the honeymoons category the both of you are interested in, the following honeymoon locations can give you some honeymoon location ideas you might want to shoot for.

Where Should Your Honeymoon Be?

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Jade Mountain - St. Lucia

A Honeymoon at a Tropical Resort (Hotel)

This type of resort congers up being pampered, seeing beautiful sights, enjoying resort amenities, relaxing, romancing and enjoying each others company. Some couples pretty much hang at the resort all their honeymoon week, some like to hang at the pool or beach and enjoy drinking tropical drinks and others choose to partake in area activities such as play a little golf, tennis, water sports, or get a couple's spa massage or see a beautiful sunset. Some tropical resorts you might consider looking into include:

1) Jade Mountain - St. Lucia

Situated in the beautiful resort beach town of Anse Chastanet in St. Lucia is Jade Mountain, an architectural wonder designed to be in harmony with the Caribbean nature. This resort has bold architectural design with individual bridges leading to beautiful suites overlooking an infinity pool sanctuary. A wonderful spa treatment awaits you in a fantasy world as well as a few things to do such as fine dining, art galleries, biking and water activities.

2) Peninsula House - Dominican Republic

Stay at a resort hotel filled with simple luxuries. Daylight beams into every guest room, enjoy the aroma of orchids blooming from antique vases, cognacs or wine poured from crystal decanters, enjoy sleeping on the most comfortable bedding with the lightest down pillows and with with hand-stitched linens. Enjoy a scrumptious meal or play a game of chess and be surrounded by beautiful artwork.

3) Jumby Bay - Antigua

Two miles off the coast of Antigua is a luxury private resort on an enchanting 300 acre island called Jumby Bay. The resort offers the honeymoon couple ultimate seclusion. The island features three white sandy beaches, offers 3 meals daily with beverages, cocktails and house wine by the glass. The resort offers many forms of water sports, two resort hotels, tennis courts, a fitness center, croquet court, putting green, state of the art rooms and a water taxi with service from and to Antigua.

4) Nisbet Plantation Beach Club - Nevis

Nisbet Plantation has been named the best Caribbean Hotel by a number of Travel magazines. The hotel is the Caribbean's only historical Plantation Inn. The staff treats you like family. 36 cottages are situated on 30 acres of expansive lawns, gardens, and coconut palms. All the cottages are lemon-hued with white pyramid roofs sprinkled about the foliage and all the cottages have balconies or patios that face the sea. Enjoy gourmet Caribbean cuisine at one of three air-conditioned restaurants. Thursday is a poolside barbecue night featuring live music. Arrive by boat from the sister island of St. Kitts

5) The Fairmont Cateau - Lake Louise, Canada

The Fairmount Hotel and the surrounding area is one of the most photographed landscape areas in all of Canada. Located in the Banff National Park, these is so many things to do around this impressive hotel. In the winter go skiing, ice skating, snowmobiling, heli-tours, or ride on a horse drawn sleigh. In the summer or spring enjoy fishing, hiking, horse back riding, go mountain biking, or go canoeing, or rafting.

6) Amankila Resort - Bali, Indonesia

Mount Agung provides the Amankila Resort with a dramatic backdrop for a beautiful seaside resort which overlooks the Lomook Strait. The hills are adorned with spacious stilted villas offering sensational views from their hillside perches. Guests get around by using raised walkways and can relax at the beach club's three-tiered pool. Enjoy the dramatic scenery with tall palm trees and tropical flora. The chef discusses with you, food and wine options. The town is noted for it's beautiful wood carvings.

7) Caneel Bay - St. Johns, Virgin Islands

Situated on an 170 acre peninsula, Caneel Bay is a breathtaking destination on St. Johns in the U.S. Virgin Islands. This Caribbean hideaway is accessible only by boat or ferry and it's seven picturesque beaches are widely considered to be the best in the world. Enjoy abundant wildlife including turtles and dolphins. Enjoy snorkeling or scuba of the colorful coral reef. Enjoy fine dining at Sugar Cane Ruins or at The Equator Restaurant or enjoy a romantic beach dinner.

8) Anatara Phuket Layan Resort & Spa - Phuket, Thailand

This newly opened resort is a beautiful tropical sanctuary overlooking a tranquil bay on Phuket's western coast. The resort opens onto a private stretch of beach with soft white sand surrounded by turquoise waters. Enjoy thrilling and relaxing water sports, enjoy natural and cultural wonders, enjoy Anatara's spa journey, magical sunsets, and wine dining experiences.

9) Grand Hotel Timeo - Taormina Messina, Italy

This historic grand hotel has long been considered Italy's grandest, is perched high in the sun-drenched hills above the strait of Messina. It is a villa style hotel with sweeping visions of snow-capped mount Etna, the Greek theatre, and the bay of Naxos. Explore the ancient streets where craftsmen and artisans breathe life into the interior with silk curtains, spectacular marble baths, and baroque style antiques, the best panorama is best viewed from the literary terrace with chilled Italian cocktails. Get a body scrub and sensual massage and dine al fresco enjoying the culinary delights of the area.

10) Kauai's Marriott Resort & Beach Club - Kauai, Hawaii

This resort hotel is an idyllic Hawaiian location which finds itself bear rain forests, misting waterfalls, and lava sand beaches. This resort recently went under renovations, designed to the style of a royal type Hawaiian resort. This breathtaking resort stretches along the scenic Kala Paui beach. This resort has outstanding amenities in which you can swim, snorkel, or sail in gentle waters. The 5 restaurants offer Japanese, seafood, pacific rim, and Italian style food.


