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How to find Time for Romance after Marriage

Updated on January 29, 2015

If you are a married couple, busy with your lives, trying to get things done while working a full day, tending your home and taking care of your toddler, you might have wondered that finding time for romance isn’t a cake walk anymore now.

In today's society and busy lives, many people still suffer from lack of finding time to have a romantic evening out with their partners. And, with growing needs, people often find themselves committing to more than their ordinary duties and responsibilities, like an extra course, a part time job, pursuing a hobby and what not!

Not to mention the hours that drain all the energy off from you while you travel to and fro from your home to your workplace and other places as well.

However, no matter how hectic schedules you might follow, it is really important to take out time for romance to keep a healthy relationship in your married life. A simple rule that many couples follow is to kiss each other before they leave and when they arrive at home. And this is the simplest thing which you can start (if not already doing) to warm up your monotonous life. According to the experts, such little expressions of love are the simplest techniques by which busy couples can keep their passion aflame.

Below are certain simple and easy-to-do tips, which you can work on to keep your married relationship hot, even when you have a demanding schedule:


1) Communication:

For the couples who want to keep the passion sizzling, experts say that communication is a very essential aspect of a romantic relationship and couples should discuss the good and the bad about their day. Communication to a married relationship can be considered as important as a motor is to the car. It is the foundation for the relationship, so you need to know the likes and the dislikes of your mate.

It is really necessary that you share the delightful things that happen to you throughout the day or any concerns that you had to face. Just leave a message of any kind - that can be a voice message or a text message, so that they can get it later on. This will help in keeping the sparks going in your relationship. Try to communicate several times a day. You can stay in contact with each other if not by phone, then by text messaging, e-mail because you can receive it immediately no matter what you are doing, so that can be a great tool. If you have nothing great to share, often call to just say - "I love you".

2) Schedule your date:

As a working couple, you have to make time together a priority. And the way you schedule everything else in your calendar, you must also schedule your date time with your partner. Set aside specific times when you can spend a good, healthy and relaxing time with your partner without allowing any other obstacles or other engagements.

With as busy as the life is today, you might notice that if you don't schedule it and if it is not on your calendar, then you wouldn't do it at all. You will always find some or the other work to fill the space, so before that space gets filled, book it up for you and your partner. You can simply go for a walk, to the movies or somewhere quiet where you can just talk. If possible you can also meet sometime for a lunch date in between your work schedules.

Indulge in fun activities like going bicycling, listening to music or just sitting around laughing and talking.


3) Special gestures:

When couples feel to keep up that intense attraction, experts say that one should go back to the important dating basics to let your partners know you love them. You can prioritize and continue doing the things that brought both of you together when you initially started your relationship. This means if your partner enjoyed receiving flowers or chocolates while you were dating, it should continue. For instance, a couple who dated 18 months before they got married, frequently still do things that keeps their love burning. She would cook his favorite meal and dessert, or on some occasion she'd give him a 'just because' card saying how much she loves him and the husband in turn gives frequent body massages to his wife.

I have known a couple of 13 years, who still leave cards and notes for each other under their pillows to let their partner know about their feelings. The wife says that she saves the cards so that she can frequently look back at them.

Creating a relaxing environment at home after a stressful day can also be a great and easy romantic gesture. This involves doing things such as softening the lights or asking your partner to sit on his or her favorite chair. As naive and simple as that sounds - inviting them to sit in their favorite chair and encouraging them to relax is every bit relaxing in itself to you too.

4) Go creative:

Adding a little excitement and defiance in your life can also spice up the romance. Couples should actively look for new ways to express love and support to each other. Try to find imaginative ways to spend time with each other, and keep the romance in your relationships alive. For example, once in a while, take leave from the office (when you don't have much work!), get a baby sitter and don't leave the house. Instead just get snacks, close the door and watch movies. Finding time to do romantic things keeps your passion hot.

So, you see, how simple things can really keep your love and marital intimacy alive, while building a strong base of your closeness and friendship together. 


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