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Rose's and their love language

Updated on January 28, 2011

Unfolding rose


The love language of roses

With Valentine's Day fast approaching i thought i would break down the meaning of the number one seller of the season. It's not surprising that the prices of these beauties increase substantially in February. But you don't have to spend a lot of money to convey what you are longing to communicate to your significant other or someone you are hoping to be more than a friend.

First you have to establish whether or not this significant other is a friend, a lover or a longtime committed partner. All of these attributes should be apart of the person you are involved with because it makes commitment enduring. So make sure your committed partner is your longtime friend and lover.

Love is the principal thing! It is assumed to be many things and is normally misinterpreted because we have no full understanding of what love really is. It can be expressed through many avenues and these are typically confusing to many of us. Hopefully i can help through this article to give you a way to use roses to express your deepest sentiments.

But the words like passion, desire, romance, are not love they are expressions of the feeling of what we call love. These flow from the idea of romantic love, sexual chemistry and what is socially acceptable. Typically we equate it to physical love.

More words to express types of love.

The Greeks have four distinct words that they use for love each expressing levels of how the word is viewed, what it can be and what it means.

  • Agape - this means brotherly love, affection, a closer expression of true love, more of the God kind of love
  • Eros - this means physical passionate love with sensual desire and longing, the word from which we derive our word erotic, it is intimate love but it does not always have to be sexual in nature
  • Philia - friendship in modern Greek, virtuous love, loyalty, love between family and friends
  • Storge - affection, natural affection between parents and their offspring

These are really short, curt definitions but the Greeks have a superior way in allowing us numerous ways to understand the varying degrees of love and giving us ways to categorize the levels of love.

Any rose is beautiful and there are many varieties and colors. Yet florists will tell you that the color of a rose symbolizes something more than just beauty. They hold a code, a language that can communicate how the giver feels about the recipient.

It is the secret language of the rose that makes them enthralling! They speak non verbally expressing a sentiment that conveys what the giver can not say through words.

Here are some rose colors and a few messages they communicate that are the perfect Valentine's expression of love and other sentiments exclusive to the holiday but can be used at any other time.

Which colored rose for what you want to say.

  • Dark Red Roses say - Bold Expression of love, unconscious beauty, deep passion, intense feelings of great longing and yearning
  • Red Roses say - Symbol for love, 'I love you', romance, beauty and affection, True and abiding love, desire
  • Orange Roses say - Fascination, fervent blazing energy and desire, enthusiasm, excitement, besotted, bewitched, consuming fire
  • Lavender Roses say - Enchantment, love at first sight, captured hearts, enraptured, adoration, romantic love & intentions
  • Purple and Dark Purple say - Enthrallment, enchantment, magnetism, charm magical
  • Coral Roses say - Desire
  • Deep Burgundy Roses say - Unconscious Beauty

Single Rose says - I Love You

Thorn-less Rose says - Love at first sight

Red Rosebud says - Symbol of purity and loveliness

Two Roses entwined together says - "marry me!"

Yellow Roses with Red tips say - Falling in love, passing friendship

Six (6) Roses say - Need to be loved and cherished

Thirteen Roses say - Secret admirer

Eleven Roses say - Truly and deeply loved

Use this as a guide when selecting your roses, the colors do have a significant meaning, so take advantage of their love language to express any or all of your sentiments. You can even write the meaning of the rose in a note or a poem, so that you have a secret code that only the two of you know!

To me this is so much fun cause you can say so much without opening your mouth! Wow!

Enjoy putting some mystery into your Valentine or when ever you want to say something loving to the one you love.

This is just a small overview of what you can learn about the love language of roses. There is a lot of information out there if you would like some in depth knowledge or if you would even like to start your own rose garden. Using this as a guide can help you set up a romantic spot set aside to display your romantic side.

The great thing is that roses are a perennial plant, that means once they are rooted roses will return year after year for your enjoyment. The other great thing is roses aren't just wonderful to look at, or cut to arrange, they are fragrant. This is another way roses are enjoyed for their awesome scent.

Actually roses are awesome because they can affect all of the human senses! They are beautiful to look at, smell great, feel soft to the touch and even taste great. Rose petals can be candied, made into jelly or eaten on sandwiches, cakes and cookies. Rose water is also used to flavor foods and well as making a woman smell gorgeous.

Roses are so versatile! Use and enjoy them whenever you can afford them!

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What do you think?

What color rose will rival the red rose in sales for 2011?

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    • Celiegirl profile image

      Celiegirl 5 years ago

      Thanks anglnwu, it was fun to delve a little more deeply into this area, i love mysteries.

    • anglnwu profile image

      anglnwu 5 years ago

      Thanks for breaking it down--the color of roses what they signify. I didn't know number has significance too. Informative hub and rated up.