Honeymoon at a Beach Resort

If you love the beach, this honeymoon category is just the one for you. If you ever desired to go scuba diving, you are your honey might consider taking scuba lessons and be licensed in time for your honeymoon. As for water sports there is may things you can do on your beach honeymoon. Besides scuba diving you can go sailing, surfing, wind surfing, swimming, water skiing, jet skiing, para sailing, kayaking, canoeing or just hang on the beach and play beach volleyball or relax spend some time in the sun and some in the shade and read using your Kindle.

1) Seychelles

Is considered by many as having one of the most beautiful beached in the world. It has a magical scattering of 155 islands and is located in the Indian Ocean and is equipped with pristine white sand. Enjoy jungle jaunts, lazy days on empty beaches scented with frangipan and cinnamon trees, the goal of the honeymoon is to spot the paradise bird. Enjoy sailing, diving, and fishing. Take a jaunt into the island capitol city of Victoria and enjoy local cuisine and the work of island craftsmen.

2) Maldives

It's beaches are world reknown, the Maldives beaches are considered one of the most beautiful in the world, all it's beaches have picturesque perfection consisting of 26 double chained atolls. On the island almost every single beach room looks straight out overlooking an exquisite shoreline. The Maldives is noted for it's perfect white sands, crystal clear sea, and noted for their rich cultural heritage.

3) Bora Bora

Imagine relaxing at a beach with glimmering turquoise lagoon water as far as the peripheral eye can see. Stay at villas right along the lagoon. Bora Bora is just 18 miles long, on a sliver of land but what a sliver of land. Guests can snorkel and swim at Matira Point, hunt for the perfect black pearls, look at tropical fish or rest from the sun under a palm tree. The island primarily has Polynesian cuisine but has a little American influence, often they will have an American styled barbecue and drink Bloody Marys. Try snorkeling, paddle boards, pedalos, wind surfing, jet skiing, and scuba diving.

4) Mexico

Mexico boasts an over abundance of excellent beaches both on the Pacific and the Mexican gulf. Enjoy Mexican cuisine and drink their very famous tequilas. Every beach has it's own personality, many of which the jet set love to go. Which beach will it be! There's Tulum, Puerto Vallarta, Playa del Carmen, Cancun, Acapulco, Mazatlan, Cabo San Lucas, Cozumel, and Mayan Riviera. Enjoy fabulous hotels, restaurants, and nightclubs near most of their beaches.

5) Hawaii

The Hawaiian islands features some of the most varied beach landscapes in the world. Enjoy it's sparse turquoise waters and picturesque waters. There are many sights to see such as volcanoes, rain forests, breath taking waterfalls, and Hawaiian ranches. Enjoy island activities such as surfing, sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, outrigger canoeing, or on land go horseback riding.

6) Fiji

The Fiji Islands in the South Pacific are renowned the world over for it's white sands, clear water, stunning beaches and the island is surrounded by coral reefs. The best beaches to go are Love Beach on Turtle Island and Liku Beach with it's amazing lagoon and impressive coral gardens. There are 36 amazing beaches to investigate is a beach bum's nirvana with palm fringed beaches, fish packed reefs and a place full of beautiful sunsets.

7) Nevis

The island of Nevis and sister island of St. Kitts have plenty of gorgeous beaches to explore. Many of the beaches are near well known resorts including Pinneys Beach, Nisbet Beach, Newcastle Beach and Oualie Beach. The best kept secret though, many of the best beaches are little known and therefore very private, quiet, and pristine. The beaches have two sand colors which are white and black, one from erosion and the other from volcanic rock.

8) St. Lucia

St. Lucia is a 238 square mile island, 14 miles wide and 27 miles long featuring rain forests in the interior and it's known for it's twin peaks of Gros Piton and Petit Pinon on the southwest coast and Mount Gimie, the highest peak located in the central mountain range. The beaches on the west side of the island feature beautiful tranquil waters of the Caribbean sea and favor swimming and water sports. Reduit, the most popular beach on the island features five miles of white sand on Rodney Bay. The Eastern side of St. Lucia borders the waters of the Atlantic ocean are scenic to cover by horseback or jeep but not that great for swimming from the turbulent waters.

9) Anguilla

There are 35 Anguilla beaches and every Anguilla beach is a prize-winner each in it's own way. One of the best beaches in the world is Shoal Bay East featuring a 2-mile strand of perfect white sand. Some other popular beaches include Sandy Ground, Barnes Bay, Meads Bay and Little Bay. The water is often transparent filled with crayola colored tropical fish. The island is great for beach and fishing enthusiasts. The island has some good eateries too, fish sandwiches for lunch and grilled lobster for dinner and while on your honeymoon enjoy the icy rum drinks the island has to offer.

10) Antigua

Antigua is an island that has 365 beaches, one beach for every day of the year. Some of the best beaches include Long Bay Beach, Jolly Beach, Pigeon Point, and Half Moon Bay. A spirited tour of the Antigua distillery is a must for a side tour. Things you can do on the beach, you can go kite surfing at Jabberwock Beach, and can get target practice at Reservoir Range in which archery and air pistols are a fun way to work out. Around the island enjoy art, culture, and fine dining.

