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How To Get A Girlfriend - Flirting And Dating Tips For Men

Updated on October 11, 2013

Learning how to get a girlfriend may seem impossible to you especially since girls are complicated. Let’s face it - they are from another world. The saying that men are from Mars and women are from Venus is definitely true. However, if you do want a girlfriend - there are a couple of tricks you can do when talking to girls. The first thing you need to know is how to talk to girls which is one of the topics we will cover in this article.

If you are a lonely guy who just wants the companionship of a woman, friendship would be a good start. It’s vital to make your move quickly before she has added you in the dreaded “Friend Zone” that so many guys cringe at. You don’t have to make a direct move though like asking her to be your girlfriend. By constantly flirting with her, you are giving her strong signs that you want to be with her which most women have a keen sense for.

How to talk to girls

Tongue tied or shy? Maybe you just don’t know what to say. When trying to find a girlfriend, you need to learn how to talk to girls. Learning the hard way is not so easy and being rejected can seem like it’s the end of the world but in reality - it’s not. You just need to have a positive outlook. Here are some tips on how to talk to girls in your area:

  • Break the ice during the initial meeting by asking where she is going or smile and ask about her day. Tell her you are new in the area. This will open up conversation.

  • Ask her questions that aren’t the “yes” or “no” kind. We want to avoid that awkward silence.

  • Never be flirtatious when you first meet her and don’t tell her she looks beautiful or pretty. This is just asking for trouble. Wait a few weeks for this.

  • Tell her stories about you, listen to what she has to say, and also give her something to laugh about. Laughter is the best way to get close to someone.

  • Let her know that you have to leave after the conversation and ask for her number. Just say something like “Hey, I think you’re a cool girl. Let’s swap digits” or something casual along those lines.

The key about approaching a woman is showing her that you have confidence and you are not afraid of her. Most guys will see a beautiful woman sitting across from them and think that she is an angel. Instead of thinking of her so highly, get into thought that this could be your sister or a very close female friend instead of a girlfriend. Don’t show her you’re desperate.

How to flirt with women

Flirting with women can be fun but not every guy has the talent for this. Maybe your mother taught you to be respectful towards women but this doesn’t mean you can’t flirt. Remember that flirting is not about sexual innuendos or anything like that so stay away from this. You don’t want to offend the girl you are talking with.

  • Don’t be direct with a woman you are flirting with. Being subtle and slightly cocky is a great way to get her attention.

  • Gently touch her on the arm while you are talking with her. Make sure the mood is right. The lights should be low.

  • Make sly jokes that leave her wondering instead of being over-direct. If she say’s she likes back massages, you could say “Does this mean you’re going to rub me down with oil tonight?” She will probably laugh. It beats saying “I give myself great back massages”.

  • Tease her whenever possible. Girls tend to go for guys who make fun of them. Tell her you almost mistakened her for a cat with those huge nails of hers.

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Flirt text messages to use on women

Want to send flirt text messages to the girl that you are interested in? Here are a few that you can use.

“If only I could change the alphabet - I would put U and I together”

“I might over my limit to text you, run out of jokes, or even run out of my battery.. But my head will heart will never run out of room for you.”

“You are the one who talked and texted me in the first place.. Are you on a mission to stalk me? Hey, I kind of like this!”

“I just found a bottle of Wycliff in my refrigerator. I’ll let you help me polish it off but you need to promise me that you’ll be behave.”

“Besides being sexy, what do you do for a living?”

“When I first saw you, I wondered why not all angels have wings..”

“Send me your pic so I can let Santa know what I want this Christmas”

“Craving some ice cream, topped with coconut right about now but I doubt it’ll be as sweet as you. You’re welcome to come if you like.”

All of these texts have different messages hidden in them. Some are funny, others are sweet, and there are also a few witty flirt text messages that you can use. Notice the last one we use doesn’t ask the girl directly. The only thing you really need to say is “You are invited or welcome” or something along those lines. It’s not a yes or no question where you dread rejection. Also, it shows that you have been thinking of her.

Dating tips for guys

Are you about to go on a first or second date and have no clue what to do? By sticking to these obvious tips, this will help you get through the date. If you are lucky, you might get a kiss on the cheek at the end of the night and she will want to see you again. Here are some dating tips if you want to learn how to get a girlfriend.

  • Never text right before the date unless you are confirming the time and place. This seems a bit too desperate.

  • Always take a shower right before going out. Preferably, use some gel and one spray of cologne. Don’t overdo it though.

  • Figure out what to wear by the occasion. With a park date, you can wear boots and a pair of jeans with a casual jack. As for a restaurant date, you’ll want to wear a dress shirt - something you would wear for work along with some slacks.

  • Floss and brush your teeth before going out. Use mouthwash or chew gum. You never know when she may lean in for a kiss.

  • If she asks you about your job, don’t talk about it too much. She doesn’t need to know everything and this can be a boring topic on a first or second date.

  • Stay away from politics and family talk. You don’t know her family life and you don’t know her political views. Save all that for later.

  • Let her say something. Often, men tend to talk too much and don’t let the women talk. If you notice her lips are parting, she is probably trying to say something.

  • Always opt to pay if the two of you are eating out. Once the 5th date comes around, see if she offers to pay. If not, this is a sign that she expects the man to always do this. Avoid these type of girls because they are only interested in a free meal.


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