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How to get an ex to fall back in love with you

Updated on July 6, 2015

Your ex broke your heart. You thought that things were going well when all of a sudden out of the blue he says "We are from different worlds." Now you want him back. How do you do that? Here are tips on winning your ex back:

1) If he has fallen for someone else compare herself to you. Look at her Facebook page and be the complete opposite of her. Find her weakness and show him your strenghts. If she never smiles keep on smiling. If she is boring and stays in show him you are full of life.

2) Know that it is possible to get him back. People break up and get back together all the time. Just because you went your seperate ways does not mean that you will not be together again.

3) Change your mindset. There is a saying fake it until you make it. Even if you feel horrible inside do not show it. Act and feel like you are Kim Kardashian. Kim Kardashian knows she is hot and she could get any guys she wants. Why can't you? There are plenty of guys in the world. The way you found him you will find another guy. Develop self confidence and make him see what he missed out on.

4) Look back on why he fell in love with you and show him you still have those qualaties. If he loved your smile keep on smiling. Do not get angry at him and hate him or cry all the time. Even if you have a horrible time whenever he is around act like you won the lotto. Keep a smile on.

5) Look hot. Dress up, show skin, do the smokey eye makeup and look like you are going to the club whenever he is around. Where your hottest offit. Make him drool over you.

6) Post pictures of yourself dressed up out. Do not make him think that you are at home crying over him. Go out and take pictures of yourself with you at bars or clubs dancing with your friends. Post them on Facebook or Instigram where you know he will see it.

7) Tag yourself and Check yourself in at bars. Once again make him see that you are out and have a life. He cut you loose and told you to meet other guys so that is exactly what you are doing.

8) Have your friend write on your Facebook wall about a crazy adventure you had getting hit on by a guy at a bar. It will pop up on his newsfeed and once again he will see that you are on the prowl ready to meet someone new.

9) Flirt with other guys in front of him. Try to make him jealous. If he is around guys you know go up to the guy and talk to him. Tell the guy you look cute. If he is around a guy you do not know you could start a conversation by saying "You look familiar did you go to _ high school?" Then introduce yourself and if all goes well keep flirting.

10) Do not go out of your way to contact him. If you want to contact him Happy Holidays that is one thing but do not text him to have a conversation. Try not to make eye contact. Make him wonder why you are not going out of your way to have a conversation with him.

11) Be nice to everyone around you. If you have mutual friends or hang out at the same places make him see how nice you are and talk to everyone you know. You never know maybe someone will encourage him to give you another chance.

Rome was not built in a day. Sooner or later if you keep at this he will come around. It is then up to you to decide what to do. You could take him back but you have to remember that if he hurt you once he will hurt you again. On the other hand you could have some fun and rub it in his face "We are from different worlds." The way he broke your heart you could break his. Then he will see what it is like to be played.

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