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How to Plan a Wedding under £1000 in London

Updated on October 3, 2013
Planning Wedding under Tight Budget
Planning Wedding under Tight Budget

Your wedding day is just round the corner and you have just £1000 in your kitty to pull off your wedding! If this is the scenario, then only detailed planning, minute analysis and some guidance will prevent you from getting over the £1000 mark for your wedding in an expensive city like London. Planning a wedding under £1000 is not impossible; however, the only catch is that you will have to plan your wedding in the most scrupulous manner.

The Preliminary Stage

You may call it a preliminary stage, but it is probably the most important stage if you are to execute your wedding under £1000 successfully. First and foremost, you need to bear this thing in mind that it is a budget wedding. Therefore, do not even think of hiring a professional event management team for your wedding as your budgets will not allow this. Sit with your fiancée and friends and do the calculations regarding the planning part. Buy guide books and take a cue from those books.

However, if you do not find enough time with you to go for ‘book-hunting’, then make full use of internet. Type ‘free wedding planning’ into the search box and you will be inundated with lots of websites offering free advice on these matters. Before scouring the websites, do check on their authority and more importantly, content. Websites like and are good if you want to have a detailed planning advice for your wedding.

Wedding Venue with Garden Space
Wedding Venue with Garden Space

Choosing the Venue

While choosing a particular venue in London, it would be a good idea if you book a venue that has an outdoor space to it. Wedding venue with a garden has two advantages: First, you will not need extensive decorations as the natural backdrop will do the favour. Second, it will solve the problem regarding space. If you are having troubles in searching venue in the city with garden or open space, go online. There are very good websites like that has an extensive range of alfresco venues in London city. Scour the website and opt for the best and cheapest venue.

If you have zeroed in on venue with an alfresco space, then you can do away with fancy function rooms as it is possible to hold the whole wedding ceremony in the open space.

Simple Wedding Cake with Illusion of Multiple Tiers
Simple Wedding Cake with Illusion of Multiple Tiers

Wedding Cake

Resist the temptation of having a grand wedding cake as it can cost quite a bit. Instead, go for economical and yet delightful options. If there is a local culinary school nearby, then ask a student to make an exquisite wedding cake for you. It will cost quite cheap in comparison to cake ordered through private bakeries. If you intend to have a grooms’ cake at your wedding, follow the same path for that too.

You need not go for multiple-tiers cake as they cost a fortune. Instead of this, you can bring the illusion of a multiple-tiers cake. Have a 3-piece cake holder and then place three cakes (according to the differing sizes) to create the illusion of a three-tier cake. If beautifully decorated, this cake will look no inferior to a multiple-tier wedding cake.

Cheap yet Beautiful Wedding Gown
Cheap yet Beautiful Wedding Gown

Wedding Dress

Brides tend to shell out huge money when it comes to wedding dresses. In fact, most of the brides in Ireland spend over €1,300 just on the perfect wedding dress. However, you need to figure out the cheap and yet fabulous wedding dress that too under £100. Here is how you can achieve this:

First, look for the options. Go through the catalogues of different bridal magazines and look for the special offers and discounts. Exhaust all the information regarding bridal wears, recent trends etc. It is important to note that if you opt for a bridal wear that is a hot trend then chances are high that you will be paying few extra bucks for that. Therefore, opt for something unique and cheap at the same time.

The other avenue where you will find an extremely diverse range of bridal dresses at competitive prices is internet. Websites like has a huge range of eye-pleasing bridal gowns that starts from just £10! In addition to this, these bridal gowns come in all sizes. Choose the perfect bridal gown for you that will not disturb your budget.

Guest List and Invitations

The smaller your guest list, the better it would be for you. When framing guest list for your wedding, include the most prominent guests and friends only. You can always throw a party for your left out guests in the future. It is important that you limit your guest list so that it does not put an undesirable pressure on your wedding budget.

When it comes to invitations, use e-mails. They are effective and quite cheap too. Else, you can create a Facebook page of your wedding. This will ensure that you do not have to send out invitation cards to your wedding guests.

Decor of the Wedding Venue with Flowers
Decor of the Wedding Venue with Flowers
Cheap Yet Charming Centrepieces
Cheap Yet Charming Centrepieces

Décor of the Wedding Venue

The décor of the wedding venue should be austere and yet impressive. Purchase flowers from a local wholesaler as it will cost you less. Then, decorate the venue with them. You can also use paperwork, streamers to make your décor even more alluring. Do not hire an event management team to look after the décor part as it will upset the wedding budget. Instead, ask your friends and acquaintances to help you in decorating the venue.

For wedding table centrepieces, opt for candles, vases and pictures. You can also include flowers to give your centrepiece an attractive disposition. One of the best and cheap centrepieces would be a water-filled glass vase rounded off with floating candles and flower petals.

As far as entrance of the wedding venue is concerned, ask your friend (who is extremely good in arts and craft) to make a handmade banner for you. Additionally, ask for five-six small banners that can be put at different locations. This will beautify the venue and will create an alluring aura.

Wedding Music

Hiring a DJ can be ridiculously expensive; therefore, it is a good idea to have one of your friends as a DJ. List out the songs to be played at your wedding and discuss it with your friend. In addition to this, give him/her an idea of the order in which these songs are to be played in your wedding. If your friend is willing to incorporate some variations, then make sure that it suits the ambience.

If you cannot find anyone who can be a DJ at your wedding, hire a local upcoming music band. Discuss the playlist with them and ask for their opinion as they can provide you with valuable inputs. Local upcoming music bands usually charge less. So, hiring them will not charge you your whole wealth!

Wedding Reception Ideas
Wedding Reception Ideas

Wedding Reception

The best way to cut cost on wedding receptions is to organise it in afternoon as no one prefers huge meals in noon. In this way, you would be spared from the costs of arranging course meals for your wedding guests. Now all you need to do is to arrange some absolutely delicious appetizers and desserts. Make sure that the appetizers and desserts are of good quality. This will ensure that your wedding guests are not left complaining about the wedding food!

Wedding Photography

If you know someone who is good at photography, ask that person to do the favour of doing photography at your wedding. Sometimes, this personal touch leads to great wedding photographs as the person would not want to disappoint you by taking out substandard photographs. Apart from this, it will save you huge money as hiring a professional wedding photographer will burn a hole in your pocket.

How to Make Cheap Wedding Favours

Cheap Wedding Favours
Cheap Wedding Favours

Wedding Favours

Your wedding favours should be cheap yet pleasing-looking. As favours are given to guests, it is mandatory that you try to keep them beautiful and cheap both. Having chocolate mints in a small wedding favour bag make for a good option. In addition to this, you can have homemade favours that are economical. Some of the options are:

  • The first option would be to gift your guests something that reminds them of your wedding. Burn a CD of songs that are favourite of both you and your guests. On the CD pack, have your and your spouse’s face with a catchy title. To round it off, wrap them in a beautiful wrapping paper.
  • The second option is to go for chocolates. Secure some small containers and fill them with coloured chocolate candies. Paint the containers with the theme of your wedding (if any) and then tie the containers with coloured satin ribbons or tulle.

It is not like that you cannot have a fabulous wedding under budget. All you need is scrutinised efforts, planning and a little dose of creativity. Take a clue from the ideas given above and have a wonderful wedding under £1000.

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