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How to better one’s Relationship

Updated on March 16, 2015

A Relationship is an affair between two people. These two people can either have things in common or go by the saying that, "opposites attract." This couple can associate on various levels and can depend on each other in times of distress or be there for each other to rejoice the milestones in their lives.

Each individual should learn to respect oneself and be responsible for one’s own happiness. Being in a relationship does not mean that the other person will always agree with you thus; one has to learn to accept the differences and move on with a plan. As the years are rolling by, a couple should learn to grow with each other and learn from their relationship. Learn to forgive and not keeping expectations is the key to happiness for any relationship. A couple should learn to be responsible for each other because of the commitment they have and drain off their egos so that a mutual decision can be reached whenever there is a conflict in opinion. Admitting to one’s mistake and being apologetic is showing respect for the other half in a relationship. This is a give and take system, and it will lead to happiness and fulfillment in any relationship.

Humans are intelligent souls, and they know what they want from life. However, competition at work can stiffen them up. They tend to forget their loved ones or take them for granted for always being there around them. Years are rolling by in work, making money and taking care of responsibilities but; little do we think of the one that is our inspiration to get up and get moving. Work and its pressure tend to engulf the person into avoiding people either due to meeting up with deadlines or the feeling of the other person in the relationship being smarter than him. This would certainly lead to depression amidst working late and meeting one’s goals at work.

A few alternatives to better one's relationship

Go out on a mini-vacation.

Stepping out with your partner helps change the environment for bonding, and it helps to lighten the mood of both partners.

Sacrifice your time.

Be ready to spare time for your better half’s favorite activity. Example such as going for an opera show, which your partner loves OR going for a ball game that you’re better half enjoys. Just watching the partner sits next to you for a continued ~2-3 hours sends in positive vibes.

An unexpected show of affection

Surprise her or him with an unexpected peck on the cheek or an embrace. It can take the other by surprise.

Giving priority

Learn to give priority to the dates when you met your partner such as an anniversary or specific days that you shared fond memories. Try to keep your day clear and make arrangements spend the day/evening. Time spent on that day will make fond memories.


Laughter is the BEST medicine for health and relationship. Laugh off your spouse’s bitterness and eventually your better half will learn to accept the flaws and stop the nagging.


Make sure to sit down and communicate over any crises rather than texting or chatting via technology. Relationships take energy and time to build. Take time to prioritize it.

Pictures as a couple

Click pictures as a couple and keep them around the house or work place. Just those smiling faces can help trigger affection for each other on a busy day.

Small tokens of love

Surprise your mate with a small gift such as a box of chocolates, a glass of wine, a bouquet of flowers, a bottle of perfume, or lingerie.


Stroking your better half’s tensed muscles is another way to relieve the physical stress and that help for emotions to flow.


Complementing each other can often help increase the affection and love. It makes your spouse feel valuable and wanted.

Dining in good ambience

Dining with candles and light music can help pump in the adrenaline. That can lead to a pleasant evening, which could be remembered by the two of you.


Music can do wonders and dancing to the tune of it can help clear off the inhibitions and eventually make the couple close to each other.

What's the Conclusion?

Life is short, but love makes the life go smooth. If there is love and compassion in a human’s life, he or she will thrive and flourish with good health. Wealth will certainly follow where health is good. That will make anybody’s life worthwhile.

So, let’s try to recognize the love of our life. Treasure it and savor the moments spent with that partner. Being alone is scary and depressing but for love to grow with us in a relationship we ought to work towards it.

Do we ever ponder?

We are growing old but what steps are we taking to make our love also grow along with us? Love will only grow with us IF we learn to pause and look upon it. The fear of being alone is scary so, we got to look around and count our blessings and appreciate the relationship.

Love needs caring and fondling. Love needs attention. Who ever have found love is fortunate and should know how to preserve it. This love will help us stay strong when the world is cruel to us. Love does not grow with age. Only wisdom grows. Before our better half leaves us for neglecting her, we should learn to appreciate that relationship and fondle it with passion.

So, let's pause and reflect on the things that are precious to us. Take the time to communicate, sing, dance, cry, laugh with our partner. This time spent with our associate will help us grow old with someone.

Spending a few hours in a week to embrace and caress our love is essential.


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    • Ruchira profile image

      Ruchira 5 years ago from United States

      Thank you Bill.

      You are the epitome on this!


    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 5 years ago from Olympia, WA

      All great suggestions! What I like most about your writing is that you list some significant steps but you keep it very simple in your explanation...maybe because these are concepts that should be done naturally? Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed this hub.