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How to Overcome Social Fear Effectively

Updated on January 15, 2014

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Everyone of us feels shy at times, but being too timid can hinder many aspects of your life.
If you're a natural introvert, being shy may be essential to you but there are few things you can do that can make you appear a little confident. This can be a useful trick to make new friends or having your prospect date with you.
Social anxiety, social phobia or social fear can cause people to experience huge stress when it comes to interacting or meeting with other people. It may include symptoms such as shaking, sweating, palpitations, blushing, ,and dizziness. People who experience this feel so much fear that they tend to separate themselves from friends and avoiding social gatherings. If you happen to experience this, not to worry, you can take these few steps to help you overcome social fear and gain confidence in you.

Follow these guide for a confident you....

1. Relax, before you go out you must find a little time to meditate, listen to music and yoga. These are good ways to enjoy and feel free from any stress.

2. Tell your family and friends about your feelings or what you are experiencing at the moment. Sharing your fears can ease the burden that you're carrying easily and make others more conscious on how they're gonna act towards you.

3. Look more beautiful. Looking your best will make you feel more attractive and helps you gain more confidence in any social situations. Pamper yourself, do something special not for anyone but for yourself, have your friend style your hair. Or, make her comment on how you look good in that dress. Don't get disappointed when you hear her say the truth such as " you look fat in your dress" come on she's your friend, take it positively and change into something you're comfortable with or something that suits you best.

4. Be more impressive and interesting. You might have some trouble talking to others because you think you are boring and that you have nothing to say. Chances are you're proclaiming that it's true. So if you think you really are , take these steps to make you become an interesting person. Read the newspaper to help you keep updated with current events. In this way it will make conversations easier for you, because you will have something with sense to talk about.

5. Take down notes your thoughts and feelings that you encounter during social situations, then observe how rational they are. In this way it can help you be aware of how baseless your fears are and thus help you attain more positive outlook.

6. Practice more breathing exercises to help you relax when you're overpowered. Just sit straight with your one hand on your chest and the other one on your stomach, then slowly breathe in through your nose for five seconds; hold your breath for three counts and slowly breath out through your mouth for five seconds. Look for a silent spot for you to calm yourself before or during social gatherings.

7. Practice eye to eye contact and smile when interacting with others. Initiate casual conversations with people about sensible topic or current events.

8. Act with confidence. Practice behaving with full of poise in private. Hold your chin up, chest out, walk with pride and speak clearly. It may seem foolish, but trust me, you'll see great results when you go out in public with others.

9. Go out as often as necessary. Arrange your schedule to go out at least two to four times a week. Going out with your friends, lover or family helps stretch yourself with people close to you so that when you're trapped in a social situation, you know what to do and how to carry yourself with confidence.

10. The most important, think and feel positive about yourself, don't get frustrated and just have some fun. Lower your fear of being rejected, well everybody experience being unwanted so you are not alone in this. Keep in mind, the real goal is to find someone who will like and want you for who you are and not for what they want for you. So come on out, try this and you'll be surprised how far you have overcome social fear.


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