The Grove Park Inn & Resort - Ashville, NC

A Honeymoon at a Retreat

This category of honeymoon is going away and try something new, a place to relax, get a treatment at a spa or go on an adventure. You might either find a blissful place that is the middle of nowhere that is surrounded by beautiful scenery or spend a honeymoon seeking adventure. You might consider the Rocky Mountains, Appalachian Mountains, travel to a Cape off of Massachusetts, stay in a cabin in the middle of a forest or go meandering down a beautiful river. Do a hobby the two of you enjoy, go camping, go fishing, do bird watching, stroll through a town that's noted for antiques, go skiing, stay at a wonderful bed & breakfast, see the sunset at a mountaintop or at a beach, go visit a National Park. Here are some places you might try.

1) Grove Park Inn - Ashville, North Carolina

Located, high atop a hill overlooking a vibrant city teeming with culture and things to do is the Grove Park Inn, one of the South's best loved resorts. The property was built back in 1913 out of stone, the stone structure uniquely majestic, inside you will find one of the largest selections of art and crafts in the world. The lobby which is called the Great Hall is designed with mission styled chairs, tables, couches, chandeliers, and other beautifully designed pieces of the era. Enjoy the delectable food at the inn and downtown. Capture the view, and tour the city and visit nearby the Biltmore Estate, the largest home in the United States.

2) Sundance Resort - Sundance, Utah

The Sundance Institute is noted for the spectacular snow skiing it can provide to you. The surrounding area provides stunning natural scenery and the resort has become an arts community and a recreational resort. Besides skiing enjoy snow boarding, cross county skiing, mountain biking, theater,and fine dining. It's a community in which the people appreciate natural beauty who feel a sense of responsibility to preserve it.

3) Aman Resorts - Canyon Point, Utah

Amangiri which means peaceful mountain is located in southern Utah close to the border of Arizona. The resort features spectacular vies toward the Grand Staircase National Monument. The resort is built around a central swimming pool which is surrounded by breathtaking views, blended in with deep towering plateaus and deep canyons. The Aman Spa provides a floatation therapy pavilion which includes, a cold plunge and step pool. The spa includes a sauna, steam room, yoga, and has a fitness center.

4) Cove Pocono Resorts - Lakeville, Pennsylvania

Noted for it's whirlpools and unique bathtubs, Cove Pocono Resorts is located in eastern Pennsylvania in the Pocono Mountains not far from the Delaware Water Gap. This place is built for the honeymooner in mind. It features nightly live entertainment, fine dining, and is noted for all sorts of getaway activities, on land go golfing, play tennis or go hiking. On the big lake of Lake Wallenpaupack enjoy beach and boating activities.

5) Enchantment Resort - Sedona, Arizona

The renovated Enchantment Resort and Spa offers an abundance of amenities offering stunning views. The centerpiece is a stunning pool with tennis courts next to it and the place is surrounded by the natural unique beauty of Arizona's red rock. The hotel provides superb accommodations, deliciously fine food, provides all sorts of spa services and the area provides scenic hiking trails all throughout the area.

6) Patriot Getaways - Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

The great Smoky Mountains are one of the top destination wedding and honeymoon locations found in the United States. One of the great resorts in the area is Patriot Getaways, which offers 300 incredible cabins with famous great pricing. The cabins feature beautiful unobstructed mountain vies, cozy fireplaces, luxurious hot tubs, swimming pools,, pool tables, and a fabulous Tv entertainment room which is like a movie theater inside your cozy cabin. Walking around surrounding Patriot Getaways are many wonderful restaurants, choosing the one to eat at will be a challenge and many dessert places too, will it be an ice cream sundae or a box of fudge.

7) Hotel Jerome Auberge Resorts - Aspen, Colorado

Hotel Jerome is nicknamed the "Crown Jewel" and is located in the heart of Aspen, Coloado. Aspen is a world renowned ski resort. The hotel first opened in 1889, and it was designed to compete with the grand hotels in Europe. The hotel was recently renovated, the guest rooms have been appointed with custom furnishings, plush bathrooms with luxurious bathrobes, the rooms featured with all sorts of amenities such as iPod docking stations, remote control plasma televisions, high speed internet access. The dining is designed to please savvy palates. The spa program reflects natural healing and incorporates local minerals and medicinal plants used by the indians.

8) Blackberry Farm - Walland, Tennessee

Blackberry farm's luxurious hotel 4,200 acre pastoral estate offers a haven for honeymooners and features feather beds, sumptuous linens, and plush robes geared to the honeymoon couple. The farm hotel sits on a hillside commanding spectacular views of the surrounding Smoky Mountains. The property includes a creamery, charcuterie (cooking of meat products), bakery and the property is used for grazing sheep. Much of the food is grown right on the farm with the meals served in a turn of the nineteenth century barn. Wine is served from a local 8,000 square foot wine cellar. The hotel is designed with art, antiques, and leather upholstery.

9) Calistoga Ranch - Napa Valley, California

Calistoga Ranch is a beautiful resort tucked away in the heart of a private canyon in the heart of wine country. The resort is situated on a 157 acre site noted by it's ancient oak, rock-hewn stream, private lake, and majestic hilly terrain. The resort is equipped with 50 cottages that captures the richness of food, wine and nature inherent in the area. The resort is designed with relaxation in mind and is surrounded by pristine indoor and outdoor spaces.

10) Paradise Point - San Diego, California

Paradise point is a resort surrounded by lush tropical foliage featuring secret exotic island rituals found from around the world with a tad of local San Diego influences thrown in. Pick your destination experience whether it be Bali, Fiji, Hawaii, Thailand or the Mainland experience. A place devoted to a fresh scrub, stick, and stone journey with a backdrop of an exotic treatment room, cool sea breezes, on a lush tropical oasis.

