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How to be a romantic girlfriend: Ways to be romantic without annoying your guy

Updated on January 29, 2014

How to be a romantic girlfriend? Traditionalists say that men are wired differently than women and there might be some truth to that - especially when it comes to what is considered romantic and what isn't. Flirty texts, looking your best, complimenting him, smiling, massaging his ego and doing things that he likes – this post looks at some of the seemingly simple yet exciting ways in which you can keep the romance alive in your relationship.

Smile more often. The intrinsic power of a smile can literally change the course of a relationship.
Smile more often. The intrinsic power of a smile can literally change the course of a relationship. | Source

1) Laugh, smile and giggle more often

There is nothing more romantic that being in a relationship with a person who is the epitome of happiness. Be that woman by smiling, giggling and laughing more often. This does not mean to imply that you should fake happiness. Rather, try your best not to be grumpy and moody.

Watching you smile and laugh will drive an intrinsic sense of happiness in your boyfriend's mind. He may not say it but it will make him feel nice about being in a relationship with you.

2) Look your best for him: Give him a reason to ogle

Rummage your wardrobe and bring out those tops with plunging necklines and the skinny jeans which highlight your curves like a diva. Dress up every now and then to give your boyfriend reasons to ogle.

His jaw will drop and he will be compelled to shower you with compliments which you can coyly accept with a flirty flutter of the eyes. All this excitement will keep the romance in your relationship throbbing.

3) Don't post mushy stuff and love messages on Facebook and Twitter

Just because you feel happy when your boyfriend posts romantic stuff on your Facebook doesn't mean he feels the same way. In fact, you might annoy your guy if you engage in mushy banter on social media.

He may not want to have mushy conversations with you at a place where everyone else can see. Your boyfriend's friends will tease him too.

So don't be under the impression that cute one-liners will make you sound more romantic because they might do the exact opposite – make you sound annoying.

Do something fun and exciting instead of the usual cozy B&B.
Do something fun and exciting instead of the usual cozy B&B.

4) Go for a weekend trip and do stuff that he likes

A typical romantic weekend trip can be described as going up to a log cabin or spending a few days at a lovely beach-side cottage. Stray away from this age old idea and plan a weekend trip in which you can do things that he likes.

Whether it is hiking, surfing, snowboarding or something as quirky as driving up to a famous car museum – make your weekend trip something that brings out the inner child in him. Your boyfriend will love the fact that the both of you don't have to conform to the typical B&B routine and actually have some fun while you are away.

5) Handmade cards and cute notes may not be his idea of romantic

Cute handmade cards might be a romantic turn-on for girls but that may not be the case when it comes to guys. Men don't necessarily see the intensity of romance in a heartfelt quote written on a card, the same way as women do.

So don't waste your time in making cards and notes. Your effort to be romantic might be futile.

6) Massage his ego heavily

Ego passively plays a big part in a guy's life. It drives confidence, happiness and a lot of other emotions. If you can learn how to massage your man's ego, you will master the art of making him feel happy while being around you.

Whether it is complimenting him for the way he can fix things or how you love his new car - be patronizing when it comes to certain typical issues which can send his ego soaring through the roof. While you may be unable to see a romantic side to this, the way you make him feel when you stroke his ego will touch him on a deep emotional level.

Flirty texts are a good way to keep the romance alive in your relationship.
Flirty texts are a good way to keep the romance alive in your relationship.

7) Send him flirty texts but don't overdo it

Guys typically like to complain when their girlfriends nag them with mushy texts. But at the same time, they love it when their girlfriends send flirty texts. Flirting gives guys a high like no other and to get this fix from their girlfriends will make them feel happy.

Keep sending flirty texts to your boyfriend every day. If that seems a bit too much for you, make sure that you send at least one text every couple of days. Don't make the mistake of texting mushy stuff or else he might get annoyed. Here are a few awesome examples.

  • Hey handsome, I keep thinking about you
  • This text is a kiss in disguise
  • I am craving to be in your arms baby

8) Try to be interested in stuff that he is passionate about

Whether it is his craze for a particular music genre, geeky interest in gadgets or his undying passion for motorcycles - your guy will think of you as the most romantic girlfriend if he finds comfort in involving you in the things that he is passionate about.

