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How to make your wife love you: Getting your wife's respect and love

Updated on April 23, 2013

How to make your wife to love you? How to get your wife's respect? It is possible to get your wife to love you like the day she met you and the answers lie in some of the most basic aspects of your marriage. Find out how you can reverse years of damage to your marriage and how you can win the love, respect and admiration of your wife by being the loving husband that you always wanted to be.

Never raise your hand on your wife. You will lose all the respect and love she has for you.
Never raise your hand on your wife. You will lose all the respect and love she has for you. | Source

1) Never raise your hand at your wife

Becoming violent should not be an option for you regardless of how angry you are at your wife or how frustrated you have come back home from work. Violence will shake the very foundation of your marital relationship and your wife won't even feel safe with you, let alone love you or respect you.

Be aware that your wife knows that you are physically stronger than her. She will appreciate the fact that you never resort to physical strength to show her who is the stronger person in the relationship. Promise yourself that you will never raise your hand at your wife if you ever want to win back her love again.

2) Don't demand physical intimacy from her

Demanding sex and physical intimacy from your wife will do the exact opposite of earning her love and respect. Instead of sounding rude, think actively and do the things it takes to get your wife in the mood.

Pampering her and knowing what makes her tick will earn you many brownie points which you may be able to redeem in the bedroom.

3) Don't ask your wife to respect you

Pure respect is always commanded and never demanded. If your wife respects you, it is likely to show in her behavior and attitude towards you. You cannot ask your wife to respect you out of compulsion.

You will have to earn your wife's respect by being a good husband and showing her that you are the man of her dreams. It is not something that you can get her to do overnight.

4) Keep the promises you make to your wife and children

Bitterness in marriages often arises when partners don't keep their promises. You can make your wife love you again by keeping your promises and leading her to believe that you are a reliable, trustworthy and dependable husband. Keeping a promise signifies that you can remain true to your word and go to all lengths of fulfilling it no matter what.

This will indirectly show to your wife that she has made the perfect choice in life by seeking a loving and promising life partner in you. Keeping a promise to your wife could include something as small as taking her out for brunch on Sunday or something as big as buying her a ring on your first anniversary.

Support your wife's career ambitions, just like how you nurture yours.
Support your wife's career ambitions, just like how you nurture yours.

5) Support your wife's career in every possible manner

A woman may work and earn money but it doesn't mean that she is always getting support from her husband or family for surging ahead in her career. If your wife wants to be a successful professional, give her all the resources and support she needs.

Your wife will love you more than you can ever imagine when she sees that you want her to carve out a professional life for herself. She will respect you as a husband and as a man who wants his woman to pursue her dreams.

6) Stand up for your wife in front of others

Supporting each other and being by each other's side is one of the most basic aspects of a marriage. Standing up in support of your wife will boost your bond as husband-wife and you are likely to earn immense respect from her for doing so.

Don't wait for epic battles to stand up for your wife. Look for everyday moments like conversation with in-laws, friends or colleagues where you can take your wife's side. Supporting your wife like this will make her love you in a way that will remind you of the time when she loved you during the dating phase of your relationship.

7) Praise and compliment your wife often

Your wife will feel like a chirpy teenager every time you give her a compliment, whether it is for cooking delicious food, looking good naked, bargaining well at the shops or for a good decision at work.

Complimenting your wife often will also keep the spark in your married life alive and it will make her respect you more. She will also get a confidence and ego boost by knowing that her husband thinks that she is an amazing woman.

8) Provide for your family

It is natural for your wife to love you more and more if you provide for your family effortlessly. You should consider yourself to be the primary bread earner of the family even if your wife works and earns.

This does not mean to say that men are the only ones who are supposed to bear the burden of earning for the entire household. However the traditional image of a man in a family is associated with being the provider so sticking to that image will instantly earn you your wife's love, admiration and respect.

Arguments and quarrels happen in all marriages. But don't cross the line by swearing at your wife or calling her disrespectful names.
Arguments and quarrels happen in all marriages. But don't cross the line by swearing at your wife or calling her disrespectful names.

9) Don't swear at her and don't use curse words while talking to her

A marriage will be incomplete without its fair share of arguments and quarrels. But partners who make a happy couple know how they can stay in their limits while picking their battles. As a husband you must make sure that you don't swear at your wife and call her nasty names. Doing so will make her lose respect in you.

Always remember that you will never be able to take back the words that come out of your mouth. If you want to make your wife to love you, chose your words carefully and argue like a man rather than like a foul mouthed brat.

10) Share the responsibilities of being a good parent

Don't be under the impression that you are fulfilling your responsibility of being a father just by spending some time with your children in the evening or on weekends. Play an equal role in nurturing your child's growth, teaching the good moral values, giving them a good upbringing and getting your hands dirty by taking part in day-to-day mommy and daddy chores.

Give your wife a hand in changing your child's nappy, taking your children to the doctor or cleaning up your little one's room. This will give your wife some time to enjoy motherhood and be a happy mommy. She will love you for realizing your parenting duties and you will instantly earn her respect.

11) Help your wife around the house

Give your wife a helping hand around the house to show her that you care for her and don't want her to exhaust herself. Do this irrespective of your wife being a homemaker or a working professional. Your wife will feel nice when she sees you offering help for household chores and errands.

It really doesn't matter how much you actually help her around the house, what it more important is the fact that you have the sensitivity to offer help. She will respect you for letting go of the quirky side of your male ego and love you for being a gentle husband.

12) Manage your money wisely and don't take rash financial decisions

Your wife will love you from the bottom of her heart if you can show her that you manage your money well and that you will think about your family before making a big purchase.

Your ability to manage your finances will instantly earn your wife's respect. It does not matter how much money you make but the fact that you are wise and sensible about your finances will give your wife a feeling of security.


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