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How to Not Get Caught Cheating on Your Significant Other

Updated on February 12, 2017
How to Cheat and Not Get Caught
How to Cheat and Not Get Caught | Source

8 Proven Tips For Not Getting Caught Cheating

I speak from experience as a Lady Player with no shame in my game. Lady Players have a good man whom they love and cherish and will spend their whole lives with. But, this doesn't mean they're not also interested in having some fun.

Read on to find out how to have your very own man on the side with no strings attached. Or, if you're suspicious about your partner (because she's not following these rules and is about to get caught), read on and investigate into how she does it.

1. Never let him contact you.

The number one rule is that your man on the side is never allowed to contact you. He can never call, email, or text. This eliminates any suspicious missed calls or flirtatious texts that your main man might see. A sex buddy has to have lots of self control to comply with this rule. The moment he breaks the rule, you drop him and find another. You're calling the shots here. Play it like a true playa.

2. Find a young stud.

Even if you're not true cougar age (not that you'd ever admit it anyway), it's fun to pretend. Younger guys are less experienced sexually and socially. They will be more willing to deal with rule number one above. Plus, the age difference adds sizzle in between the sheets. You'll have them begging at your knees.

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3. Never deviate from the normal schedule. Don't make excuses.

Make sure you have a schedule of activities that will get you of the house on a regular basis. If you have work, get a day off and plan a rendezvous, but still say you're going to work. Get dressed and leave when you normally do and get home when you normally do. The same goes go for any normally scheduled activity. If you go shopping a lot on the weekends by yourself, plan a rendezvous, but make like you're going shopping and actually bring something home. Never make excuses that turn into a pattern. Calling every Thursday night that you're working late just isn't believable after the first time.

4. Never let him come to your home.

Physically separating the two relationships will help you emotionally separate the two in your mind. Also, there are too many variables when someone enters your home. Objects get moved. Sheets get rumpled. Scents linger. You never know when your partner might return even if it is a scheduled work day. As the saying goes, don't s*** where you sleep.

5. No one can tell anyone.

You cannot trust anyone else to keep your secret but you. If your man ever does get suspicious, he will have no one to ask about the cheating but you. And, of course you can use your powers of persuasion and denial to get yourself out of that one. He will have no proof and no one to trust but you. The same rule goes for your boy toy. If he doesn't feel like he needs to comply, then drop him. Think about your goals here. We're not trying to get caught now or ever. Finding someone discreet is vital.

6. No access.

Don't allow your partner to have access to your computer, email, phone, credit cards, or bank account. Have different passwords for different accounts and never share them. You can still be emotionally connected and loving and share a life together, but ladies, this is about protecting your independence.

7. Destroy all evidence.

Always delete text messages, emails, chat logs, voicemails, and browsing history (or better yet use Google Chrome incognito mode). As far as anyone knows, you two don't even communicate with each other, how could you be having an affair together? Even if your partner doesn't have access, why are you keeping the evidence? Those dirty messages are nothing to get sentimental over.

8. No one he knows.

Sort of a close relation to many of the rules above. Don't s*** where you sleep. Find someone off the radar. That way you avoid the problem of boyfriend number 2 telling on you or acting strange around your partner because what, oh they were best friends. True lady players are better than that.


All in all, I hope these tips serve you well. Remember to always use your best judgment, hide all evidence, and deny, deny, deny!


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    • profile image

      The EX-WIFE 2 years ago

      Promoting whoring around ...nice ! You reap what you sow, karma will be sure to catch up to cheaters.

      I caught my husband and his whore . I kicked him out , and divorced him. His whore left him ( guess the thrill of the fantasy wore off fast when I found out) .... Now he has no one.

      He's lost a Wife that would have walked through fire for him, the respect of his 4 children , who now want nothing to do with him, his job , and most of his friends.

      Yeah , worked out well for him , didn't it !?!

      I have a great job , an even better relationship with my children , and peace of mind. I date often , and am enjoying life like never before .

      If you are a man or woman who has been cheated on , remember this ; there IS someone else out there who will treat you with the respect, love and LOYALTY that you deserve. Kick the cheaters ass to the curb , they'll NEVER change, and you'll never trust them again.

    • profile image

      Brian 3 years ago

      Break up don’t cheat. You are mean yyah.

    • yyah profile image

      Kiwi Rio 5 years ago from New York, NY

      definitely a good tip!

    • profile image

      adam 5 years ago

      i was googling up tips to avoid cheating and came across this, i fucking hate cheats n your practically bragging here. people like you deserve to get found out and fucking murdered if you wanna be a player then be single you scum

    • profile image

      Why you do this? 5 years ago

      Am I the only one who finds this article completely disgusting? What is wrong of you people? End your relationship and then hop into another bed or live single life, but do not cheat. You play with other people's hearts and cause terrible crisis in other's life.

      I hope you get what you deserve.

    • profile image

      Hvjj 5 years ago

      This is fuckedup y would u cheat?

    • profile image

      gother 5 years ago

      I caught my wife because she broke every single one of this tips may want to add never ever send him pictures or let him take any.

    • yyah profile image

      Kiwi Rio 5 years ago from New York, NY

      Thanks for your comment! All I can say is, to each their own!

    • Levertis Steele profile image

      Levertis Steele 5 years ago from Southern Clime

      Unbelievable! Apparently, you love getting an education the hard way. You have chosen a school at the end of a dead end street. Hopefully, you will discover true love and happiness before you waste your life to ZERO level. I wish you a recovery of your good senses. :C

    • yyah profile image

      Kiwi Rio 6 years ago from New York, NY

      you're welcome!

    • ElSeductor profile image

      ElSeductor 6 years ago

      Nice hub, with great tips for men and women alike. Thanks for the advice.


    • yyah profile image

      Kiwi Rio 6 years ago from New York, NY

      Thanks you guys! I'm glad that you all liked the article.

    • Anil and Honey profile image

      Anil 6 years ago from Kerala

      God and interesting one.

    • albertovich profile image

      albertovich 6 years ago

      Girls just wanna have fun??? Just don't get caught...hahaha

    • profile image

      ksha001 6 years ago

      I loved this! Thumbs up!