Paris, France

A Honeymoon at a Romantic City Destination

This category is for couple's whose idea of the perfect honeymoon is to visit the fabulous city's of the world. Some of these couple's will make it a point to add a new city destination come every wedding anniversary. Where will the honeymoon be, will it be Paris, Rome, Venice, Barcelona, Lisbon, Monaco, Dubai, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires or an adventure trip to an African safari. The honeymoons and anniversaries spent romancing around a beautiful city. The days spent visiting art museums, visiting historical sights, go sightseeing, do fine dining and drink good wine. Remember to bring your camera or camcorder and remember to bring along good walking shoes and area maps.

1) Paris - France

Paris still remains the romantic city in the world. They have numerous hotels from contemporary to palatial there's La Meurice, Hotel Plaza, and Four Seasons Hotel George V. Paris. The french food is considered the best in the world, many great restaurants are found in the hotels, also great food can be found at L'astance and Maceo Barcelona. The Paris Metro makes it easy to get around and the city is litered with cafes, museums, and famous clothing stores. The things to do and see are many. Sights to see include Louvre, Notre Dame, Concirge, Jardin du Luxemborg, Eiffel Tower, Les Invalides, Arc de Triomphe, Champs Elysees, Catacombs, Sacre Coeur, and Saint Chapelle.

2) Barcelona - Spain

Barcelona is known for it's timeless elegance and it's innovative spirit. The city is known for it's vast museums, outdoor cafes, and you can enjoy it's beaches with different personalities from quiet, to Spanish to activity minded which all are on the Mediterranean Sea. There are restaurants about and types of food include catalan, tapas, mediterranean, nouvelle cuisine, fish and seafood. Recommended restaurants include Don Palillos, Moments, and Arola. Things to do and sights to see include Barcelona History Museum, Picasso Museum, the Gothic Cathedral, Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art, Parc de La Ciutedella, La Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, Casa Milla, Casa Batllo, Place de Espanya, Harbor Cable Car, Montjuic Hill, and Museu Nacional D'Art de Catalunya.

3) London - England

The city of London which is one of the world's oldest city is still a thriving metropolitis. It offers theaters, museums, and world class restaurants and stunning pastoral landscapes are but just a short drive away. Things to do and sights to see include Westminster Abbey, Piccadilly Circus, St. James Park, Green Park, Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, National Gallery, Royal Lyceum Theatre, Hyde Park, Tower Bridge and Tower of London. Some highly recommended restaurants include Hawkmoor Seven Dials, Hereford Road, Hoi Polloi, and St. John's Restaurant.

4) Hong Kong - China

Hong Kong is known as the "Gateway to China". It offers everything you can ask for in a honeymoon, it includes a mixed bag of old and the new, from traditional Eastern culture to modern western influence. Experience city life, shopping, beaches, tranquility, and romance. Great places to dine include Lot 10, Above & Beyond offers a panoramic view of Victoria Harbor, Island Tang Restaurant and the Chairman. Thins to do and places to see include Ladie's Night Market, Ocean Park, Avenue of the Stars, Symphony of Light, Macau, Disneyland, Neong Ping 360, Victoria Peak, Madame Tussauds, Star Ferry, Aberdeen, Wong Tai Sin Temple and Nathan's Road.

5) Shanghai - China

Shanghia is a city that reflects the past and the skyscraper obsessed present day. Shanghai has become a very international business oriented city and carries much western influence. Things to do and places to see include Tian'anmen Square, Forbidden City, Silk Shop, Summer Palace, Great Wall of China, Bird's Nest (Olympic Stadium), Old Yuyuan Garden, Jade Buddha Temple and Xintiandi which feature's Shanghai's nightlife. Some of the highly recommended restaurants include Ultraviolet, M on the Bund, Kota's Kitchen and Mercato.

6) Rome/Florence - Italy

Italy is said to be the honeymoon vacation spot that keeps giving. It's a country entrenched in old world tradition that is attuned to the modern world. Things to do and place to see in Rome include the Jewish Quarter, Pantheon, the Colosseum, Roman Forum, Baths of Caracalla, Circus Maximus, and at the vatican there's St. Peters and the Sistine Chapel. Nearby in Florence is the Uffizi Gallery, Palazzo Vecchio, Bargello, Brancacci Chapel. In Rome recommended restaurants include La Pergola, Cavalieri, Imago at Hotel Hassler, and Il Pagliaccio. Great restaurants in Florence include Osteria Vini e Vecchi Sapori, Brown Sugar, and Enoteca Pitti Gola e Cantina.

7) Venice - Italy

Venice is the floating city and is as romantic as a city it can get. Walk on cobblestone streets and arched bridges and enjoy it's gondolas, serenades, churches and dazzling palazzos (hotels). Things to do and places to see include Piazza di San Marco, Basilica di San Marco, Campamile di San Marco, Torre Dell' Orologio, Palazzo Ducale, The Grand Canal, Santi Giovannie e paolo, Ponte Rialto, Gallerie dell'Accademia and Santa Maria di Friari. Recommended restaurants include Osteria Boccadaor, Locandi Cipriani, abd Antiche Carampane.

8) Vienna - Austria

Vienna is called the "Charming City", it's one of the most beautiful, sophisticated, and vibrant cities in the world and it has much historical and cultural heritage that resonates old world charm. Things to do and places to see include Vienna Opera, Vienna Parliament, Vienna Museum's Stephansdom Church, Danube River Cruise, Sightseeing Tour in Bratislava including Bratislava Castle, Belvedere Palace, Vienna Prater Stern Amusement Park, Neusiedler See Cruise, Donau Park, Schloss Laxenburg Palace, See Grotte, and Donauturm Vienna Tower. Recommended restaurants include Ste Irerezik, Fabios, Glacis Biesl, and Novelli.

