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Is it unrequited love or fear of rejection?

Updated on September 21, 2012

Feeling frustrated in your dating life?

You know the story right? You know this person for almost six years, you have great friendship with him, he can be open to you on whatever topic you guys were talking about and just about that- you're head-to- toe madly in love with this person. But--what if the feeling isn't mutual. And what he feels for you is purely platonic and the romance that you were thinking lately for him is just in your head.

You read the signs and signals that the books were telling you. A wink that melted your knee, shared laughter that you guys enjoyed and a serious talk that you thought you understood him. Then, you associate these signs with him and boom, you thought that he feels the same way for you. But hold on, did he really feels that way to you?

Okay, what about this? Your group of friends were pushing him to you or tease you that you guys were an item. That very word, "You guys are perfect together" is screaming in your head and you like it too. But, assuming too much doesn't justify the way if the man himself makes the first move. Assuming that he likes you too doesn't guarantee that you will end up with him. You got to be careful about that because it's your heart that at stake. And your whole heart is in jeopardy.

Of course, your friends were keep on asking, what's the score? Yet, you can't tell the exact details because you cannot express your feelings toward him. And you are waiting for him to ask you formally on a date, but it didn't happen. Then, you find out one day that he likes someone else.

And how does it makes you feel? Oh yeah? First, speechless. Second, confused. Third, what? Fourth, you're faking it.

And just about that, you told him, that's a good move. Then, he asked you, "why is it a good move?"

Oh yeah, you were totally faking it. Because, you don't want to tell him that you like him or you loved him.

Then, seeing him with someone else breaks your heart into thousand pieces. You prayed too hard that God would take him out from your heart. And you decide for yourself, it's time to let go. Ha, six years? Can you really let him go?

Cowardliness is not the virtue of love. You claimed that you love him but in 1 John 4:18, "There is no fear in love. The one who fears is not made perfect in love"

How about that?

Maybe, you have much pride in you. Pride that stops you of letting it known. And you know that pride can't get you to nowhere and if you let fear conquers you, you will lost one precious gem in your life. You thought, you liked him and you understood him-- yet, you didn't let him know. And you are in the stage of letting him go. Even if, he doesn't know.

Then, you prayed for divine intervention that God would make a way. And that he will do something for you. But is it too late? You have to decide. It's now or never. Either fear of rejection or love unrequited?

There's nothing to lose right?


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