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Top Signs of A Cheating Spouse

Updated on July 25, 2012
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Is your relationship too good to be true? Mmmh.. Wait, there must be something wrong and you you need to be sure, whether your spouse is cheating or not.

I knew this feeling, when everything is going smooth and great in your life, and you dont want something or someone to suddenly ruin it, or are too worried to think that what you feel and what is happening is real and not a dream!

We've always heard of marriages ending or breaking up due to infidelity issues. There are lots of mistakes in a relationship which can be forgiven, but cheating is often one of those difficult to forgive.

If you are trapped in a relationship right now and you're not happy because you are starting to doubt on your partner's loyalty and are wondering if he is cheating on you, well just keep reading and we'll find out.

There are many people who are often blindsided when they find out their spouses are cheating. They think their relationship is doing good not until undeniable confirmation or a confession was confronted. Many people just ignore them because they think it's too painful to accept the possibility, but come to think of it, awareness is better than an upsetting surprise.

To help you in anyway I can, here are the few signs your spouse, boyfriend or partner is cheating on you:

Sign # 1 Your Instinct

The first indicator is none other than your intuition. You know when you have this feeling that something is just not right? Mmmhh... Though you may not find any other signs of a cheating spouse, your instinct may often be accurate unless you trust your partner on the first place. So if you suspect that your spouse is being unfaithful to you, then your instinct maybe correct.

Sign # 2 Coming home late very often

If your partner usually comes home at a specific time from work and then suddenly starting to come home late. He could be doing another business that keeps him busy and there's nothing wrong to ask him a few questions about it. If he starts to make up excuses about what took him so long to come home, then this might be a sign that you need to reassure yourself.

Sign # 3

Another clear signs that your partner is cheating is when you cannot access his computer or when he gets messages on his phone or when he erases incoming or even outgoing calls. If you try to call him on the phone and he doesn't answer, or when he tells white lies about where he was and whether who he was hanging out with. If he doesn't answer his phone when you're around or when he answers it, he will just talk soft and low so you won't be able to hear their conversation. Well If he really loves you, there will be no reason to cheat.

Sign # 4

The romance has gone or when he stops telling you how much he loves you and no longer send you flowers or a love letters in every special occassions, has stopped showing affections both in words and deeds like holding your hands, kissing or touching you and not sharing as often as before anymore. He seems emotionally distant as if he's often preoccupied.

Sign # 5

When he starts to become more conscious on his physical appearance and hairstyle then suddenly begins working out to the gym or exercising. When he begins to dress and look differently not to attract you but to someone else.

Sign # 6

A partner who is cheating often starts to pick fights. This will let your unfaithful partner to shift the blame and suddenly accuse you of being dishonest. This may also be another excuse to keep you distracted from what is really happening.

Sign # 7

Unfamiliar feminine scents from his clothes which is definitely not from his perfume.

If you have observe some of these signs, then it may mean that your partner is being untrue to you. However, you shouldn't let these signs end your once good relationship into heartbreak. Still make sure that your instinct is correct before jumping into any conclusions.

Communication is the key to any happy and successful relationship. Ensuring that couples understand absolutely what the other one expects. If you do not discuss certain issues with your spouse, in clear and brief manners it may not be fair to accuse them of being unfaithful.


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