9) Rio de Jainero - Brazil

There are very few cities that can match the surrounding landscape of Rio de Janiero Brazil. It has mountains on one side, the ocean on the other and in between includes a patch of rain forest called the Tijuca Forest. The exotic beauty exudes drama and romance and the city is noted for Carnival the biggest carnival in the world. Just before lent the city features the Samadrome parades and balls. Things to do and sights to see include the Christ Redeemer Statue, Sugarloaf Mountain Tour, Iguazou Falls, Copacabana Beach, Copacabana Palace, Ipanema Beach, Angra Do Reis Paradise and Pestana Beach Resort. Recommended places to dine include Gero Rio, Olympic, Porcao Aterro Do Flamenco, and Satyricon.

10) Buenos Aires - Argentina

The city of Buenos Aires is nicknamed the "Paris of South America". It is one of the hottest destinations for honeymoon destinations right now. The city is tailored for romance, a city which includes the ultimate blend of sophistication and culture in a beautiful port city by the sea which stretches along the Rio de La Plata River. Things to do and places to see include Teatro Color, Museo de Bellas Artes, Museo de Arte Latino Americano de Buenos Aires, Retiro, Palermo, the Mayo Square, Estancia Ranch, Perito Moreno Glacier, Tierra de Fuego National Park and Iguazu Falls. Recommended restaurants include Casa Cruz, Sucre, Le Mistral located at the Four Season Hotel, and Chila.

Orlando Honeymoon

An All American Honeymoon Destination

In this honeymoon category, you consider yourself an all american couple, you love all american food and you love an american parade and celebrate the 4th. You want your honeymoon to be fun and exciting. Your honeymoon consists of doing something fun that is American. You might prefer visiting the resorts of Disney World, take a fun trip and gamble and see the shows of Las Vegas, or travel to a famous beach somewhere and enjoy the shore, will it be Miami Beach, South Beach, Palm Beach, Virginia Beach, Atlantic City, Martha's Vineyard Cape Cod or a beach on the California coast. You also might travel to a city that never sleeps, New York City with maybe make a stopover in Boston and Philadelphia, or see the nation's capital, Washington DC. Or, you can make the honeymoon at a southern charm city, cities such as Charleston, Savannah, Atlanta, New Orleans, Dallas, San Antonio, or Austin.

1) Orlando

Orlando is by far the number 1 destination for honeymooners around the world, it's called the "Magic City" because of all the resorts and entertainment. There are so many four and five star resort hotels to choose from several offer great deals on honeymoon packages and offer spa treatments, breakfast in bed, and gourmet dining. Recommended hotels for honeymooners include Disney's Grand Floridian, The Grand Bohemian, The Celebration Hotel, and Ritz-Carlton Grande Lakes. Things to do and places to see include the Magic Kingdom, Epcot Center, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, Universal Studios, Sea World, Island of Adventure, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and a side trip to Kennedy Center and you might hit area beaches or the Daytona International Speedway. Recommended restaurants are Chatham's Place, Nagoya Sushi, Victoria & Albert's (book far in advance at the Grand Floridian), and Cresi.

2) Las Vegas

Las Vegas is an entertainment mecca offering many casinos with many grand hotels offering honeymoon packages that offer lavish spas and there are hundreds of events to decide from including concerts, risque shows, amusement rides, rodeos, and sightseeing tours. In Vegas, you aren't too far of a side trip to see the Grand Canyon, or see a replica of the Eiffel Tower, the Pyramids of Giza, Venetian Canals, or the Trevi Fountain. Recommended hotels for honeymooners are the Bellagio, Wynn, Venetian, Encore, and Palazzo. Recommended restaurants include Raku, L'atelier de Joel Robuchon, Michael's, and Picasso.

3) Maui/Kauai, Hawaii

Why not honeymoon in paradise. Spend a few days in Maui, then a few days in Kauai. These areas are one of the most gorgeous areas found all over the world. Relax on beautiful beaches, walk through powdery sand, see volcanic mountains, feast at a Lele Luau, take the Road to Hana, stop by the Tedeschi Winery (Pineapple Wine), see lush rain forests and cascading waterfall, see a magic show dinner theater at Kupanah and eat at Mama's Fish House. Do a zipline at Piiholo Ranch, snorkel, scuba, cruise the sunset dinner cruise on the Trilogy. At Kauai take a helicopter tour, rent an ATV and tour the Kipu Ranch, or get on the Na Pali Boat to tour and snorkel. Stay at many of the resort hotels or find one of the many bed & breakfasts on the islands. Recommended restaurants in Maui include Pineapple Grill, Leilani;s and Nick's Fishmarket at the Kea Lani. Restaurants in Kauai include Voyger Grille, Kukui's, Luau Kalamaku, and Keoki's Paradise.

