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My Response To Why I Sometimes Hate Men

Updated on April 11, 2012

Men's Brain Women's Brain

Born this way - the difference between men and women

This is my reply to a Hub titled "Why I Sometimes Hate Men" by divacratus. You can find it here. I'll defend men one reason at a time.

Why Women Hate Men? Reason #1 - The Male Ego

Yes our ego is built in. It comes from our history of fighting to defend our women, home and family. Why hate us for that. It seems a woman should be able to figure out how to use our ego to their advantage. You've seemed to master other things to get your way. Like crying or withholding sex.

Why Women Hate Men? Reason #2 - Too Girly?

Wait a minute! I thought today's woman wanted us to explore or feminine side. You always ask our opinion on fashion. That's girlie. At least to us. Grated if we wore dresses we might be guilty of being girlie ( My apologies to the bagpipe players out there). You want us to cry. then you don't want us to cry at the stupid things. Maybe it's not stupid to us when our favorite team loses a ball game.

Why Women Hate Men? Reason #3 - Liar Liar!

To quote the article, "I don't really know anyone who likes to get lied to!" This includes us men. Like you women don't lie! Besides if we tell the truth and say your butt is big, we get yelled at! So don't tell me a woman hates being lied to. Lies boost your egos (see #1).

Why Women Hate Men? Reason #4 - Narcissism

If you don't want to hear about us, then don't ask us twenty questions. A piece of advice...........Find a different word to us. Most men don't know what Narcissism is. Don't expect us to look it up either. We'll just assume it has something to do with your monthly visitor.

Why Women Hate Men? Reason #5 - Too Flirty!

Too flirty? Do we wear skirts way to short? Do we wear low cut tops? Do we bat our eyelashes? Do we exaggerate the hip sway when we walk away? Ok, maybe the Girlie guy (see #2) Besides, wasn't it our flirting that made you interested?

Why Women Hate Men? Reason #6 - "Sorry! I Forgot!"

Number 3 was about us lying. So now we tell the truth about forgetting and POOF we are hated again. It seems like we are never going to be loved. As far as I'm concened, if I remember to put my pants on, it's a good day. Sorry I forgot.

Why Women Hate Men? Reason #7 - Too Tired to Help!

Of course I'm tired. My ego is protecting me from becoming too girlie and is draining my strength. My Narcissism is makingĀ  tired! I've had to figure out when I could lie and when I could not.I saw this girl and wanted to flirt, but forgot! I just don't understand why you hate me.

Of course this hub could be reversed. Men could hate women for the same reasons. Instead of making this a battle of the sexes, why not just agree certain types of people are annoying.


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    • profile image

      dave 6 years ago

      What a horrible, horrible game! How is ANY man supposed

      to play?

    • Taleb80 profile image

      Taleb AlDris 7 years ago

      Yes, it is not a battle.

      I agree with you.

      I voted "Up"

      Thank you