Instead of faking interest, try to understand why he is passionate about something. Ask him questions and draw him into a conversation. For all the times you complained that your boyfriend doesn't open up to you, this is your chance to get him talking like a teenage girl who never runs out of gossip.

9) Cuddle up and get cozy while watching the Friday night game together

Cuddling with his girlfriend while watching the Friday night game on TV is the last thing any guy will expect. In fact, your boyfriend will typically never expect you to watch any sport with him.

Surprise him by walking up to him and sitting in his lap when he is watching the game. While he may be annoyed for a few moments, make yourself comfortable by finding a cozy spot next to him on the sofa. Order pizza and just watch the game with him. He will feel like the luckiest boyfriend in the whole world.

Compliment your guy's body image to make him feel nice.
Compliment your guy's body image to make him feel nice.

10) Tell him he has got a great body

Eye your boyfriend up in a mischievous way to tell him how manly and perfect his body is. Tell him how his broad shoulders are the spitting image of a buffed Brad Pitt in Troy or tell him how his toned torso resembles that of a shirtless Bradley Cooper in Hangover.

A guy will typically bloat with pride when a girl compliments his muscles and his body. You may not necessarily see these compliments as romantic. But for your boyfriend, it will be a sense of inner fulfillment – a sign of being in a happy and romantic relationship.

11) Go to the movies to watch the latest action or superhero flick

No matter how much they deny, guys love superhero and action movies. Take a cue and surprise your boyfriend by buying tickets to the latest action flick, whether it is a movie from the Batman franchisee or something as action packed as the latest Fast & Furious offering.

Your boyfriend will love the fact that his girlfriend can enjoy a genre which is typically not seen as a girly thing to do. Hold his hand while you watch men spraying bullets and superheroes saving the world to create memories that he can proudly call romantic.

12) Use body language to give him something to think about in public

Just like women, men associate romance with building a connection that has the power to excite and enchant. Think about this and use your body language to give your boyfriend something to think about when you are in public.

From fluttering your eyes and giving him a mischievous wink to looking at him with dreamy eyes and biting your lips naughtily - use these silly little playful tricks to get your guy's attention.

Bond over a simple yet romantic meal at home.
Bond over a simple yet romantic meal at home.

13) Invite him over to your place for a dinner that you made yourself

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach – this old saying may not really be relevant in the twenty first century. But that shouldn't deter you from giving your boyfriend a romantic treat once in a while.

Cook up something nice at home. Invite your guy over for a simple yet romantic date at your place. If you aren't too confident in the kitchen, order some take-out and make it look like you've made it. The food really won't matter once the romance sets in and you both start getting cozy.

14) Take an impromptu leave from work and spend the day with your boyfriend indoors

Surprise your guy by taking an impromptu leave from work and turning up at his place. Tell him that you took a day off just so that you could spend it with him. Add icing to the cake by telling him that you don't want to go out and all you want to do hang out at his apartment.

From steamy times in the bedroom to vegging out on the couch – spend the day indoors. Your boyfriend will love the fact that he could spend a whole romantic day without seeing the need to fuss over you and go out to pretentious restaurants.

15) Don't nag him excessively

While this tip isn't a way to be more romantic, but it is definitely something you must remember if you want to avoid being less romantic. You could be unknowingly nagging your boyfriend even when you have no intention to do so.

Giving advice or telling him to do something he doesn't want to do are things that he will start finding annoying after a certain point. He will start looking for ways to stop this nagging by blocking you out of those areas of his life. If you don't want the romance in your relationship to die, don't let this happen.

Your boyfriend will love it if you play video games with him.
Your boyfriend will love it if you play video games with him.

16) Play video games with him

From a guy's perspective, a girlfriend who likes playing video games is a girlfriend sent from the heavens above. You can live up to your guy's romantic fantasy by playing video games with him.

There are fewer more things a guy can possibly like than to know that he can chill out with his girlfriend while racing her on the Xbox or getting her on his team in a first-person shooter game on PlayStation.

17) Flirt with him in public

From whispering flirty compliments in his ears to pouting your lips while winking at him – flirt with your boyfriend in public to ruffle things up. Such playful moments will give off romantic vibes and create a sense of excitement in your relationship.

Keep your flirting slightly discreet so that your silly antics aren't caught out by your friends.


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