4) New York City

New York City is one of the world's most desired destinations and that goes for honeymooners too. There are modern, chic boutique, and old world hotels to stay, the highest recommended ones are the Plaza, the St. Regis New York, Mandarin Oriental, and the New York Palace. When you traverse the city you are best to do without a car, get around by train, plane, bus, subway, or taxi, get familiar with the city's MTA subway network. Things to do and places to see include shopping at Columbus Circle, Fifth Avenue, and Macy's. Visit Central Park, Metropolitan Museum of Art and many of over 100 museums. Get a massage at the spa at the Trump Soho. Visit the Statue of Liberty, Rockefeller Center, Madison Square Garden, Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History, Empire Building, Times Square and at the Lincoln Center see a Broadway Show, New York City Opera, New York City Ballet, New York Philharmonic, Jazz at Lincoln Center. Also take a Starlight Dinner Cruise on the Hornblower Yachts. Recommended restaurants include Locanda Verde, Balthazar Restaurant, Gramercy Tavern's One if By Land and Two if By Sea, and Daniel.

5) Charleston, South Carolina

One of the most beautiful and charming cities found in the south that is a favorite among honeymooners is the city of Charleston, South Carolina. The city is loaded with parks, art galleries, gardens, and historical attractions. The city has a lot of history and is one of the oldest cities in the United States. Choose to stay in one of the luxury hotels or stay at a bed & breakfast. Planter's Inn is a luxury boutique hotel and the Market Pavilion Hotel is Charleston's newest and luxurious hotel. Things to do and places to see include South Carolina Aquarium, Ashley River Plantation, Drayton Hall, Tour Old Exchange, Provost Dungeon, Gateway Wall, Aiken-Rhett House and take a boat to Fort Sumter. Charleston is a great city for shopping and stopping at pubs such as the Blind Tiger Pub to have a pub or wine. Recommended restaurants include McCrary's, Virginia's on King, Pearlz Oyster Bar and Fig.

6) Napa Valley, California

If you as a couple are wine aficionados your perfect honeymoon bliss may be enjoying good wine, touring wineries, relaxing in a spa styled resort, doing shopping, enjoying world class dining experiences. Also enjoy outdoor activities and maybe get in a little golf, tennis, or go bike riding. This area offers scenic towns and landscaping. Recommended hotels include Auberge du Soleil, Villagio Inn & Spa, and Napa River inn. Thins to do and places to see is each and every day stop and visit a winery and maybe one day go up in a hot air balloon. Recommended wineries include Ceja Vineyards, Frazier Winery, Swanson Vineyards, Round Pond Estate, Beaulieu Vineyards, Beringer Vineyards, and Greystone Winery. Some recommended restaurants include Bottega Restaurant and Mustard's Grill in Yountsville and the French Laundry and La-Togue Restaurant attached to the Westin Verasa Hotel in Napa.

7) Lake Tahoe, California

One of the more popular honeymoon destinations is the California side of Lake Tahoe. The crystal lake and surrounding mountains together create beautiful scenery for a romantic honeymoon. There are activities galore, like skiing in the winter and in the summer there is boating, waterskiing, swimming, hiking, biking, hang gliding, parasailing, or just plain relaxing and seeing the sights. Recommended hotels in Lake Tahoe include Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Resort, Ritz Carlton, and Resort at Squaw Creek. Recommended restaurants include Graham's Restaurant, Wolfdale's Cuisine Unique, Christy Hill and Moody's Bistro and Lounge.

8) Key West, Florida

Stay in the southern most point of Florida with it's laid back lifestyle and tolerant attitudes, the town echos a sense of isolation and individualism. Each sunset much of the island stops to see the sunset at Mallary Square, to see a sunset celebration where street performers and artisians set up and perform nightly to view Key West's famous sunset. Recommended hotels for honeymooners include Little Palm Island Resort & Spa, Hawk's Cay Resort at Duck Key, and Marquesa Hotel. Key West is full of stories, hop on the conch tour train and get a guided tour from Key West's best Storyteller, hear stories of Jimmy Buffet, Captain Tony, Mel Fisher, Ernest Hemingway, pirate tales and more. Visit museums and shop at the many craft shops and drink tropical drinks at Captain Tony's saloon and at Margaritaville Cafe on Duval Street. Some good restaurants include Seafood Grill, Latitudes, Cafe Sole, Seven Fish and Santiago's Bodega.

9) Nantucket, Massachusetts

Off the coast of Massachusetts is an idyllic island retreat called Nantucket. Take a ride from the mainland on a ferry boat, the trip takes about 40 minutes from Hyannisport and 50 minutes from Falmounth. The island is loaded with New England charm, hop off a ferry get settled into a cottage, then roam into town, there are many things you can do. Stop by a pub or a restaurant two, then sign up for a tour, there are the Nantucket Island Tours, Dinner Train Tours, or go by boat and take the Sunset Cruise, the Lighthouse Cruise, or the Wine Tasting Cruise. While on the island you can go kayaking, surfing, scuba diving, whale watching, kite boarding, yachting or enjoy beach going at Surfside Beach, Madaket Beach, or Jettie's Beach. You can also take a ferry to Martha's Vineyard. Things to do and see include visit Great Point and Brant Point Lighthouses, Nantucket Whaling Museum and Nantucket Aquarium. There is fine dining on every downtown street, good eats are at Topper's Restaurant, Galley Beach, Breeze Bum & Cafe, Dune, and Sconset Cafe.

10) Monterrey, California

Monterrey, California is one of the most beautiful coastal cities on the west coast and has become a favorite haunt of honeymooners. Driving the coastline has become a favorite sport to see the spectacular views. On the water you can go kayaking, surfing, scuba diving, whale watching, and beach going. On land honeymooners like to go golfing, play tennis, get a treatment at a spa or go shopping. Things to do and places to see include Montgomery Bay Aquarium, Cannery Row, Fisherman's Wharf, and the Waterfront of Monterrey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. Recommended hotels include Carmel Valley Ranch Resort, Post Ranch Inn, Quail Lodge, and Hyatt Carmel Highlands. Some great restaurants include Tappy's Roadhouse, Cibo, The Duck Club Grill, Passionfish and Fandango.

