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Safety Tips for Women Travelling Alone

Updated on October 10, 2012
Travelling Alone
Travelling Alone
Be Street Wise
Be Street Wise

Women nowadays, whether for business, personal or just taking a break, who choose to travel alone faces more challenging things than women who choose to go with companion. Being on a road or to other countries alone can be quite tough and unsafe especially when their culture, traditions, people and languages are very new to you. You need a lot of adjustments, information and safety in mind in order to cope up with different environment. It is very important for a woman to know every safety precautions when travelling in order for her to have a happy, fun and safe trip.

Tips When Travelling Alone:

* Plan and Get Information

The very first thing to consider is to plan and get enough information on the place you will be visiting especially when you have no idea about the cultures, people and the language. You can check via online of some information, there are lots out there. You can ask a friend who have already gone to that place for you to gain knowledge.

* Inform Someone

Keep your friends or family informed to your whereabouts so if anything happens to you they will have the idea on where to find you. Give them every details on what you are up to on the new place you where, whether you're riding on a cab, meeting new people or when going out for dinner and of course don't forget to tell them which hotel you are staying. In this way you will feel safe and your family and friends will not worry.

* Choosing a Hotel

Check information on a specific hotel online. If they have one, then book for accommodation in advance. You surely don’t want to roam around in a very unfamiliar place finding a place to stay, nor walk in a hotel and later find out it’s already fully booked.

Always choose a place to stay near a public transportation like, buses, trains and taxis, you want to be safe when you're coming and going from the hotel or hostel, restaurants where you will be eating and police stations in case of any problem.

You can always request for a hotel room in the busier part because you don't want to be the only guest staying in a certain area of a building.

Always double lock the door, if someone knocks, remember to check the peeping hole first before opening.

* First Aid Kit

Have them with you all the time, anywhere. This kit is a very important thing whether you travel solo or not. It can be bandages, band aids, cotton, alcohol and alcohol wipes, antibiotic creams or solutions, and cleansers like peroxides. You might be going to use this in any situation that might demand first aid.

* Look confident and Do not Appear Alone

Always look confident as if you already get used to the place where you are. Never tell anyone that you travel by yourself. It's not wrong to lie when you have to otherwise you're dead. Some may ask without any motive but you want to be safe enough to trust anyone around you especially in an unfamiliar place.

* Dress appropriately

Always dress appropriately depending on the place you are going, even when going to a bar, do not look too liberated. In some places or countries, wearing short shorts can create lust in a guy's mind so be wary. Gather information about what people are wearing in a specific place. If you travel in a conservative country then dress accordingly to avoid much attention.

* Money and Mobile Matters

Money and mobile phone are the most valuable items you need to bring with you. You can also bring debit or credit cards but leave the rest. Bring a small amount of money when you are away to avoid being robbed. Always avail coins instead of bills with you. Keep your money in a safe place when you're out such as in a small bag safely strapped in front of you.

* Be Vigilant

When an instance where you have to walk a little, be vigilant, always choose to walk in the busy area and avoid walking in the dark streets. Do not wear expensive jewelries, this might get attention to the thieves. If you feel someone is stalking you, walk fast and find a public place right away and alert the police near the area. Always bring with you any strong sprays such as, hair spray or cologne spray that you can use when someone tries to attack you.

* Avoid Eye to Eye Contact

As much as possible avoid eye contact with men. In some areas, having eye to eye contact with a person even unintentionally is a sign of flirtation, or one way of telling them that you are game of whatever things. If the situation say so especially when you are new to the place then you can wear eyeglasses, you can look around or glance anywhere and no one will notice.

* Riding on a Public Transport: Buses, Trains and Taxis

Buses and Trains

Always sit near the driver. Do not sleep in the bus or you might be waking up with your bag slashed or someone might be taking advantage. As much as possible, don't let anyone sit beside you or just be wise enough to choose who you are going to sit with.


Before hopping into the cab, do not forget to write or memorize the plate number and company name of the cab. Choose to sit at the back seat and look for the driver's license which is usually displayed in front, and watch out his moves or his eyes.

Keep your mobile phone active. Do not reveal too much information or get too comfortable to the driver and always appear as if you know where you are going. If you notice him talking to you in an unusual manner and keeps looking at you all the time in a lustful way then that's the time you need to hop on the other cab. Do not sleep inside. You can play a drama as if you are talking to somebody over the phone telling them you are on the way and the expected arrival just to let the driver overhear and let him know that someone is expecting you.

* Expect the Unexpected

Remember that every place has full of surprises, and always be prepared. Every bad encounters will always be a part of your journey so you have to be extra careful. Remember that some people think that women are weak and that they are more vulnerable to be the victims. You need to know the things that will save you from great danger. So for women out there who choose to travel alone, by following these simple tips can save at least one from becoming the next target. Good luck and make your journey fun and unforgettable in a good way.


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