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How To Find New Friends

Updated on October 22, 2011

Friends are an important part of our life, regardless of our age. They are different individuals who influence in some way or the other. The truth is friends; bring out the positive aspect of life.

Now here is the challenge, how do we find friends? Do we need to concentrate on our appearance to make ourselves more appealing to our friends? No, that would be pretense. You see a friend will accept you for what you are.

Even if you are a Hitler in the making, they will look at your good points and change you in a good way. That is what a friend is, someone who is not superficial, someone who loves you for the person inside.

With the world becoming more modern than it was, there are two tiers through which anyone can find friends.

How To Find Friends Online


We all that a website called Facebook exists, most of us are already members and if you’re not then hurry and join it. This website is great for meeting people; it is a great way of contacting not only the people you already know but also people from different countries like Africa, Spain etc. Here you can talk to people and learn different ways and cultures of people.

Most of the new people you can meet by joining new and exciting groups of your choice. The great part is that this website is not only for the young, but also the old. A world war two veteran could probably meet some his/her old friends from the war, and if the friend has passed away they could talk to the friends children too! on this website you can mail, write on friend’s walls, support causes, upload pictures and etc.



Gone are the days where people wrote letters and sent them through post. Now email has come and taken up the job of letters.

Emails are faster compared to sending letters through the post. They are easy to write as you just need the email address, no need for postal code or house number, street address etc.

Hotmail is a website where you can keep in touch with your friends.


Well I am pretty certain that some people will disagree with me, but it’s the truth when I say that Facebook is the new Orkut. At Orkut people can keep in touch with friends, upload pictures and join different groups too! People can find new friends by searching and increase their social circle.


Yahoo is a website where people can also send emails to friends when they want and wherever they want too. There are many ways you can do social networking using yahoo services.


Myspace is a great website for people to contact different people. It is a website that is similar to Facebook as it allows you to keep in touch with friends and make new ones.

How To Find Friends Offline?

Friendship is a challenge, but that’s a great aspect of life, it’s never easy, it’s filled with quests but at the end of each quest there are the rewards.

Thus the phrase “"Every dark cloud has a silver lining". Look at friends a being that silver lining.

Once you realize the importance of your friends, you will realize how easy it is to meet friends’ offline just as it is online.

Ever heard of the term “Socialize”?

Alright, now most of us have complained about not having friends and saying that we try to have friends but they won’t talk to us. Now wait just a minute, are you sure this correct? Come on rack your memory a little bit and go back and remember that person who annoyed you because of some particular irritating habits like asking too many questions and always dressing in a peculiar sense.

So if you tried, then did you not try to become friends with that person? Remember the famous Justin Timberlake lyric “What goes around comes back around”. It is not too late. Go out with people, try to look past their irritating habits, and do not be quick to judge.

Learn a little diplomacy. Socialize, talk to people, stop sitting on the computer playing games. You need to tell your friends how much you appreciate them. Sometimes you might even have to initiate the conversation. You start talking and keep it all light, easy, fun and simple.


Yes volunteer, don’t know what that means? That’s alright, it means to help out, without getting some sort of monetary benefit in return. It’s like an unpaid internship.

This way you not only get a different experience of different things but you also get to meet different kinds of people.Take the example of Kris Allen; he has been helping out the United Nations in Haiti.  He himself expressed that he met many different kinds of people whom he befriended. You can do it too!

Make eye contact and every now and then smile

Nobody likes people who do not know how to smile. It’s really easy, lift both corners of your lips up and there you go, see your smiling. Don’t be shy, try it. Every now and then even Eminem cracks a smile. It gives people a warm feeling towards you.

Thus, they will come and talk to you. Don’t forget to make eye contact, remember the “eyes up here” quote so many people tend to use nowadays. When you look down, people can get the wrong impression that you are trying to avoid them. So look up at them and into their eyes.

Have a get together

Stop being stingy, spend time and money by inviting friends to your house. Serve a fun atmosphere Talk to them about their interests.

Loyalty is royalty

Yes I know it sounds corny but it is true. Once you have friends be loyal to them. They need to be able to trust you, don’t backbite about them. Be a good friend and people will like you more.

Now go out there and find yourself some new friends!

How To Make New Friends At School


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