Freedom of the Seas - Royal Caribbean

A Honeymoon Cruise

Gang up with honeymooners and travel one of the seven seas. On a cruise the chaos and planning is behind you, you now can relax with your partner and really get intimate. You can get a spa treatment, get a massage, have champagne brunch on your balcony. During the day you can relax at the pool, drink tropical sensations, dine on fabulous gourmet meals prepared by a French culinary chef. Each day the ship stops at a beautiful port, see beautiful beaches and unique sights and buy a souvenir at a great discount. At night, there are Broadway shows, you can hit the casino, or you can dance the night away with a live band or a really good DJ.

1) Freedom of the Seas - Royal Caribbean

Freedom of the Seas covers the Western Caribbean and South America, the ship can handle 3,600 guests and includes 15 decks. The ship has recently been enhanced and added many innovations to stir one's imagination. Some features it offers, it has 4 pools including the Solarium, which is an adult only pool most of the time, it has 6 whirlpools overlooking the ocean, it offers a vitality spa and offers all sorts of fun activities such as a surf simulator. It recently opened a Cupcake Cupboard, a vintage style gourmet bakery with 30 types of cupcakes.It has a 3D movie screen and an outdoor movie screen poolside. Enjoy dining at the Chops Grille Steakhouse or Portofino Italian Restaurant or drink vintage red or white wine at the Vintages Wine Bar or tour the Britto Gallery featuring pop art.

2) Norwegian Breakaway

Based out of New York City, Norwegian Breakway is a 4000 plus passenger cruise line, traveling to Bermuda in the spring and Caribbean, Bahamas, and Florida. It is a New York themed ship, with even the New York skyline painted on it's hull. The Breakaway has New York themes scattered all about the ship from Times Square, Coney Island, Foxwoods, or Brooklyn Lager Beer. Enjoy a cannoli straight from Carlo's Bakery and workout with a Rockette's-themed exercise class. You get 29 dining options including 3 seafood restaurants, 17 bars and a number of entertainment lounges to enjoy a number of Broadway shows. Swim at the pool, get a massage, jog or play many sport activities.

3) Ruby Princess

The Ruby Princess is based out of Fort Lauderdale and stops at port in Florida, Bahamas, U.S. Virgin island, and Turks & Caicos. It can carry 3,080 passengers. It's main feature is the Times Square styled movie screen at the mid ship pool. It has gourmet style restaurants with alternative dining options. It has a Lotus spa which includes a nice sized aerobic room. It also has an outdoor jogging deck and juice bar. It offers all sorts of activities such as golf simulation with a putting course. It features four pools, sauna, and jacuzzi. It offers specialty booths and casino with private cocktail lounge for cigars and spirits.

4) Celebrity Reflection

The Celebrity Reflection cruise ship can hold up to 3,655 passengers and covers the Mediterranean and Caribbean regions, it features a reflection suite with an all glass shower that extends out from the ship and has added all sorts of spa enhancements where you can take Zumba classes. The ship has a sunset bar with a Middle Eastern Kasbah theme. It has conference rooms that can be turned into a reception area. The ship includes an art studio in which you can take art classes and has a lawn club with real glass for barbecues. You can enjoy the indoor Solarium pool, outdoor pool, reflection theater, and has a game arcade and casino. Enjoy fine dining in a number of restaurants such as Marino, Qsine, and Tuscan Grille.

5) Seabourn Quest

The Seabourn Quest is a small ship which provides personal attention to honeymooners. It travels to the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, Scandinavia, and South America. It has 225 luxury suites with sweeping ocean views with most of the rooms offering a generous size. The ship has four dining venues plus 24 hour room service, it has 6 lounges and bars plus a casino. Fine wines are poured at lunch and dinner and open bars and open bars are all about the ship. The ship offers innovative concierge lounge with coffee bar, computer classes and the ship has cell phone service. The ship has an in-sea pool, offers complimentary watersports and has a fully equipped fitness center.

6) Oceania Cruises Riviera

The Oceania Cruises Riviera carries 1258 passengers is a ship designed for country club style ambiance features 15 decks and covers the Western and Southern Caribbean route areas with it's home base in Miami and in the summer and fall covers the Mediterranean area. The ships are designed for fine dining experiences which includes 6 open seating gourmet restaurants. La Reserve offers enlightening food and fine wine pairings. Bon Appetit Culinary offers hands on cooking classes. Artists in Residence teach fine arts in the Artists Loft. There are barista's coffee bars on board and intimate lounges abound on the ship.

7) Silver Sea Spirit

The Silver Spirit is a super luxury cruise ship that really gets around. The ship carries 540 passengers and stops at many of the more popular ports in the Mediterranean, all the regions of the Caribbean and Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires in South America. The Silver Spirit offers many distinctive luxuries including a refrigerator in the cabins, bar setup with your own preference, and butler service. It also includes European bath amenities, premium mattress, your choice of pillow, fine bed linens, down duvals, spa robes, and slipper. The ship offers find dining with 6 different restaurants including Star's Supper Club (Asian), Le Champagne, Le Terrazzo (Italian) and Seisha Restaurant (Japanese). The ship has a resort style pool, four whirlpools, and with nicely size suites to handle guests plus many have private verandas.

8) Crystal Serenity

The Crystal Serenity carries 1.080 passengers, it sales around the Mediterranean and all over the world. The ship recently was refurbished, the main atrium looks like a luxury mall. It has a library where you can learn a foreign language to learning all sets of new computer skills. The furniture all around the ship and rooms have upgraded furniture. The passengers can listen to a pianist or string quartet as they see the sights. The rooms have nice luxuries, internet access, TV, DVD player, mini-bar and refrigerator, fine linens, bathrobes, slippers, and other bathroom amenities. There are two restaurants on the ship one with a bistro, grill, and sushi bar, the other features fine dining set around a covered pool. The ship also has a casino, theater and night club.

9) Disney Magic

The Disney Magic was refurbished in 2005 and holds 1754 passengers. It is a great cruise plus allows a honeymoon couple to spend some time at one of the Disney Resort Theme Parks. You set sail from Port Canaveral which is one hour east of Walt Disney World and the ship stops at Castaway Cay, Disney's own private fun filled resort. On board you get original Broadway style entertainment at the Walt Disney Theater. You can get a spa treatment, use the fitness center, or participate in fun activities such as volleyball, basketball, or table tennis. The ship has continental cuisine and distinctly themed restaurants. The rooms range from cozy private lodgings to grand and richly appointed suites all with beautiful ocean views.

10) European Waterways

On your honeymoon, take 1 or 2 of 21 river cruising vessels in an all inclusive luxury hotel barge and cruise the inland waterways of nine European countries. Places to discover include Burgundy, Canal du Mini, Alsace & Lorraine, Loire Valley, Gascony, Bordeaux, Champagne, Provence, Paris, Belgium, Germany, & Luxembourg, Holland, and Italy. Explore many great cities cruising along canals, lakes, rivers, lagoons, and lochs. Enjoy gourmet cuisine, fine wines and tour castles, chateaux, vineyards, and museums. You can also bring your bike on board to discover a few fascinating cities. The staterooms are really nicely equipped and many have a nice view of the countryside and sights going by.

Preparing For Your Honeymoon Cruise

Pick up a travel folder to keep all your travel documents and papers for your trip. You should keep in it tickets for airlines, hotel and rental car information, any brochures, travel guides, maps, passports, and Visa. Create a black book with all important contact numbers in it (Make 3 copies, 1 for carry on, 1 for check-in luggage, and 1 leave behind with a contact person). Make a copy of all important papers including front and back of driver's license.

Remember, all documents on your honeymoon will not be in the bride's married name, she will have to use her maiden name during the honeymoon. Also in the black book keep numbers and expiration dates and codes of all credit cards. Put phone numbers of important people such as family members and friends in your black book too.

Plan on making a list of all items you will need for your honeymoon. For the ladies, remember to have fresh underwear and lingerie, for the men fresh undergarments. In your carry-on bag include your most important toiletries in the event your luggage should get delayed. Carry-on your camera, film, extra batteries. If you are going to a sunny climate area, remember to bring strong SPF sunscreen, sun glasses, and a sun brimmed hat.

In your luggage bring any prescriptions and protective items. You should identify a doctor and pharmacy including their phone number and address at your honeymoon location. Your check in luggage might include tennis shoes, motion sickness pills or pads, Advil, Tylenol, cold medicine, Pepto Bismol, tums, and and over sized toiletry bag you can hang (Fill it with tooth brush, toothpaste, brush, comb, shampoo, conditioner, and Q-tips. Also pick up first aid kits, especially band-aids, sandals, insect repellent, flip flops, binoculars, iPod, Kindle, headphones, walkie-talkie, extension cords, alarm clock, air refreshers, and a couple of swim suits (1 for the beach and 1 for the pool).

If you are going to a cold climate make sure you bring along extra layers of clothes, winter gloves, sweaters, extra socks, winter sweater and jacket, ear mittens, and a woolly hat.

Make sure you develop a spending budget, subtract an emergency reserve fund. Start with a total expenditure budget by the number of days on your honeymoon. Remember to leave tips for the maid too. Find the maid's schedule at the front desk and leave a tip on the last day she is working in which you are still there.

If you should have too much luggage, and need room for souvenirs when you are traveling home, you might think of leaving clothes behind for the maid too. Maids in many resorts tend not to make much money and will be thrilled to take extra clothes left behing either for themselves or for other family members.

Check around with family members, maybe they have points that can help you in for honeymoon costs. Check if they can help you with hotel points, frequent flyer miles, auto rental, aaa, and time shares. Sometimes you can save money at an all inclusive resort, check what is included and not included, read the fine print. For example, all included means alcohol at the resort includes beer, wine, and the resorts cocktail drink, if you drink something other than the all inclusive might not be worth to sign up for. A buffet might mean you have to give up your privacy and share a table with other patrons.

Not everyone can afford, a honeymoon right after getting married. If you must delay your honeymoon plans, plan a privacy honeymoon. Hang in your bedroom and enjoy each other's company, stay off the television, computer, phone, no internet access, and don't answer the door. Spend time just for the two of you except for a candlelight dinner and be determined to go on a honeymoon as soon as you are able.

Another option, in lieu of your honeymoon, go on a short trip not very far. Stay at a bed & breakfast or in a nice but an inexpensive motel. Spend a little time together, it could be at a beach, a lake, a river, walking through a quaint town, go hiking or travel to a nice mountaintop and see a sunset. Make the week after your wedding a little special and vow to each other you will go on a real honeymoon soon!

The Wynn Resort Pool, Las Vegas


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